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Download See You Soon 2019: An American soccer star manages to find romance after a single Russian mother goes through a career-threatening injury. 

A U.S. soccer star suffers a career-threatening injury in the run-up to the World Cup, and during his recovery, embarks on an epic romance with a Russian single mom.


Parents need to know that See You Soon is a romantic drama about a relationship that evolves between a single mom (Jenia Tanaeva) and a struggling soccer star (Liam McIntyre). Two characters have sex in bed underneath the sheets; they move rhythmically, kiss at length, and moan, but there’s no graphic nudity. Violence is infrequent, but a boy is injured in a fight and hospitalized at length. In other scenes, a character gets into a car accident while drinking and distracted by a phone, and an abusive husband slaps and pushes his wife (who leaves the relationship, though not until after her child has witnessed the violence). Infrequent language includes “hell,” “screw it,” and “butt.” Many scenes take place in bars, and at least one character drinks heavily, which has serious long-term consequences in his life. Characters are honorable and demonstrate perseverance by working to atone for past mistakes, but some characters, including a competitive co-worker, are stereotypical and demonstrate iffy messages around gender.


SEE YOU SOON is a “Cinderella story” in which a Russian single mom fleeing an abusive relationship (writer/producer/star Jenia Tanaeva) has a chance meeting with roguish, internationally famous soccer star Ryan Hawkes (Liam McIntyre). Ryan is fresh off a DUI that’s left his career in tatters. Can these two people from different walks of life transcend their differences and make a new life together? 


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