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Uncut Gems Movie 2019

Uncut Gems Movie Review

Uncut Gems movie was directed by the Safdie Brothers and Star  Adam Sandler as a jeweler, who comes across a rare and valuable gem. And over the course of a few terrible days in his life.

He loses that gem and goes on a search to try to get it back while doing so he makes crazy bats and gambles with his life his money and his family. I love whenever Adam Sandler takes on a serious roll, punch, drunk, love, Spanglish to an extent reign over me.

He’s actually a really fantastic actor when he’s given the right material and this might be his best work. Sandler is relentless in this film. the Safdie brothers are trying to take your nerve endings and destroy them.

Especially with the sound mix. Everyone talks over each other in this movie. People are constantly yelling over the other person and because of that it really doesn’t feel scripted. It feels really improvised.

Characters are always trying to get their point heard everyone else. Also trying to get their point heard and so you have this really really eccentric jeweler who’s trying to sell a bunch of items.

And other people who won’t set items but as his life begins to crumble mostly, because of how far he pushes things in regards to the money you can feel him grasping at straws.

Trying to figure out how he’s going to survive. How will he get out of the situations he keeps finding himself and because there are loan sharks after him. The situation there is a little bit unclear.

From the start of the movie, it’s obvious that he owes people a lot of money and he’s trying to find a way to constantly pay them off. But the problem is as a person he’s kind of a scumbag.

He’s humongous and whenever he does get enough money to pay these people back he wants to try to find a way to gamble with it and make even more money. It’s frustrating because you know he’s digging himself even deeper.

But there’s something oddly endearing about the character and this is where the casting plays a major role, Adam Sandler, as this character makes him so much more likable than if he was played by somebody else.

On the page, this character might be really irritating, but with the casting of Adam Sandler, there’s automatically this charm factor that he just has working for him. So while he keeps making choices that day came deeper and deeper into a hole.

It’s less of an oh my god what are you doing your an idiot. You care about him you want to see him succeed. But you also don’t because the more crazy choices he makes, a more riveting the movie becomes.

I really enjoyed a good time. I thought that was a great film, but I think this might be even better. This shows that the Safdie brothers have a real knack for fast paced filmmaking, that doesn’t let you breed, doesn’t let you relax.

In fact, it keeps you kind of anxious for the majority of the movie, just like good time did , but exponentially more so. They also have a good eye for obscure casting. Kevin Garnett he is in the movie, and he’s not bad.

And I have to say Julia Fox is wonderful in this movie and this is her first film ever. And that really surprised me because she seems extremely experience. Really great performances all around.

Adam Sandler’s best probably ever a film that’s even better than good time. Really fast-paced and it gets on your nerves in the best way. I’m gonna give Uncut Gems movie an A.

The film is so quick moving that when it ends. It feels almost like a weight has been lifted from you. You’ve experienced this heighten the level of anxiety for the past 2:00 hours with Adam Sandler.

Which is so really funny to say, unless you just watch little Nicky of course. Guys thank you so much as always for reading my review. I have many reviews coming to you. I’m just gonna be getting them ready continuously over the next few days.

Tons of stuff I’m watching a lot of it. I am really excited to right about them. Some really special movies. I got to see over the past few days and I can’t wait to share with you.¬† thank you again for reading. See you next time.

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