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The Irishman Movie

The Irishman Movie Review

The Irishman movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and stars Robert deniro Joe Pesci Al Pacino Jesse Plemons and ray Romano. and it is the story of a hit man for the mob who recalls his possible involvement with the murder of Jimmy Hoffa.

I finally got a chance to see this movie“The Irishman Movie”. It’s been in LA and New York theaters I guess since the 1st of November. It’s going to be at Netflix pretty soon but it finally came to Cleveland I got to see an early showing.

It’s a Scorsese film with DeNiro Pesci and Pacino it’s mesmerizing. Street half hours long. That run time is going to be discussed frequently because that’s really really long. And although there are some scenes that drag a little bit early on, I would say the movie felt more like it was 2:00 hours 45 minutes maybe.

There’s a good 45 minutes just lost in translation because the film is constantly riveting. Because of the talent on screen because of the talent behind the camera, this movie moves way faster than any 3.5-hour movie with a lot of talking than I’ve ever seen. In fact, that’s something I loved about it.

This is a movie that likes to meditate on its characters. It really likes to ponder how they’re feeling. It allows them to sit and not say anything for extended periods of time. The movie has sequences that are just filled with silence and moments that really feel tense as a result.

A lot of films have forgotten to just let their characters think on screen. It’s almost like the film has become a radio. The thing on the radio is that you don’t want any dead air. You don’t want the silence. Because and people are looking at the radio like it’s broken.

And a lot of movies have become that now. Like we’re not allowed to just have people thinking or coming up with ideas are planning. That’s always really fascinating when you have a bunch of actors like these guys on screen. Watching them figure things out, watching them scheme how to get their way into a situation or how to one-up the other person.

It’s a fascinating movie as a story because the story of Jimmy Hoffa is pretty well known for a lot of people from a certain generation and now it’s kind of become mythic.

So the movie “The Irishman Movie” automatically has a mystique to it because of this story surrounding these events. But it’s also fascinating in that you’re looking at these actors and so there’s that added benefit to anyone who’s a film buff or anyone who appreciates film at all you’re going to look at this movie and see the talent on-screen automatically there’s going to be some attachment to it.

So the movie has that writing for and I tried my best to keep that out of my mind and actually just focus on the filmmaking and because of how great everyone in this movie  “The Irishman Movie” is and because of how well directed and edited especially found much Schumacher Jesus Christ what an editor. Because of all of that these A. list legends disappeared and I found myself watching these characters.

Robert De Niro is the best that he has been in years as is Al Pacino and obviously Joe Pesci who doesn’t really work that much anymore. He’s basically retired at this point. They all give excellent performances and it’s so great to see actors of this caliber in such a good movie because some of them have been in some real crap as of the past few years and so.

It’s just wonderful to see that when you have the right person behind the screen. And everyone’s really present and ready to make a great movie that these guys can still knock it out of the park.

The movie will no doubt be compared to Goodfellas because it’s also a mob film. Many of the cast members from that film or in this movie and of course it’s the same director. So those comparisons are apt and I guess it’s fair.

But it’s different in one very specific way. Good fellas to me was always about access. Those guys in that movie they live like kings. They were surrounded by money in women in power and all the food they could ever want and nobody could touch him.

And the movie was very fast-paced and that way. It was as like this adrenaline-fueled insanity. But this film is different and I wouldn’t use the word slower, it’s more of a subtle dissection of its characters. This movie wants to know what’s on the mind of everyone there and it’s not trying to be too flashy with elaborate cuts in camera work.

It’s the type of movie that someone would make who is trying to be a little older and a little wiser. I gotta say out of the five guys who exploded out of the seventies Brian DePalma, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese.

He has retained the most vitality in his filmography. He’s rarely had a misstep there’s an energy of voice and originality to his movies that he’s never lost.  All these years later he still making films that are this investing in this exciting to watch. Even though, so much of it really is just guys kind of hanging out and talking.

Sure there’s your sudden bursts of Scorsese, bloody violence that you come to expect and some of his films. But a lot of the movie ” The Irishman Movie “is really quite intimidation. Especially from Joe Pesci who’s really masterful in this movie. You get the sense that if you crossed him in just the wrong way. He’d kill everyone in your family and wouldn’t blink an eye.

But not anyone just not blinks an eye, he eats dinner afterward and then takes a shower and go to bed. Like he’s that cold in this movie. This is a perfect role for Pacino. Especially in his first collaboration with Scorsese because he gets to play those big larger than life figure, who yells and likes to be really emphatic and that’s something that Al Pacino is really good at.

He can be over the top but it’s the type of over the top that I want. You know when I see Nicolas Cage lose his mind in a movie it excites me. I see out but you know scream and slam a table and pointed finger and everyone in the room cursing at all of them that’s what I want to see. That makes me very happy.

And DeNiro shows a considerable amount of restraint in the role, to the point where his lines really don’t feel scripted. They roll out of his mouth as if he’s just walked onto the set and he’s improv in with all the actors. It’s obviously scripted, but he has such a way of reading his lines that they never feel that way. His presence is just dynamic in every scene and yet he’s never asking for the attention with this role.

The D-aging was something I was concerned about as well because I was afraid it was going to be distracting, but after a few scenes, I didn’t even notice it anymore. It was really phenomenal.

And there’s actually a point where they reach a certain age for their characters, where I couldn’t tell. Like I was like are they are that how they are now in real life for have the blended it a little bit like it’s that seamless. It’s really impressive work. 

The film also has a lot on its mind. Especially towards its final moments which I won’t run for you if you haven’t seen it yet. But there is a lot of discussions that can be had just from the final shot alone. Especially when you think about things that happened earlier in the movie relating to a similar moment.

And it really makes your brain just go through all these different ideas. Because you can look at this final moment that we have in the movie in like a lot of different ways surprisingly. And there’s a lot that can be said from just this one image. So my favorite final shots I’ve seen in a long time.

And a pack when is in the film as an older version of DeNiro’s daughter. We see her a lot more often when she’s younger. And she has more screen time there the character but and a pack when as an older version of this character doesn’t have a lot of screen time.

But she becomes very integral to DeNiro’s arc and since we didn’t have quite enough with her character. I thought that arc didn’t have the strength or the impact that it could have had. That’s pretty much my only real glaring issue with the movie.

I will say this though this movie has a 20-minute sequence. That’s maybe the most suspenseful sequence I’ve seen in a movie all year. There’s just this really long and detailed build-up. And it’s exactly what I’ve been begging more directors to do.

You know like there’s a big difference between like the big action scene or the big drama scene and then this really long sequence that just has this build up and pay off with a bunch of scenes interwoven that all just feel like this big moment that could be its own little short film.

There’s about 2025 minute part of this movie ” The Irishman Movie ” that just was white-knuckled. I’m going to give the Irishman movie an A. This movie really made me happy I felt like I was watching a real film. And I haven’t felt that way too much this year afer parasite and a lighthouse. And I really did love doctor sleep in you should see it’s not making enough money. 

I love dates if you can get to a theater that has it. Try to see it on the big screen. I really do think it’s worth it. We reach to the end of this review. I would thank you so much as always for reading my The Irishman movie review. look forward to more reviews very soon. See you next time.


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