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Ride Your Wave Animation Review

Ride your wave is directed by Masaaki Yuasa the man behind mind game and its short walk on girl Lou over the wall I love this guy I adore his animations.
I think he’s extremely original and a really fresh voice and hear a young and naive surfer falls in love with a firefighter they have a whirlwind romance that leads to something supernatural occurring that could bring them closer together at the expense of a normal life for her and they showed at fantastic fest amongst a bunch of other horrors and sci-fi films.
so naturally as an anime lover. I flock to it wanted to support it and I’m really glad I did once again the Misaki Iwasa film looks gorgeous his character designs is action sequences and his use of color is wholly unique to him but it is difficult for me to pinpoint what exactly it is about his films that I love so much I think it’s character-based because all of his characters are very quirky and weird.
They’re all okay with that and they live in worlds that are pretty except of how weird they are and this film is no different our lead character is the surfer who’s really great at it but she doesn’t do it for admiration she doesn’t take part in competitions she doesn’t take part in a sporting event.
she just loves that she’s basically Patrick Swayze for point break without the bank robbing and in turn her new boyfriend is a firefighter who also does not do it for the admiration despite the fact that he continuously makes these really noble choices in his life and everyone respects him for that he does it because he loves it.
he actually loves getting back to people so naturally, these people flock to one another the film definitely asks you to take some leaps of faith and hopes that you will go on the ride with them accepting this movie’s plotline and running with it is very much like surfing the.
Film is asking you to jump on that wave and hope that you’ll keep your battle it’s basically because some really absurd things happen and what I loved about the movie is that it doesn’t a hundred percent tell you if what you’re seeing is really happening if it’s in her head if she’s imagining it’s or if it’s reality, unfortunately, the film does decide to make things a little clearer .
At some point which I didn’t love but what I got because of that was a very heartfelt ending in conclusion to the story which of course I won’t ruin but it made me think about my relationships with my family and friends and I didn’t expect that going in because most of his films are very fun.
Sometimes a little lightweight even when they’re at their most absurd like mind game but this animation is one of his more emotional films because it actually did leave me with a lot to think about and that can be a little rare an anime nowadays sometimes anime can be very on the nose tell you exactly what everyone’s feeling and thinking at all times and there’s voice-over to explain its and everyone’s is making sure you know exactly what they’re feeling subtlety.
Is not exactly one of Anna Mae’s strong suits and strangely enough even for you as a film this movie does hold things back and lets its characters brief when they need to I just wish that it didn’t expressly tell us a few things towards the end I wish it was a little more ambiguous if you had left a little more open like that I think that this would be something really special even so I had a great time watching this movie and it was one of my favorites a fantastic fest.
 I’m going to give ride your wave A-Minus.
We reached the end of this review.  Thank you so much as always for reading my review. wait for me for the next movie review.
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