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The Hunt Movie 2020

The Hunt Film 2020 

The Hunt movie 2020 is an American, horror, action, and thriller film. This movie tells a story of twelve strangers wake up in a clearing. They don’t know where they are, or how they got there. They don’t know they’ve been chosen – for a very specific purpose – The Hunt.

The Hunt Film 2020 

The Hunt Movie 2020 Cast 

Ike Barinholtz as Staten IslandChris Berry as Target
Betty Gilpin as CrystalSturgill Simpson as Vanilla Nice
Emma Roberts as Yoga PantsKate Nowlin as Big Red
Hilary Swank as AthenaAmy Madigan as Ma
Wayne Duvall as DonReed Birney as Pop
Ethan Suplee as   GaryGlenn Howerton as Richard

The Hunt Movie 2020 Cast 

The Hunt Movie Review

The Hunt Movie Review

The hunt movie 2020 was directed by Craig Zobel the man behind the excellent film compliance. And it’s a very controversial film that many people refuse to see.

This film was supposed to come out last year. Until it was pushed back almost indefinitely until it was announced it would be coming out this March.

It’s about a group of people who wake up in the middle of the woods. They don’t know where they are. They have gags on their mouth and they’re being hunted by an unseen force.

Let me just explain something really quick about myself for a second. I used to review trailers. They get a lot of really easy hits. You don’t have to go out you can just watch a 2-minute trailer and make a 3-minute video about it and sometimes get even more views then if you actually reviewed the movie.

I used to do that a lot back in the day, but I stopped doing it now explain why. I found myself feeling increasingly uncomfortable with having such an opinion about a movie that I haven’t seen.

I didn’t like doing that. It made me feel kind of gross and even though they were great for monetization I just stopped enjoying reviewing trailers. Because I wanted to actually see the film and talk about the film.

Which is why I tried to distance myself from the controversy that surrounded this movie before anyone had actually seen it. But outrage is kind of the thing nowadays. It drives a lot of money through this website.

I’m not a big fan of it. I try to stray away from that. I mean I just watched Veronica. I can deal with anything. But let’s be really clear this movie is a satire and in the case of satire it’s not as clear when there is a joke for some audience members.

And so some people take satires very seriously and they don’t really understand that it’s actually just kind of poking fun at something, which this movie yes, for instance, there’s a scene in the film where they meet a character who has a box in his car filled with cash and there’s an actual label on the box that says bribe money.

That’s a little bit Leslie Nielsen you know David Zucker ask that’s not quite as subtle as a lot of the humor in this movie. But there are aspects of this movie that let you know that they’re just kind of joking around.

And is the movie’s tongue in cheek humor combined with really well-filmed action sequences and one of the most likable performances I’ve seen in a long time from Betty Gilpin that made this movie really entertaining for me.

I think you can watch this movie as an action-comedy and be very entertained by it. It’s consistently investing. There’s always forward momentum. The movie is rarely slow, it never drags. Something is always happening, you’re always invested.

In the action of the moment, the first act is really surprising. You’re constantly introduced to a series of characters and you’re never entirely sure which one is your lead and they throw a lot of twist in that first act that I didn’t expect at all until you start to understand who you’re really following here and that’s where the movie really picks up.

Because as I said Betty Gilpin she delivers like a star-making performance in this movie. Think Samara weaving and ready or not like that level of intensity. She’s also very funny in the movie. As this badass from Mississippi, that finds herself in the middle of this war and she doesn’t even care.

I was really surprised to see such an entertaining a likable character in this film. Now in regards to choosing a political side, this movie doesn’t really do that. It actually lampoons just about everyone.

More than likely if you go to this movie there’s gonna be a few jokes that are thrown your way. But you’re also going to be laughing because there are jokes thrown everyone else’s way too and so in that way I can see this movie really dividing audiences.

In fact, it’s no surprise to me that currently, the rotten tomatoes score is this, basically split. This movie will definitely divide audiences, but I think it’s going to come down to whether or not you can just be entertained by a political satire anymore in 2020.

Back in the day there were tons of films like this and often times they were aimed at one specific thing and you could kind of latch on to what that was. I mean even most recently one of the best movies of the last decade was Parasite movie, which is more of a social satire.

But in that case, that movie is about rich versus poor, which is an argument that almost universally everybody can understand and it’s not really that complex of an argument. You’re instantly sorted of on the underdog side.

You’re not so much on the rich side you can understand why it’s presenting how those issues are difficult for people dealing with that sort of class struggle. In the case of a movie like this though, this isn’t just rich versus poor.

This is an entire political spectrum and the way we react to things online nowadays especially through social media that’s being lampooned. And so there’s gonna be a lot of people who are going to raise their hands and say I’m offended by this.

So since its targets aren’t as clear and it basically is aiming at everyone a reaction to this movie is going to be completely polarizing for I would say I don’t know at least a year or so.

Because as a film it’s very well made and it’s very well-acted. It’s just that its jokes are sometimes so broad, that you kind of want them to hone in on something and they’re going in a lot of different directions. The film can also over rely on its propulsion and forward movement over building character.

You have a lot of plots and not a lot of character. You don’t learn that much about our lead character until the end of the movie and gratefully she such an entertaining presence in our performance is so good, that you can kind of deal with that.

But I can also see a lot of people being like well I didn’t really know anyone in this movie. It seemed like a lot of people were just cannon fodder, which also makes sense. I can understand the complaint as well.

But I found the hunt very entertaining and I was able to laugh at some of the jokes that were directed at things that I believe and I was able to laugh at some of the jokes that were directed in the other direction too.

So whether or not people like this film, I think is going to largely rest on whether or not you can see the dark humor in a situation that’s rather horrible. How much you can take a joke towards your own personal beliefs.

And whether or not you truly understand what a satire is which is sort of to aim the lands at us. We’re very used to looking through the lens at others but this movie is asking us to look at ourselves, and for some people, that’s not gonna work.

Sometimes the jokes are far too broad and they don’t really land, but I do admire the attempts. It’s nice at least to see a movie that does have a set of balls and that’s becoming less and less apparent nowadays.

I’m going to give The Hunt movie 2020 a B. As usual, I don’t really think this film was worth the pre-release controversy or outrage. I’m curious for people who have actually seen the film what they think of it.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading the Hunt movie review for today. See you next time with another movie review.


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