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Teacher 2019

The Teacher is a 2019 American drama thriller film directed and written by Adam Dick. The film stars David Dastmalchian, Kevin Pollak, and Curtis Edward Jackson. 

This film tells the story of a high school English teacher called James Lewis (David Dastmalchian) who goes to disturbing lengths to protect his favorite students Preston (Matthew Garry) and Daniela (Esme Perez), from bullies.

Teacher is well told, goes to unexpected places, has great performances all over, and tells its honest and deeply saddening truth. This film is a punch to the gut, but a well-meaning one and one that tells its really hard to watch story with a lot of respect but in a still uncompromising way.

Teacher is about hate, growing up in an unforgiving environment, finding ways to love and not give into violence, and about not ever looking away. Don’t ignore the people around you, don’t judge them too soon, try to talk to each other.¬†This is a good movie but it couldn’t find the audience it would truly deserve.

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