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The Wife 2021 Horror Indian Movie

The Wife 2021 is an Indian horror film. It is a spine-chilling horror tale with An engaging storyline.

The Wife 2021 Movie Cast 

Gurmeet Choudhary – VarunJyoti Patel – Widow
Shweta Dadhich – Dr. Raima DasAanchal Singh – Sarika
Sayani Datta – AryaChandrakant Taneja – Eshwar Reddy
Niloy Rashid Jaki – KabirSarmad Khan – Dirctor
Divyansha Kaushik – Katrina MuradSarmad Khan – Writer 
Rajeev Pandey – Vikram DesaiManoj Kalwani – Screenwriter

The Wife 2021 Movie Review

The Wife 2021 is a Bollywood horror movie, directed by Sarmad Khan and its stars are Gurmeet Choudhary, Shweta Dadhich, Sayani Datta. 

This film tells the story of a couple (Varun and Arya) who move into a new apartment and begin experiencing eerie happenings, they get haunted by a spirit.

The film starts with a eerie and mysterious scene of a woman killing an exotic man, by strangling him. The scene then cuts to the next part, where a criminal has been released from prison and is moving towards a town with his assistant.

However, their car’s tyre pricks while they are on an strange and deserted road surrounded by farms. The accomplice proceeds to get some help for the car, and the gangster left alone, notices some unnatural movements in the adjacent farms.

The scene ends there and then we see the young couple, Arya and Varun, played by Sayani Datta and Gurmeet Choudhary, move into a new flat. From the very first scene, the film succeeds in building a spooky atmosphere, making the audience feel unsettled about the forthcoming horror.

The new young couple are planning to start a family but as soon as they move into theire new house, from their first few moments in theire appartment, they begin experiencing eerie accidents.

The young wife notices these and informs her husbend. He, even though has not noticed any affairs consciously, does get nightmares of a scary presence in the house.

He also keeps getting constant calls from his brother ‘Vikram’, the secret about which is revealed later. The maid of the house, who brings her baby girl with her to the house, also begins experiencing eerie things. And a lot of creepy things keep happing in the house.

The Wife 2021 Indian Horror film has 

The Wife 2021 Indian Horror film is a very well-directed film that does not rely only on its jump-scares to scare the audience, like some cliched horror flicks.

The film constantly has a creepy feel to it and the occult practices shown in it are what send shivers down the spine and give an even more sinister feel to it.

Keeping the scares intact, The Wife does not fail to keep the audiences engaged in its plot and keeps a suspenseful revelation for the last moment.

But I wanna be honest with you. There are some senses that I couldn’t get engaged in and I entrtain with the movie. There is also things that I couldn’t understand. It is really confusing.

The end of the movie was weired and I didn’t like it that much. But The Wife 2021 Horror film was a really good movie and I have enjoyed watching it.

I am going to give The Wife 2021 movie a B-minues.

You should watch this movie and give it a try. I am sure that if you are a fan of horror and eerie works you might like this one. So you should give it a try. 

You can watch The Wife 2021 on Zee5.

Guys thank you so much for reading my reviews and see you next time.

The Wife 2021 Movie Official trailer

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