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The Gentlemen Movie 2020 NEW

The Gentlemen movie 2020 is an action and crime film. The film tell a story of an American expat tries to sell off his highly profitable marijuana empire in London, triggering plots, schemes, bribery, and blackmail in an attempt to steal his domain out from under him.

The Gentlemen Movie 2020

The Gentlemen Film 2020 Cast

Matthew McConaughey as Michael PearsonJeremy Strong as Matthew
Charlie Hunnam as RayEddie Marsan as Big Dave
Henry Golding as Dry EyeColin Farrell as Coach
Michelle Dockery as Rosalind PearsonHugh Grant as Fletcher

The Gentlemen Film 2020 Cast

The Gentlemen Movie 2020 Review

The Gentlemen movie 2020 is directed by Guy Ritchie and it is his return to the crime genre. This is a genre that he really carved a name for himself and with his films lock stock and two smoking barrels and snatch.

And although the plot is difficult to describe in one breath. It’s basically about an American expat who’s trying to sell off its highly profitable marijuana empire in London.

And some nasty low lives are trying to steal it from him, using every scheme and bribe in the book. It’s refreshing to see Guy Ritchie return to this style. Because I think he has a voice for this genre and for this type of filmmaking that’s entirely unique to him.

His last movie Aladdin film was really bad. So I had a giant smile on my face for most of this movie because it felt like I was watching him on hinged, uncontrolled. When he was making Aladdin movie, it felt like he was on a leash.

It felt like there was just so many things you could have done that he wasn’t allowed to do or couldn’t do. He felt held back. This is him all barrels blazing guns fully loaded.

This movie’s incredibly violent. It’s offensive. It is loaded with a lot of languages and it’s really good. At times the plot can feel very nonsensical though, there are moments where I genuinely had no idea what they were talking about.

Mostly in the first act. It takes kind of some adjusting to get on to his a level and if you’ve seen snatcher lock stock and two smoking barrels you already know that. He comes at you really fast.

His movies don’t play slowly there’s never a slow build. It’s like a lot is thrown out you instantly and if you don’t get on that wavelength, you’re gonna miss a lot.

So for the first 20 or so minutes of this movie, I felt like I was playing catch up. Right around the time, the introduced Colin Farrell’s character though. The movie picks up considerably and from there on out, I found this movie relentlessly entertaining.

Matthew McConaughey is awesome in this film. I’m so glad to see him back on track after the whole area misfired that was serenity. I love that movie though. That movie is so insane wow.

He’s excellent in this movie. As is Colin Farrell who is so funny Charlie Hunnam gives my favorite performance I’ve ever seen from him in this movie. He’s extremely cool and very calculating. It feels like if he walks into a room and he just points at you, you shit your pants.

But my favorite performance in this movie surprisingly comes from the Hugh Grant who without a doubt is the best he’s ever been. He’s almost unrecognizable. His accents completely changed.

He plays this slimy guy who has information of sorts about this criminal empire and he’s attempting to bribe his way into a lot of money. He also has a script he’s written supposedly about these events, that he’s trying to sell and make a movie out of it which is very meta. Especially since he goes to the Miramax office and this is a Miramax film.

So there’s a lot of tongue in cheek references to filmmaking throughout the movie which I obviously like too. But since a lot of the plot is being described from his character which is also in a script he wrote.

There is a sense of misunderstanding throughout the entire movie. You’re not 100 percent sure if everything he’s saying actually happened or if this is something he’s embellishing for his script which is really clever and it’s going to give the movie a lot of rewatching ability because you want to see if you can pick up on anything else.

What I didn’t like about the movie was it seems like sometimes he would sacrifice great dialogue that feels very snappy, and very wordy, and things rhyme, and it just kind of flows like poetry very Tarantino asks.

It seems like sometimes he would sacrifice that for a plot that made sense. There were moments where I just couldn’t exactly follow honestly. And that’s something that a second viewing is gonna help a lot.

Because I pay attention a lot to movies and it’s kind of seems like you’re walking into a room where everyone has secret passwords like a lingo that they talk in and you don’t know any of the secret passwords and so you’re sort of figuring out exactly what people are saying.

And sometimes I can make it hard to follow the story. But once you settle into the film and the dialogue it really gets very entertaining and I was honestly extremely surprised by The Gentlemen Film 2020.

Because coming out in January, it felt once again like a movie that they might have just dumped here. But this is one of the best January movies in a long time and I’m gonna give The Gentlemen movie 2020 a B-plus.

I hope you guys to check out this movie “The Gentlemen Movie 2020”, because I like seeing films like this make money. It feels very against the grain for what Hollywood is putting out right now. It has a lot of offensive dialogue and it’s not based off of anything it’s not a superhero movie.

And so it feels sort of like the last bastion of this type of filmmaking and there’s even a reference very meta were you grant talks about how he wants to make his script in anamorphic widescreen.

You know, none of this modern stuff shot on film and you can tell that Guy Ritchie is sort of saying like yeah this is what I’m trying to do and is using its characters to promote that ideology.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading The Gentlemen movie 2020 review. I hope you have enjoyed reading it. See you next time.

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