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Richard Jewell Movie Review

Richard Jewell Movie is a real-life drama film recounting the abuse of power by the two most powerful institutions in America, the government and the press.

Richard Jewell Movie Cast

Paul Walter Hauser – Richard JewellClint Eastwood – Director
Sam Rockwell – Watson BryantBilly Ray – Screenwriter
Kathy Bates – Bobi JewellClint Eastwood – Producer
Jon Hamm – Tom ShawTim Moore – Producer
Olivia Wilde – Kathy ScruggsJessica Meier – Producer
Nina Arianda – Nadya LightKevin Misher – Producer
Ian Gomez – Dan BennetLeonardo DiCaprio – Producer
David Shae – Ron MartzJennifer Davisson – Producer
Wayne Duvall – Richard RackleffJonah Hill – Producer
Charles Green – Dr. W. Ray CleereYves Bélanger – Cinematographer

Richard Jewell Movie Review

Richard Jewell movie was directed by Clint Eastwood and tells the true story of a security guard who thwarted a bomb, that was going to go off in 1996 in Atlanta. For a few days, the news portrayed him as a hero.

He was a lot of the someone who saves hundreds of lives in his very small and humble world suddenly got a lot bigger. Until the F. B. I. leaks to the media that Richard Jewell was, in fact, a suspect.

And so a smear campaign was launched against the man and he no longer was viewed as a hero. But instead of a lonely and repressed security guard, who probably planted that bomb just to get some attention after he saved everyone from it.

And this film is the story of how the US government and the media can sometimes get it so wrong. They destroy an innocent man’s life. Clint Eastwood was a very prolific director. He’s made a lot of great movies. He’s made some okay movies and he’s made some really bad ones.

Lately, he seems to be hitting a stride of making movies that are mediocre, very gray looking movies. The1517 to Paris movie was maybe his worst film ever. But with this film, he does everything differently.

For one it’s a really good story and he’s interested in telling it. And for two the movie actually looks like it has color and it’s the palette on display isn’t just a series of Grays and dark blues.

And for a director, his age has made all the films that he has. This film has a surprising amount of energy a lot of it. This is because of Paul Walter Hauser as Richard Jewell who gives one of the better performances I’ve seen so far this year.

This award season is stacked. It’s possible that his great work in this movie might be overshadowed by an overpopulated Best Actor category, but never the less. He’s excellent here.

And he commands a lot of sympathy. This is a normal guy. He somebody who really really respects the law and authority, and the US government. He’s basically the real-life version of Paul Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

He will go to great lengths to make sure that everything’s safe and sometimes he goes overboard. The first 20 minutes of this movie really take its time, before the bombing. It can be a little boring and I was a little worried at first.

As soon as the bomb goes off and as soon as the media turns on him and Sam Rockwell as his lawyer appears, This movie becomes extremely entertaining. It’s easily Eastwood’s best film since Gran Torino.

But it has considerably better performance in that film. Kathy Bates is probably a show-in for best-supporting actress. This is some of her best work in a long time. Sam Rockwell’s best-Supporting Actor.

I can see that too this year is going to be really really crowded with some great acting performances. And everyone in the movie is really strong. This just feels like Clint Eastwood would actually got his hands on a story that he really did genuinely cared about.

And put way more effort into this movie than he has in any film I’ve seen from him in a while. And it’s weird that a true story from 1996 can feel just as timely to modern-day . Because nowadays, we’re seeing a lot of reports first ask questions later type of journalism.

And this is what this movie’s about and this is a very detailed and meticulous look at how that can destroy a family’s life. Because doesn’t just focus on Richard Jewell. It focuses on his older mother.

This extremely innocent woman who suddenly has our entire house surrounded by media 2/47. It’s a devastating look at what can happen to someone’s life when untrue things are reported.

There are scenes in the movie that are so hard to believe. And so far fetched that my friend and I while watching it felt the need to pause it to look up the real true story. Because it just didn’t seem possible.

Things the F. B. I. forced Richard Jewell to do and there are substantial things reported. Evidence-based to support the things that happen in this movie. It’s pretty shocking. The film’s biggest weakness is its cartoonish portrayal of its villains.

In particular Olivia Wilde character. She plays the journalists that first leak the story that implicates Richard Jewell as a suspect and essentially destroys his life and his mother’s life.

Her entire performance felt like a monster. Laughing in cackling and it just it didn’t feel real. Where a lot of the movie felt very gritty and very realistic, that side of the movie felt like they didn’t even try.

Still Richard Jewell movie is one of the best films Eastwood’s directed in a long time. And features some of the best performances of 2019. It’s a really great story and it will make you think differently about the next time you read a headline.

I’m going to give Richard Jewell movie a B-plus.

Guys, thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. I still have a ton of reviews to catch up on a lot of awards season stuff still coming your way. Thanks again, And see you soon with another movie review.

Richard Jewell Movie Official Trailer

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