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Titane (2021) | Movie Review

Titane (Titanium) 2021 is a Horror Drama Sci-Fi Thriller film. The film is rated R and it is an hour and 48 minutes.

The film is written and directed by Julia Ducournau. It stars Agathe Rousselle as Alexia, Vincent Lindon as Vincent, Garance Marillier as Justine, and Laïs Salameh as Rayane.

Titane Review (2021)

Titane is a new film from the incredibly talented director of Raw 2016 horror movie. This film won big at the Can Film Festival this year. And a lot of people have been talking about it for various reasons.

I went in knowing basically one thing that the film had cars and violence and sex and that they were all kind of intertwined, and that’s all I knew.

The plot of the movie is a lot more complex than that. And there’s certainly a lot more things happening. So if you really don’t want to know a single thing about Titane, I’m going to just talk about the basic plot.

And it’s a strange thing to warn you of that, because most movies you just kind of know the essential plot, but not everybody wants to know everything about this movie at the end.

Some secrets have been kept fairly well. So just as a warning, if you don’t want to know anything about the film, beyond what I just said, I’m going to talk about the plot.

We meet a dancer named Alexia played by  Agathe Rousselle who has sex with a car and finds herself pregnant. That’s interesting, quite an interesting development.

And then she starts killing people a lot, some folks who actually do bad things to her, and it’s viewed as sort of retaliation.

And then there’s a bunch of innocent people who didn’t do anything who also get killed. And you could essentially call her a serial killer.

And that’s how the movie begins. And you’re like, wow, this is our lead. This is who we’re following, and I was extremely excited by that.

I love the notion of a character that’s very difficult to redeem, and we’re going to follow this person. It’s very Henry portrait of a serial killer.

You’re watching a character who clearly is not a good person, but maybe there are one or two things about them that you can suddenly relate to, which happens later.

And that challenges you as an audience member. And this film is challenging. It’s also really good and very, very weird.

In some ways, there’s two different movies happening here. There’s a film about a woman who’s been impregnated by a car and is clearly going to give birth very soon. It’s not a very long pregnancy. Her belly is getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

But she’s also a serial killer, and she’s on the run. So she has to find a place to hide. Tough to relate to her, Somehow though, the film pulls it off because you are in this woman’s world and you experience her pain and whatever this thing is that she’s dealing with on such a visceral level that it makes her, at the very least fascinating.

And that’s where a film like this, I think, can get away with a character that most people would say is irredeemable.

Because in the audience is going to want to watch them do things regardless if they relate to it on a moral level. And it creates a lot of very challenging questions as you watch the film.

Now, I struggled with one thing for a while until I realized there was no point in struggling with it anymore, and that’s that I was waiting for logic to dictate what’s going on.

I was hoping for perhaps an explanation, or at least an emotional reason for why she does the thing she does. There’s an opening scene with her as a child, and she’s involved in a car crash and gets a titanium plate put in her head.

and she seems to hate her father. But there isn’t exactly a confirmation that he’s a terrible person. You could fill in that information, perhaps, but it’s not really confirmed.

So the idea of her being the way she is as an adult can sometimes be a little confusing, and you don’t necessarily get that logic. You’re waiting for that explanation.

But this movie is not interested in logic. She’s pregnant by a car. You’re not going to get answers necessarily. It just has to emotionally click. And I would say, for the most part, it does.

There were aspects of the genre elements the car pregnancy that at times I thought actually butt it up against the more human drama. Because it is a very grounded human drama in the end, about relationships and love and fatherhood and insecurity about getting old and your body breaking down.

And the movie is all those things. But it has this genre elements, this body horror elements to it. And at times I actually don’t know if the movie needed it. But it certainly is the reason the film is getting talked about as much as it is. I guess that helps.

I also found a lead performance by Agathe Rousselle very, very good. Believe it or not, this is her first film. She apparently was found on Instagram. Insanely great first performance, really traumatizing. And there were scenes that actually did bother me.

Nothing that I couldn’t look at, but there was definitely like, oh, God, like a few times. You know, it’s just nasty. And I love that. I love that the film made that reaction in me genuine. You don’t get that too much.

If you like films that are very bizarre and don’t necessarily explain why they’re so strange but have incredible imagery and performances and a lot of implications, then I would suggest seeing Titane in theaters if you still can.

So I am going to give Titane 2021 film a C-Plus.

Titane (2021) Review

Guys, thank you so much as always for reading the review of  Titane 2021 horror movie. See you next time.

Titane Trailer

Check out the trailer of the new body horror film Titane 2021. The film follows Alexia, a woman who, after being injured in a car accident as a child, has a titanium plate fitted into her head.

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