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The Boy Movie Review

The boy is a horror movie released in 2016. You’re thinking. No, but wait there’s also a creepy doll. It’s sound to be great right. So when a Nani play by ¬†Lauren Cohan had is hired by this British family to come to their very creepy home in the middle of nowhere to babysit their son for a while. And their son just so happens to be a doll, that they speak to as if it’s really alive.

Fun times, Initially she dismisses them as crazy people and she just goes along with their charade for a while. Because they’re paying her very well, but soon she loses her shoes. Things start disappearing. Things start moving to hear strange noises at night . And she begins to think that maybe just maybe this doll could be alive.

We’ve seen a lot of creepy doll movies. There are the Chucky movies, there is dead silence, there’s the goosebumps movie, and there’s Annabel. Yeah! I wanna remind myself that movie exists.

This is not a new concept, but I admired the director’s approach to this movie. He did create a lot of genuine suspense and there is some sequences attention, that surprises me.

The overall production value and looks of this movie are very good. The performances are also good. Lauren Cohan as well as Rupert Evans from the Hellboy movies, very good performance. It is very good work.

The general feel¬† in this movie was good and I did get goosebumps a couple of times. There were a few shots and gave me the tangles. And that’s because of good suspense .

Where this movie faltered for me were a few cliches. One of them being the dream sequence. That happens once early on and you go okay, I guess they just felt like they had to do it, but then it happens a second time.

Another dream sequence and it’s at that point where I began to realize this movie is not going anywhere fast. But my real issue with this movie is its ending. Which as you guys know I’m not going to spoil.

It’s one of those endings were as you’re watching your thinking this is kind of affected, this is creepy, I thought to myself okay that is actually very well done. That’s creepy there are some really good shots.

There’s some good editing. There is some good use of slow-motion. But it’s also the type of ending that while you’re driving home, you sit there and go. That doesn’t make sense in retrospect as you look at the entire film nothing makes sense anymore.

And you can sit there and maybe dissect to the point where you could in your own head if you want to say that you really like this movie and you can’t admit that it really wasn’t that good.

You can sit there and say well no this makes sense, this makes sense, and that happened that way, that happens that way, but that would be the Mount Everest of reaching trust me.

The ending just makes the entire film deflate. I appreciated the production values. I appreciated the acting. There were some good direction and a few good scary moments,

But overall the boy disappointing me with its ending. It doesn’t make sense the rest of the movie now is just plaque.

I’m going to give the boy film a C.

It is better than most some other horror films. Thank you guys for reading The Boy Movie review. I hope that you had got such a great time reading it. If you still didn’t watch this movie enjoy watching it. See you next time with another movie review.

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