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Top 10 Spider Movies of All Time

We all know spiders are creepy, but quite a few movies have been made about them in recent years. Below I highlight the top ten spider movies of all time.

#10. Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977)

Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (1977)

A hairy tarantula crawling out of your morning coffee is the last thing you want to see. That nightmarish scenario is essentially the plot of this film.

A little Californian community pays the price for a smuggler’s recklessness when a consignment of illicit coffee beans arrives with a pack of tarantulas.

When the Tarantulas attack the town’s Orange processing factory, officials and residents determine that the Arachnids have gone too far.

This made-for-television film is ideal for aficionados of low-budget flicks. If you don’t mind a little cheesiness, this is the movie for you.


#9. Rupture (2016)

Rupture (2016)

Rupture is a terrifying blend of science fiction and horror. Renee, a single mother, is kidnapped by an unknown organization. Before she knows it, she’s being subjected to a series of harsh trials that will test her fortitude.

One of these trials had her confronting her greatest fear: spiders. Arachnophobics should avoid this film since the tortures using spiders are violent and potentially frightening.

Rupture, on the other hand, is a strange experience that will make you wonder what you’re viewing at all times.


#8. Itsy Bitsy (2019)

Itsy Bitsy (2019)

This film gives the classic nursery rhyme new life, albeit a scary new life. A family is assaulted by an ancient creature that takes the guise of a big spider in Itsy Bitsy.

While the tale isn’t particularly novel, the spectacular effects of the giant Arachnid, as well as the entire mood of the picture, are fantastic.

A big ancestral Spider can be more than you bargained for if a normal Spider scares you.


#7. Big Ass Spider! (2013)

Big Ass Spider! (2013)

Look no farther than Big Ass Spider if you enjoy B flicks that don’t take themselves too seriously (2013). This unabashedly goofy film is an homage to the iconic gigantic insect films of the 1950s and 1960s.

When a huge Spider escapes from a military facility and assaults the city of Los Angeles, the local exterminator emerges as a hero.

Inside jokes abound in Big Ass Spider, as well as references to classic films. A cameo by Lloyd Kaufman is one such tribute. Kaufman’s work in the Trauma flicks is well-known among B movie lovers.

The studio behind low-budget films including the infamous Toxic Avengers series.


#6. Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Eight Legged Freaks (2002)

Normal-sized spiders don’t seem to scare filmmakers enough, and Eight Legged Freaks is the ideal example of this.

We watch a variety of spiders, including black widows, jumping spiders, and even the traditional Tarantulas, grow to enormous sizes in this film.

An army of chemically augmented Arachnids has encircled a little hamlet in Arizona, intent on razing it to the ground.

Dean Devlin, well known for directing Independence Day in 1998, produced the picture. Eight Legged Freaks, unlike Godzilla’s prior blockbusters, failed to become a smash and has since garnered a modest cult following.


#5. Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

The horror genre was going through a natural period in the 1970s, with most of the films dealing with natural forces and the individuals who fought them. Jaws and Piranha were released during this time period.

Kingdom of the Spiders was published in 1977, just at the height of the nature horror genre’s appeal. William Shatner plays a veterinarian battling a horde of deadly Tarantulas in this film.

Kingdom of the Spiders was a huge hit upon its initial release, and despite plans for a sequel, it never materialized.

#4. Curse of the Black Widow (1977) 

Curse of the Black Widow (1977) 


This made-for-TV picture came out the same year as Kingdom of the Spiders, but it’s a very different beast.

Mark Higby, a private detective, investigates a sequence of strange killings in Los Angeles in this film. Men with puncture wounds in their chests are found in these killings, and some of them are enveloped in some kind of cocoon.

When it’s discovered that the killer is a lady with an old Arachnid curse that turns her into a monster Spider during full moons, the movie takes an unexpected turn.

Curse of the Black Widow was rerun on ABC in 1979 as Love Trap.


#3. Charlotte’s Web (2006)

Charlotte's Web (2006)

As this short demonstrates, not every spider on screen needs to be a nasty creature. Charlotte’s Web is a charming tale about a spider and a pig’s relationship.

Wilbur the pig dreads the day that he will be rendered into bacon. He becomes friends with Charlotte, a Spider who assists him in communicating with humans.

Charlotte and Wilbur teach everyone on the farm the virtue of friendship by working together. Another spidey link may be found in this film. The film’s composer, Danny Elfman, backed out of scoring Spiderman Three to work on the music for this picture.


#2. Arachnophobia (1990)

Arachnophobia (1990)

When a deadly Venezuelan jungle Spider lands in a little California hamlet, the local residents’ lives begin to spiral into a nightmare. The film’s primary character is a Newton doctor named Dr. Ross Jennings, who, like his son, suffers from arachnophobia.

When the deadly Spider population is set to explode exponentially, chaos ensues, and it’s up to the film’s protagonist to locate and kill the Spider Queen’s nest.

Despite the fact that Arachnophobia is a horror film, it contains aspects of dark humour that make it a really pleasurable experience.

Arachnophobia was a commercial success due of its entertaining premise, and it is regarded as one of the finest Spider flicks of all time.

It’s also worth mentioning that this is one of the first movies where Jamie Hyneman of MythBusters Fame worked as a special effects technician. He managed to accomplish some of the film’s practical effects using simple magnets, simple but very effective.

#1. Tarantula (1955)

Tarantula (1955)

A Giantism-experimenting mutant spider escapes from a secluded Arizona facility. Desert Rock is unlucky enough to be in the spider’s path, and its residents are subjected to the wrath of the eight-legged creature.

A Squadron of Air Force Jets, a relatively new vehicle at the time, is the town’s last chance. Tarantula changed what it meant to represent a gigantic monster on the big screen at a period when enormous monster movies were popular.

For the time, the film made considerable use of advanced special effects. Despite the fact that the plot takes place in Arizona, the film was totally shot in California.

Tarantula is a treasure of science fiction cinema and a must-see for every fan of classic monster movies. This Spider movie was rated at 6.5 on a scale of ten on the IMDb website and is considered to be a true cult classic. 

This was our Top Spider Movies list. We have been able to compile a great list of the best Spider Movies of All Time. Do you agree with our list? If you have any suggestions or comments please shoot them down in the comments below. 


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