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Rambo: Last Blood Movie Review

Rambo: Last Blood is a 2019 American action film. It star Sylvester Stallone is John Rambo and this is the fifth Rambo movie. That’s one Rambo movie and in this film, John Rambo is out for revenge when six traffickers target someone he really cares about so, of course, a lot of people are gonna die in really brutal ways first blood is great that is a reality that’s a film that’s a film.
First blood part two, It’s okay. Three is bad.  I actually think three is a bad movie for though Rambo the simply titled Rambo. I really like that movie I’ve always liked Rimbaud for I think it’s a ton of fun so I was expecting about that when I came to this movie and I didn’t really get it this movie to me wasn’t as good as Rambo four although it is better than Rambo three I don’t go to Rambo movies expecting anything other than Rambo killing bad guys but this movie really didn’t have that much of that surprisingly I mean yeah the third act is just home alone with the ram hello like instead of setting up micromachining Rambo was like I’m gonna blow people up.
My give Kevin McCallister was a sadistic one. That’s what happens in the last twenty minutes of this movie but before that, it was kind of boring at times surprisingly I had the whole theater to myself so I was laughing early on because there were subtitles for the Spanish language but none for Sylvester Stallone.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m actually a huge fan a Sylvester Stallone I love the guy but he mumbles a lot more than usual in this movie and there were times when I actually had no idea what he was saying.
They were like important scenes was like having a heart to heart and it was like doing good looking to fill and deaths than does is going on hello.
Dear do speak up and even though with Rambo anymore. I just expect bloody carnage this film is surprisingly very simple and its execution of that there’s nothing terribly interesting about the direction it comes in the director of getting the gringo which I like and it’s about on that level where it’s.
It gets the job done but that movie at least had Mel Gibson who’s a far better actor than Sylvester Stallone and this movie doesn’t have that type of emotion or that charisma Stallone is basically playing Rambo as a quiet seething powder keg that could go off any second which is cool and that could be really fun but there isn’t enough to this story it doesn’t feel so much like a Rambo movie it feels more like taken movie because it’s basically that.
You know just a little more bloody a lot more bloody the Rambo films have always been at their best when they find a way to incorporate what made first blood so good which was tortured man who’s come back from the war.
What he’s dealing with now is just another war. and does he need that war to feel like he’s alive is he really that traumatized by it, or does he need it you know that was interesting and also really exciting last blood is entirely about the carnage. There is one scene early in the movie, where he is going through his tunnels and he has a quick little flashback and it does really nothing for him as a character.
It almost felt like a story beat and less of a character beat. Just reminding us of his past not really showing us that much about his character. The movie reminded me of rocky for in one specific way. It’s nothing like rocky for it’s just there’s like one too many montages is in this movie rocky for had a lot of montages as.
I’m just so ventrally waiting for somebody to get the montage in this movie were a Rambo is like comparing his home in like sharpening blades but put the rocky theme on that and make it seem like a really bad with the rocky movie.
If someone does that. It was my idea the film also tries to have a little bit of a hearts with the character that he meets in Mexico who’s like an investigative journalist who’s on the trail of the sex traffickers and that really doesn’t go anywhere she’s basically just there to provide information and.
Unfortunately like it’s weird. I know that the majority of the fan base just wants to see people blow up and that’s cool.  That’s why I wanna watch Ranma movie to just to see some cool scenes anymore and I don’t expect them to be like first blood at this point.
I know what the franchise has become and that’s what I expect it to be nice. If it was still more like the first an actual exploration of what this guy’s dealing with on the inside. But instead, they’ve kind of become just your basic trope-filled cliche action movies.
This one doesn’t try to be anything else. Every single time Sylvester Stallone has decided to make yet another movie and one of his famous franchises. I always get really worried back on rocky Balboa came out rocky six. I was so terrified. I was like dude rocky fives horrible please do not make a whole nother horrible ones don’t then one Balboa was actually really good it was so nice.
Then he made Rambo and I was really  worried I was like don’t make a shitty all it’s actually cool all right that was actually pretty good. Then he made creed I was really  worried okay how was like the whole now it ended so well with Rocky Balboa and the increase was awesome. Then they made creed to the house really worry you see a pattern here and three two is good.
Then when he made Rambo last but I was like this is the one I know this is gonna be the one where they just went too far.
You know it’s not awful it’s by no means as bad as some critics are saying it is.  It’s just kind of mediocre which is disappointing from a franchise that is filled with some bad scenes. 
I am going to give Rambo: Last Blood a C-Plus. 
If you are a hardcore Rambo fan you probably already saw this movie. I was in fantastic fast that’s why Mr that’s why it’s reviewing a little bit late but I still don’t see this being your favorite bike.
I can’t imagine this being anyone’s favorite Rambo movie. I just can’t. I think it could have been a lot better. We reached the end of this movie review. Thank you so much guys for reading this review. Don’t forget to tell me about your opinion in a comment. See you soon with another movie review.
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