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Top 10 Gay Movies Ever Made

It can be hard to know where to start with gay movies. There are thousands of them out there, and many are directed at a specific niche. Some movies are well-known amongst the LGBT community, but not so much in the mainstream world.

With this list, we’ll break down the top ten gay movies ever made – some well known and others more obscure that deserved more attention than they got.

#10. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight Moonlight is regarded by several reviewers as one of the finest films of the twenty-first century. Moonlight is both moving and devastating.

A film about the difficulties and laments of impoverished people regardless of their sexuality, not only about being homosexual.

The plot is based on the life of heroine Karen Harris, whose journey from a helpless youngster to an adult drug dealer is depicted in the film through a sequence of deeds.

The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture and was nominated for five other awards.


#9. Love, Simon (2018)

Love, Simon (2018)

Simon Spier has great parents, a beautiful existence, and a secret as a closeted gay that no one should ever know about. Simon’s personal life takes an unexpected turn when he begins emailing an anonymous gay man named Blue.

Simon becomes the target of a blackmailing effort after one of his classmates finds out. Director Greg Berlanti deserves a lot of credit for giving gay teenagers their own blockbuster romance.


#8. A Single Man (2009)

A Single Man (2009)

Colin Firth’s flawless performance elevates a single man to a must-see film. Of course, the costumes and art direction are important aspects that distinguish this picture.

George Falconer, played by Colin Firth, is an English literature professor who is mourning the death of his beloved Jim. He wakes up one day with the intention of committing suicide after giving his final lecture to his students and throwing a final party with his best buddy.

At the 66th Venice International Film Festival, the film was awarded the gay lion.


#7. Maurice (1987)

Maurice (1987)

Maurice is set in a pre-World War I Edwardian society and depicts the developing of homosexual relationships at an era when being gay was viewed as a mental disease that may jeopardize one’s social standing.

Despite the fact that the film was released at the height of the AIDS crisis in the United States in 1987, it garnered a strong critical response.

Richard Robbins was honored for his music, while James Wilby and Hugh Grant were honored for their acting.


#6. God’s Own Country (2017) 

God's Own Country (2017) 

The unfulfilled life of a young sheep farmer in rural Yorkshire takes an unexpected turn when he meets a Romanian migrant worker, marking the beginning of a very intimate relationship.

Director Francis Lee held the ensemble at a farm for many weeks before filming to prepare them for their roles as farmers. Due to graphic sex scenes between the two characters, the film was prohibited in certain Arab nations.


#5. Philadelphia (1993)

Philadelphia (1993)

This film awarded Tom Hanks his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of a gay lawyer who is fired by his legal practice after they find he has AIDS.

To seem elegant in the courtroom sequences, Tom Hanks almost lost 30 bonds. Denzel Washington, who portrayed Hank’s lawyer, requested that he add a few pounds for his role.

Philadelphia is based on the true story of Jeffrey Bowers and Clarence B. Kaine, two real-life lawyers.


#4. Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Brokeback Mountain is based on Annie Proulx’s short tale, which won the Pulitzer Prize. It’s the epic love story of two cowboys in the American West who have a hidden and forbidden connection.

The film has received widespread critical praise and is regarded as a stepping stone towards current LGBT cinema. The film was also a commercial success, generating $178 million worldwide against a budget of $14 million. Brokeback Mountain was also nominated for 52 awards and won 71 of them.


#3. Happy Together (1997)

Happy Together (1997)

When a Hong Kong couple travels to Buenos Aires, they seek to rekindle their shaky relationship. Unfortunately, things quickly spiral out of control.

You can expect a tumultuous relationship with strong characters and a non-linear plot in Happy Together. The main protagonists question the concept of a regular relationship while maintaining a very basic demeanor.

Many consider Happy Together to be Asia’s most praised gaming film, and it will live on in the public consciousness for a long time.


#2. Pride (2014)

Pride (2014)

In the summer of 1984, gay and lesbian activists decided to gather funds to assist families impacted by the UK’s brief strike, which took place under Thatcher’s tumultuous presidency.

The idea culminated in the formation of a campaign known as Lesbians and Gays Support Miners, or LGSM.

In 2014, Pride was awarded the Queer Palm at the Canned Film Festival. Furthermore, the film was nominated three times for BAFTA Awards, with the best debut by a British writer, director, or producer receiving the honor.


#1. Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Call Me by Your Name (2017)

Elio, a 17-year-old student, and Oliver, a 24-year-old graduate student working as an assistant to Elio’s father, an archeology professor, are the central characters of the film.

Their romance gets overwhelmed by doubt and desire as the film unfolds. Timothy Chalamett plays Elio, and he is the first young actor to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor since 1939.

Call Me By Your Name won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and garnered the New York Film Festival’s longest-ever standing ovation, which might have lasted up to 10 minutes.

The movie was rated at 7.9 on a scale of ten on the IMDb website and received a meta score of 93 on Metacritic.

This was our Top 10 Gay Movies list. We have been able to compile a great list of the best Gay Movies ever made. Do you agree with our list? If you have any suggestions or comments please shoot them down in the comments below. 

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