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The Lighthouse Movie Review

The lighthouse was directed by Robert Edgar is the director of the which film that I loved. The stars Robert Pattinson and willing to phone is a story of two light housekeepers. It’s 1819 and these two guys are alone on a remote island. And since they only have each other to talk to and they’re both already a little unhinged. they start to go a little mad.

This was my most anticipated film for the rest of the year. As I said at the start I love the witch I thought it was an extremely original found that had a very unique vision from somebody who clearly loves filmmaking. And I can say the exact same thing again for the lighthouse. In fact, I liked this movie more than the witch.

Here Robert Pattinson gives the best performance of his entire career. He starts off as a very quiet person. He doesn’t like to talk a lot unfortunately for him Willem Dafoe’s character really does. He enjoys a good conversation over dinner and so after a while, he’s forced to come out of his shell. This is just one of the things that sets the 2 at odds at first.

And watching patents and slowly descend into losing his mind was incredible. just about every single range of human emotion that you could expect out of someone, he’s showing it. All the way from the depths of depravity to pure insane joy. And Willem Dafoe meets him with such skill. It was glorious. I love Willem Dafoe I always have. This is some of his best work.

The film is also surprisingly hilarious. This isn’t just a horror film only. It has fantasy elements. It has thriller elements as horror elements. A lot of this is very psychological but anger is found a way to make it comedic at the same time in a very dark way. The humor is bleak.

But despite being a movie from¬† 824 and one that film buffs are very excited to see and talk about outside of the theater and analyze on the internet’s angers is not above a fart joke. Which is wonderful. There are some very absurd visuals in this movie some of them are hilarious and summer horrifying.

The movie is excellent at toying with your emotions. I wouldn’t call this a scary film at least from my perspective. It’s a very tense movie consistently engaging never once was I bored. Despite the fact that some movie where two people are just alone on the island. And they talk a lot and the experience weird things. Never once had an issue with the pacing of this film. It’s also a film that evokes the feeling of its time period with its technical aspects. It was shot on 35 millimeter film with an aspect ratio of 1191 and it’s in black and white.

All of this combined with the costume design in the production design make this movie feel like it set back in the early 19 hundreds. March Corbin score is my favorite I’ve heard so far in 2019 it’s haunting loud and bombastic at all the right moments and soft and quiet when you’re supposed to just be chilled. which for me was quite often this movie is gorgeous to look at. The performances are off the charts.

Again Robert Eggers proved himself to be a director of that isn’t just saying look at me I’m good at what I’m doing.He finds a way to make his direction. Seep into the background it’s so good that you don’t even notice it sometimes. There’s only a handful of directors out there that are so good at what they do. That you stop analyzing what they’re doing with the camera and you just kind of get focused on the film.

And anger is very quickly joining those ranks. With the which and this, he’s one of my favorite directors working today, especially in horror. I really hope it continues to make horror films because this movie feels wholly original to him. It’s the type of vision that you can’t really see anyone else doing. It’s also the type of film that 5 people could go and see in all leave with different interpretations.

If you like concrete answers then that will disappoint you. I don’t necessarily need to see a film and be told here’s what you’re watching and here’s why and I hope you understand that have a good day. Because then that some just disappears from your mind really quickly.

But if someone to lighthouse it eats away at you. It makes you want to think about it. It makes you want to analyze it. I did sit around with my friend afterward and just talk and talk and talk. And we came to an understanding of at least what we thought the film meant and I think if you brush up on your Greek mythology a little bit and think a little deeper in the film beyond Willem Dafoe’s farts. Then you might take away something pretty awesome from the lighthouse.

Without getting into any spoilers, I think the movie has a lot to do with power and our perception of power especially as men and how we view ourselves and how we should be treated you know like what we think we deserve as men and it’s very interesting to see these two characters in the middle of a power struggle for most of the movie.

And anger is able to use the visuals in the film and the composition of his shots to communicate this story. If you’re looking for it. I have a feeling the ending is going to confuse a lot of people and perhaps leave them scratching their heads, but like I said this is not a movie that says “Hey this is what I’m about” it’s a movie that you can look at and make up your own interpretation.

And the ambiguity of this movie is what makes it feel special. Because strip all of them what is it about the way and its core it’s two guys trapped on the island going mad and the movie sort of makes you feel that way with its intense visuals. The score the performances and the editing which is really perfect, honestly the editing is so good.

It makes you feel like you’re losing your mind, because you can always make sense of what you’re looking at. But you know you really love it. A movie like a lighthouse comes along very rarely because this film is not concerned at all with whatever the trends are of the day. It’s not trying to be anything mainstream and it’s also not trying to be so artsy that it comes off pretentious.

As I said there’s fart jokes in this movie. The movie doesn’t feel like it’s above anyone. It’s just really well crafted. So well crafted that sometimes you don’t even notice. This is easily the best film that I’ve seen so far in 2019 and it’s a movie that I would like to re-watch many times. and it’s also a movie that I’m going to give an A-plus.

I have not given that great to a new release all year nor last year. So yeah I’ll go see the WhiteHouse it’s really good. that being said this is not your normal movie as I said answers are few and far between. So some of you might be frustrated by that. I kind of love that so I hope you guys see it and I hope you love it.

Ok, guys thank you so much for reading my review. See you next time with another movie review that I hope you are going to like. Don’t forget to tell us about your opinion after watching The Lighthouse movie in a comment.¬†

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