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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run New 2021

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run  is a sweet, silly, with that profoundly bizarre world view that makes a snail trail gag open to everyone for a laugh.

The SpongeBob Movie Cast

Tom Kenny – SpongeBob, Gary, French Narrator
Tim Hill – Director
Awkwafina – Otto VoiceTim Hill – Screenwriter
Clancy Brown – Mr. Krabs VoiceRyan Harris – Producer
Rodger Bumpass – Squidward VoiceStephen Hillenburg – Executive Producer
Bill Fagerbakke – Patrick VoiceMichael W. Andrews – Film Editor
Carolyn Lawrence – Sandy VoiceHans Zimmer – Original Music
Douglas Lawrence – Plankton VoiceLynne Naylor – Production Design
Reggie Watts – Chancellor VoiceSue Mondt – Art Director
Matt Berry – Poseidon VoiceCarla Curry – Set Decoration
Keanu Reeves – Sage VoiceShawna L. Trpcic – Costume Designer

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run- Movie Review

The SpongeBob movie Sponge on the Run is finally released. I am a big SpongeBob fan. I love this show. I liked it the most in its first three seasons. The first movie was pretty good. Second movie was OK. I’ll admit I haven’t really watched any new SpongeBob for a while, but the early stuff I think is classic and I’ve always loved it. And in this film, SpongeBob Pet Snail, Gary is taken by an evil king who uses snail goo to make himself look young.

So SpongeBob and Patrick team up to go and rescue Gary. I was looking forward to seeing this movie last year. SpongeBob is one of the last cartoons of like the golden Nickelodeon era that’s still running and is still popular. And every once in a while new stuff comes out. I’m a big fan of the 90s, Nicktoons, and so naturally I wanted to see if this movie was about supposed to come out last year. I was really excited for it

But then the pandemic pushed it back and it came out in other countries, but not in America. And so I had to wait to see it and I finally got to see it. And, man, was this a mediocre movie. I was very disappointed to to see that it was sort of like an excuse to promote Camp Korrell, this new SpongeBob show, the movie often derails from its narrative to focus on SpongeBob and his friends when they were young at a place called Camp Coral

This happens quite a few times in the film. Lo and behold, there’s a new camp coral show coming out and I guess it’s out already. I don’t know. I’m not that type of guy. That’s like, oh, new stuff from an old property that I love when I was a kid. That can’t be good. That’s going to suck. I’m not no, I’m not that guy. I’m open to new things, but I just felt kind of weird

But that’s not to say that this is by any means a terrible film or that they only made this movie to promote a show. It was clearly part of their agenda. But the animation is really gorgeous. It’s fully 3D this time. The last film Sponge Out of Water combined 2D animation and 3D animation. Whenever they went outside of the water, I think that was sort of their way of easing US classic 2D fans into the 3D era for this show because this film is fully 3D.

And while it does look beautiful, it doesn’t quite look like SpongeBob to me. I think I’m just very used to the way he looks when he’s 2D and I’ve always appreciated that. But obviously they put a ton of work into this animation and it does look very beautiful. The film has a few major themes that it wants young people to take away, and all of them are very positive and there’s a lot of good morals going around. This isn’t a film that panders to children in any way or makes children feel stupid.

It’s actually a fairly smart film when it comes to child like humor. There’s some silly jokes, but some of them actually have some thought behind them as the best SpongeBob jokes do. The most prominent theme is friendship, how important it is being a friend to people who don’t have any friends. And then one of the film’s funnier scenes that hilariously pokes fun at the structure that movies like this tend to have when it comes to a friendship or relationship, when they break up, when they fight, when they get back together.

But the film also has a pretty good message about how we view ourselves physically, how people might perceive us if we don’t look like a magazine model. And I can tell you that if I had entertainment like that for me when I was in middle school at my heaviest, I would have really like seeing that. So it was really nice to see a children’s animation film address things like body positivity in a way that could be very valuable for kids to hear.

Unfortunately, the film didn’t really feel like it had a story. It kind of felt like a series of sketches and most of them weren’t very funny. There were a few that stood out that I thought were hilarious. And I love these characters. I love Sponge Bob and Patrick Squidward is always going to be my favorite character. I relate the most to him probably because he’s just like. Well, you know, he’s kind of like me, so even though the story felt kind of mediocre to me, at the very least, the film had the characters that I know and love going for it and the camp coral tie and stuff felt strange.

And that aspect of the movie was a disappointment. Although young people who want to watch Camp Coral could be very excited by that. I just feel like it was unnecessary and didn’t really need to be in the film. I’m going to give the SpongeBob movie Sponge on the run a C plus.

Guys, thank you so much as always. See you next time.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run Official Trailer 




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