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Sexy Movies on Netflix

Netflix doesn’t technically have porn, but there is a lot of real unsimulated sex, sexy scenes, and nudity. If you know where to look you will find Sexy Movies on Netflix.

These are the sexiest movies you can see right now on Netflix.

Love (2015)

Love (2015)

Love is an experimental drama that you might find jarring because you almost never see real sex shot this beautifully. It’s graphic and full of hardcore sex captured with brilliant cinematography. Originally released in 3D.

The movie revolves around an American student and his French girlfriend and the reverberations a threesome has on their relationship.

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

Of the films featuring unsimulated sex scenes on Netflix, Blue is the Warmest Color is easily the best. It’s an artistic film with a slow burn love story between two young women.

The three-hour drama is more than just a collection of graphic sex scenes. It’s a meditation on the complexities of love.

Arguably, the first mumblecore adult film below her mouth is a beautifully shot slice of life film about a passionate affair between two women and how it changes their lives.

The story isn’t necessarily original, but the lead actors have a natural charisma, both during sex scenes and during regular dialogue.

Amar (2017)

Amar (2017)

Amar is a steady, slow-burn about young love and the mistakes that plague first relationships. Its seriousness makes the explosions of passion even hotter.

Perfect lives harbor embarrassing secrets in a perfect ending. For all the money and comfort her marriage buys her, Rebecca has never had an orgasm and fears she never will until two friends put her in touch with a discreet and beautiful escort.

The Art of Loving (2017)

The Art of Loving (2017)

The Art of Loving tells the important story of feminist and sexual health icon Michalina Wislocka. As a gynecologist and sexologist living under communist rule in Poland. Her work on sexual needs, loneliness, and contraception was often censored.

With Oscar-worthy cinematography and legitimately sensual sex scenes, this film honors her work and gets steamy all at once.

Desire (2017)

Desire (2017)

There’s nothing like a trashy fantasy to get the juices flowing, and desire is as trashy as they come. Lucia and Ophelia are estranged sisters, but when they meet again for Lucia’s wedding, Ophelia meets her new brother-in-law for the first time and sparks begin to fly.

Desire is graphic, darkly funny, and a hot, unconventional fantasy.

Chloe (2009)

Chloe (2009)

Dr. Catherine Stewart thinks her husband, David, is stepping out on their marriage. To test his loyalty, Catherine hires Chloe, a sexy young call girl, to try to seduce her husband.

But after the job is over, Chloe sticks around. Now it’s Catherine’s turn to have her loyalty tested with potentially disastrous consequences.

She’s Gotta Have It (1986)

She's Gotta Have It (1986)

Spike Lee’s feature-length debut She’s Got to Have It is a sex comedy ahead of its time.

It centers around a beautiful Brooklyn native who is dating three men and refusing each one’s request for commitment.

It’s a very important film in American indie cinema, but it’s also genuinely erotic and full of beautiful black and white cinematography.

Those are our picks for Sexy Movies on Netflix. They are currently available on Netflix, but there are so, so many more.

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