Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021

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Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021 is an upcoming movie created by Malcolm D. Lee. Pictures scheduled for release on July 16, 2021. It is a remake of the original Space Jam and will star LeBron James as Michael Jordan and Tessa Thompson as Monique.

Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021 Movie Cast & Crew

Cast Crew
LeBron James – LeBron James Malcolm D. Lee – Director
Don Cheadle – Al-G Rhythm Justin Lin – Screenwriter
Sonequa Martin-Green – Savannah James Willie Ebersol – Screenwriter
Gabriel Iglesias – Speedy Gonzales (voice) Andrew Dodge – Screenwriter
Kath Soucie – Lola Bunny (voice) Alfredo Botello – Screenwrite
J. Michael Tatum – Announcer (voice) Ryan Coogler – Producer
Xosha Roquemore – Shanice Maverick Carter – producer
Khris Davis – Malik Salvatore Totino – cinematography
Jeff Bergman – Bugs Bunny / Sylvester / Yosemite Sam (voice) Kim Coleman 
Ruth Lambert – casting director: animation
Collette Sunderman- casting director: animation
Bob Bergen – Porky Pig (voice) LeBron James – producer

Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021 Movie Review

Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021 is an American animation, adventure, and comedy movie was directed by Malcolm D. Lee and stars  LeBron James, Sonequa Martin-Green, Don Cheadle.

In the new movie, all your favorite Looney Tunes characters are back – including Bugs Bunny and the rest of his friends. And this time they’re joined by NBA superstar LeBron James!

Bugs Bunny was working on some new ideas for a cartoon, when he got an email from the NBA.

“Hey Bugs! We need your help! The attention of all the fans has been captured by that LeBron James guy and we can’t get them back. Can you help us?”
The rest of the team thought it would be best to give Bugs some pointers before he tried anything himself. They gathered around in a circle with their wands out as if they were about to cast magic spells or something and started to chant: “What is his weakness? What is his weakness? What is his weakness?”
Suddenly, Wile E. Coyote popped up in front of him and said, “You’re too”.

Can you believe it? LeBron James is about to be in a movie with Bugs Bunny! You know, the Looney Tunes. The rest of them too. This long-awaited sequel has been making headlines and we’re so excited for its release date this Spring that I can’t even tell how many days are left until then!

Space Jam: A New Legacy 2021 Movie Trailer

The new Space Jam trailer is finally here, and it stars basketball superstar LeBron James. Check it out.


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