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The Rhythm Section Movie 2020

The Rhythm Section Film

The Rhythm Section movie 2020  is an American action, drama, and mystery film. That tells a story of a woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.The Rhythm Section Film

The Rhythm Section Movie Cast

Blake Lively as Stephanie PatrickRichard Brake as Lehmans
Jude LawMax Casella as Leon Giler
Sterling K. BrownDaniel Mays as Dean West


The Rhythm Section Movie CastThe Rhythm Section Movie Review

The Rhythm Section Movie was directed by Reed Morano and stars Blake lively Jude law and sterling K. brown. This is based on the book by mark for now and he also wrote the screenplay.

And it’s about a woman who seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her entire family.

Having seen the film I can totally understand why it was dumped in January. And it’s not because it’s as bad as movies like The Turning movie or the garage. It’s just because this is a really difficult movie to market. It’s even kind of hard to explain.

What I just said is a very basic synopsis for what this movie’s actually about. Most of this movie is Blake lively wandering the earth trying to find people who can help her. Some of those people can train her in combat skills like Jude law and some of these people are going to help her follower breadcrumb trail that will lead her to people responsible for her family’s death.

But it’s directed and a specially edited in such a way that makes it feels very unconventional and unfortunately not in a good way. I found this movie it relentlessly boring and at some point so I even had a hard time keeping my eyes open.

And I got a full 8 hours of sleep last night. It wasn’t like I was going into the theater tired. I was alert and ready to watch this movie, but it is such a somber movie with so very little scenes that feel like they matter.

Almost every time this character has an opportunity to take the next step towards becoming the person she’s trying to be, she squanders that opportunity. Most of the time she runs away.

The editing in the film and the camera work can be very annoying. There’s nothing particularly special about the way she homes these conversations scenes it’s all just a lot of shot-reverse-shot.

But she tries to make them feel special by showing you a scene of two people talking while intercutting shots of what’s going to happen next. And it’s sort of releases all tension during the scene you’re watching.

Because you’re already seeing what’s about to happen, and so you’re being fed information and such a strange way. That takes the tension out of what should be a thrilling movie.

After an explosion scene, I would estimate one-minute and half or two minutes it’s just this unbroken shot of Blake lively slowly getting up her hearing coming back and then she kind of walks away.

And it’s just the sequences that are drawn out for so long where nothing interesting is happening. The movie strains your attention span. The music choices in the editing of the music were very weird as well.

Despite the movie being very dour and depressing. She often inserts really upbeat and sometimes even funky songs they’re supposed to make you feel like you’re watching something cool but you don’t feel that way at all you just feel sad.

Because the whole movie looks gray and then the song will abruptly just cut like the play 10 seconds of it and this song just cuts out. And you’re like wait what where to go like it is there’s no reason for that to happen just feel so jarring.

It’s this editing choice combined with her camera work, that made this movie hard to watch for me. But I would say the worst aspect of the movie are the choices the lead character makes.

She makes a lot of decisions that just made me check out from her as a character. I couldn’t feeling dear to her at all. I didn’t care about her journey or what she was trying to achieve.

Because the basic idea is that she’s out for revenge against people responsible for her family’s deaths as well as all the other innocent people on that plane. But along the course of this movie she directly causes the deaths of many innocent people.

And so I just don’t care anymore because her mission is to like avenge these deaths, while she’s going on a path that’s creating a bunch of other people are gonna want to avenge the deaths of their family members because she’s doing that.

What’s worse is that she’s not part of the CIA. She’s not an FBI agent. She’s just a person who trains are self to try to get this revenge. And every time she’s about to kill somebody involved, she leaves so many fingerprints.

It’s crazy how many times you see close-ups of her just touching windows and touching objects in the house at one point time, she gets blood in her hands and she removes the glass and just throws it on the ground right next to the dead body.

And I’m like well you just left your blood and DNA and all kinds of should work as well as fingerprints. If this character was part of the men in black with her fingerprints removed, she still find a way to leave some.

So despite the good performances, this movie had very little to offer. They were two scenes that I thought were not too bad. There’s a scene where Jude law decides he’s going to train her in physical combat and it’s done in one take and it was pretty entertaining.

And there’s a one-take car chase scene that was too shaky for me to truly appreciate, but at least it felt not boring like the rest of the movie. I’m gonna give The Rhythm Section Movie 2020 a C-minus.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading The Rhythm Section Movie 2020 review. Look forward to more reviews very soon. See you next time.

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