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Run Movie 2020 Skillfully Made & Well Acted

Run movie is a 2020 thriller and Mystery American film that tells a story of  a homeschooled teenager who begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.

Run Movie Cast

Sarah Paulson as Diane ShermanSev Ohanian Screenwriter/Producer
Kiera Allen as Chloe ShermanNatalie Qasabian Producer
Onalee Ames as Crying HandsHillary Spera Cinematographer
Pat Healy as Ted ShermanTorin Borrowdale Original Music
Carter Heintz as Nivea BoyJean-Andre Carriere Production Design
Clark Webster as LoserGary Barringer Art Director
Conan Hodgkinson as WinnerSara McCudden Set Decoration
Erik Athavale as DoctorAneesh Chaganty Director/Screenwriter
Bradley Sawatzky as Obstetrician 

Run Movie Review

Run 2020 Movie is directed by Aneesh Chaganty the man behind the excellent film Searching which if you haven’t seen you really should, it’s really damn good.

This film premiere this weekend on Hulu was originally gonna come out back in mother’s day. It had this whole great marketing campaign surrounding that creepy weird mother in this movie and mother’s day that of course had to be scrapped due to the pandemic but now we’re getting a chance to see it.

This film tells the story of a young girl who begins to suspect that her caring mother might be harboring a dark secret. She starts to notice some concerning irregularities with the way her mom acts. She doesn’t want her to be on the internet at night. Just wanted to make too many phone calls unless she’s in the room. There’s things about the medicine she’s taking that starting to weird her out.

Pretty soon things get really bad. I had a great time with the run, when I think of the thriller this is the type of story I think of. It’s bare bones. It’s very simple. It’s a young girl in a wheelchair who realizes that she is trapped in a lot of ways emotionally and physically.

Now how are you going to get out of that situation and we get to watch that play out over 90 minutes incredibly tense minutes. Minutes that are edited so well and shot so well that my OCD was pleased.

If you saw searching you know that your county has a great eye for detail. That was a very unconventional film. this almost told very traditionally and classically. It feels very much like a Hitchcock movie.

There are aspects of it that reminded me of my misery. There are aspects of it that reminded me of rear window. Specifically the Christopher reeve rear window the TV movie from 1998.

Down to the fact that they cast young Kiera Allen in this film. This adds a layer of authenticity to her performance that would not have been captured. Had they hired an actor who doesn’t know what that’s like day in and day out. Kiera Allen does and so she brought a lot to this role.

When she’s crawling through the hallways when she doesn’t have use of a wheelchair. It feels extremely painful. Because you know that she is struggling to do it.

She gives one of my favorite performances that I’ve seen so far in 2020. I think she’s really really good in this movie and I would love to see her do more stuff.

She plays off Sarah Paulson very well, who loves playing horrible people. She’s really good at it like all great talents she has a way of making scripted dialogue feel unscripted.

The last time I saw a film that attempted to be a straightforward thriller and nothing else, was on hinged with Russell Crowe and he’s great in that movie. But the movie itself was just kind of find it was a kind of disposable throwaway movie.

This film is skillfully made and extremely well acted from top to bottom and the simplicity only helps boost the suspense.

There are sequences throughout the movie that I just was really on the edge and it was mostly just because you’re constantly in a state of panic wondering if this girl can pull something off. As she starts to uncover the truth about the life that she’s living and I won’t run it for you, but it’s really thrilling to watch.

The film absolutely has some movie logic. There are some things that happen that probably would not happen in real life. But they have to happen for the movie to play out in the way that they would like it to.

There’s newspaper articles and imperative information that the majority of people would probably not keep in their house, but they happen to be in this house.

These things are necessary when you’re trying to tell a story that has virtually no exposition. When you’re trying to tell a story where where no one really learns anything by being told and you have to visually explained everything to the audience. Which is how I prefer to watch a movie.

That’s extremely difficult when you get to a part of the story that does have some heavy backstory and most films do rely on things like newspaper clippings or internet articles or a news broadcast to get this point across.

And there are a few sequences and run that strain credibility a little bit. There is a few I don’t necessarily want to call them plot holes, but there’s moments where upon reflection you can think about some events that took place in wonder without ever really happen that way. But I didn’t find myself thinking about those things while I watch the movie, because it was so skillfully made.

There are some films that have a few key plot points. Like Arlington road for instance that are so well made, but there’s that one plot point.

It happens and I think for most viewers just gonna come down to whether or not you care to  net pick every single thing about a skillfully made thriller like this. Which for me is probably my favorite thriller that I’ve seen in recent memory.

I’m gonna give Run Movie 2020 an A-minus. I think  Aneesh Chaganty is one of the best new directors we have. Searching was as I said a very unconventional film told in a very unique and different way.

This I imagine was probably a breath of fresh air to approach a more traditional filmmaking perspective and I think he knocked it out of the park.

Anyways thank you so much guys for reading my Run Movie 2020 Review. I wish you all the best. See you next time.

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