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Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie 2021

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie 2021 or the Snyder Cut is a deeper, richer version. You are really going to enjoy it.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie Cast

Ben Affleck – Batman, Bruce WayneZack Snyder – Director
Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman, Diana PrinceChris Terrio – Screenwriter
Henry Cavill – Superman, Clark KentDeborah Snyder – Producer
Jason Momoa – Aquaman, Arthur CurryCharles Roven – Producer
Ezra Miller – The Flash, Barry AllenChristopher Nolan – Executive Producer
Ray Fisher – Cyborg, Victor StoneEmma Thomas – Executive Producer
Ciarán Hinds – SteppenwolfWesley Coller – Executive Producer
Amy Adams – Lois LaneJim Rowe – Executive Producer
Jeremy Irons – Alfred PennyworthCurtis Kanemoto – Executive Producer
Diane Lane – Martha KentChris Terrio – Executive Producer

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie Review

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is now streaming on Biomax, and today I watched all four hours of it. Of course, I was going to review this. I just didn’t get a screener for it. I decided to watch it with everybody else when it went live on HBO, Max. So let’s talk about it.

All of you probably already know the history of this film. It was a very troubled production. Joss Whedon came in to change some things around, ended up changing a lot more than perhaps we initially thought he did

There was a CGI mustache and all kinds of interesting things. And after a lot of campaigning from the fans and stars and Zack Snyder himself, he was finally able to release his vision onto HBO Max, unencumbered by studio interference and in four by three aspect ratio, which some people don’t like I love, it looks beautiful. Like I really prefer that tall image that clearly was made for the IMAX presentation. It felt really unique. A lot of directors film their movies for IMAX and that aspect ratio, but they don’t release that aspect ratio on Blu-ray.

Even when they do. It’s not exactly IMAX like the Mission Impossible fallout Blu ray, for instance, the black bars go away to a 16 by nine image, which still isn’t quite IMAX, but it’s something I would love if Brad Bird would release an IMAX version of Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol at home. But he has said that he doesn’t think that that’s going to look good at home. And for some people, they may hate it. I want to see the full-frame.

I don’t care if I have to watch it on a seventy-seven-inch screen in my basement, which is where I would watch it. I want to see that image. I want to see the full image shot regardless of where the black bars show up on my TV, which is why I’m very happy that Zack Snyder maintains the four by three aspect ratio. I think this movie looks great, and even though I certainly didn’t hate the twenty Seventeen Justice League, I found it very mediocre and I’ve never wanted to watch it again and I haven’t since seeing it.

This film is infinitely better. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is a deeper, richer version of a film that we only saw parts of. And having seen his version of the movie, I can confirm that all my favorite scenes from the Joss Whedon version are actually Zack Snyder scenes. It’s very eye-opening to realize that the best scenes were Snider’s. This movie also improves on some characterization, namely cyborg. Cyborg actually feels like a fleshed-out person in this movie.

Quite a bit of characterization has been given to him. I won’t get too much into spoilers, but you see what goes on in his mind. You understand his family background a lot better, where his presence was fairly routine and kind of boring in the original cut. Here he shines as one of the most important characters in the film. The use of humor is also toned down considerably, but toned up from Zack Snyder’s other films. So it feels like it’s right on the level of where it should be, especially with Barry Allen, played by Ezra Miller.

The character is very funny and Miller’s good in the role, but it doesn’t feel like overkill. And some of the more cringing jokes from the original cut, like him falling on top of Wonder Woman are nowhere to be seen. Batman’s awkward humor also nowhere to be seen. The movie feels so much more cohesive and surprisingly so. Like honestly, I’ll be completely upfront. I wasn’t really looking forward to watching this. I like Zack Snyder a lot. I don’t like all of his movies.

I think he seems like a really great guy. And I have said this a hundred times and I’ll say it again. I am always on the side of the filmmaker. I am so glad that Snyder got to realize his vision, got to show it to people and got to right or wrong for him in his career. I’m always going to be on the side of the filmmaker and I’m really, really happy that his vision is now out there. But since I found the original Justice League so mediocre, I just couldn’t really get that hyped for this.

So the film did nothing but surprise me, although some aspects of the film don’t quite work for me. I did find myself really enjoying watching it, even though it was so long. This series is still struggling to figure out just what to do with Amy Adams as Lois Lane. She’s referred to as a key character by someone, and she does have to do something that is very important in the movie. But for the most part, she appears sporadically to mourn the loss of Clark Kent.

For most of the movie, that is her purpose and obviously the runtime, this is incredibly long. I did have to take a break two hours in and just sort of stretch for like 10, 15 minutes, have a snack, and then watch the rest. It’s a very long film. And in some ways, you can sort of lose track of things if you’re not really thinking about everything that’s going on. And I can understand why. At one point they thought about breaking this up like a miniseries.

It did feel like four really good episodes of a Justice League miniseries. The battle on Theme Escarra, for instance, was jaw-droppingly better this time. It felt like a baton race as they were passing the mother box between each other. That whole part of it just felt like its own movie. So I can see why that may have been a good idea to have a mini-series. In a way, I think they did something like that with the extended cut of the Hateful Eight on Netflix.

I think they broke it up a little bit. I can’t remember for sure. And there were a few scenes that probably didn’t have to be in the movie. I think there is a three-hour or three-and-a-half-hour cut of this movie. That would absolutely be Snyder’s vision.

And I think eventually Zack Snyder probably looked at all of the fans who were Al Pacino and Heat got this in and he did just that because I think that even if Snyder hadn’t have had the interference from Warner Brothers and from the WHEADON cut that he did have, I can’t imagine that this version would have been what he released in theaters. I know there was a discussion about splitting the film up, but this is actually one of the things I’m most excited about here.

I’m very excited about a movie of this length being successful on a streaming platform, because if you look at a film like Avengers Endgame, the movie is three hours and one minute or something because the movie has to fill enough theater slots every day to get enough people to come to the theater and make their money back. And if a film is so long, they can only program a few showings of it per day. But three hours was kind of pushing it.

But the fact that Biomax exists or Netflix or Hulu or whatever, this is really exciting to me that a filmmaker can recommend something that is so against the theatrical experience and have it be successful and have it be greenlit. This is really exciting for filmmakers because for a long time the way movies got made was at the behest of the theatrical exhibition experience. But if you do not have those rules and you can say, actually, I would like to make my movie this way, which is very strange and not normal, persay, you have the option to do things like streaming services now, which really is cool and exciting for filmmakers.

Now, I’m assuming that a lot of you have seen the movie, but I do want to talk about a few issues I have with the film that are spoilers. So if you have not yet seen the film, I’m going to talk about spoilers for a second. First off, there’s like 20 minutes at the end that felt sort of return of the King asked, like it just kept going and going and it felt like the movie had ended. There’s an extended dream or vision sequence with Batman and Joker.

And while the conversation he had with Joker was certainly more adult than I was expecting, the fact that it was a vision or a dream and the unsure nature of whether or not we’ll even see that come to a head in the future, it felt very tacked on, as did the Martian Manhunter scene, which again, look, it was cool to see that character, but the revelation that he was Martha Kent and then later he comes back again, it felt sort of like it would have been a more exciting reveal to just see him visit Bruce Wayne at the end to see him for the first time after that scene with Lois.

And like I said, it was cool to see that character meeting at the end with Bruce Wayne. But I don’t know if it really needed to be in the film if they end up somehow continuing this story, even though Zack Snyder has expressed that he would like to move on and understandably so, then that feels more justified. But his inclusion now feels sort of like a fun thing that we can just enjoy seeing. I don’t know that it was necessary for the movie, but at the same time, do you guys ever just watch a movie and you’re like, yeah, I enjoyed watching that.

And then if you review movies like professionally, if you feel like you have to somehow talk negatively about it and maybe you just don’t feel like it right now, I just don’t feel like it.

I’m glad that fans got to see this. I’m glad that Zack Snyder got to release the movie he wanted to make. I’m always going to be on the side of filmmakers. There’s a few things about the movie that didn’t sit right with me. But honestly, I enjoyed watching it.

I’m going to give Zack Snyder’s Justice League Movie a B-plus.

As I said, this movie could only surprise me and it did. It was considerably better than I thought it was going to be. And even though there are still some bigger, larger than life, things that don’t always emotionally connect with me, there’s some song choices that felt a little bit out of place.

I’m just glad that the film is done. And that Snyder got to do his thing, that’s really inspiring to me that a filmmaker could come back after everything that he went through and just finish his movie.

As I said, I wasn’t really hyped to see it, but I’m glad I did. And I’m even more excited about what it could mean for filmmakers in regards to streaming services and the differences between how you can make a movie for a streaming service or for a theater and how much more freedom you have.

Guys, thank you so much, as always, for reading my reviews. Look forward to more reviews very soon.

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