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Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 new

Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 is an American black comedy thriller film. The film tells a story of a young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path. 

Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 Cast

Carey Mulligan as CassieEmerald Fennell Director
Laverne Cox as GailEmerald Fennell Screenwriter
Bo Burnham as RyanTom Ackerley Producer
Clancy Brown as StanleyBen Browning Producer
Jennifer Coolidge as SusanEmerald Fennell Producer
Christopher Mintz-Plasse as NeilAshley Fox Producer
Molly Shannon as Mrs. FisherJosey McNamara Producer
Angela Zhou as ToddMargot Robbie Producer
Alison Brie as AlisonGlen Basner Executive Producer
Connie Britton as DeanAlison Cohen Executive Producer

Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 Review

Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 is directed by Emerald Fennell. This is our first film. And its stars Carey Mulligan as a woman who is on the hunt.

A tragic event happened to her in the past and she has taken it upon herself to search out people that she could potentially teach a lesson to in a way.

I’m not gonna tell you what she does or how she does it. But soon this path gets very dark and she meets a young man played by Bo Burnham.

They start to fall in love and this lifestyle she has been leading gets in the way of that.

Carey Mulligan easily gives one of her best performances. If not maybe my favorite performance I’ve ever seen from her in this film.

She is very funny, extremely frightening, and she has found a perfect balance between someone who is very very emotional about one specific thing that she cares about deeply but she hides it.

She doesn’t want to show that to anyone and we know from frame one how important it is to her because she is that good.

It’s really really hard for an actor to embody someone that’s supposed to be carrying this weight. This gigantic ton of bricks on their shoulders of emotional baggage.

But also play a character that doesn’t want to show any emotion. It’s really really great whenever an actor can pull that off and and Carey Mulligan is fantastic in this movie.

I also love the look of the film the colors really pop. It’s like candy everything has this sweet glossy vibe to it despite the dark subject matter.

Since the film is not out right now, I don’t wanna give you too many details. But the film is very unpredictable.

There’s times where I felt like I knew exactly where the movie was going and it would go in a different direction.

They often use Roman numerals to signify when something important about to happen and you start to anticipate something whenever you see a new number added to the screen.

There’s a lot of I guess glorified cameos, not really cameos. There’s a lot of bit parts from well known actors. Specifically Alfred Molina is excellent in just a handful of moments. He’s really really good in the film.

The film was a little totally inconsistent, but in a way that wasn’t to bother some. For instance, in one scene the characters are in a pharmacy dancing to Paris Hilton.

And in another you’re hearing about the darkest and most horrific thing that could happen to somebody.

And it’s painful and makes you extremely mad and then in another scene they’ll be an orchestral version of Britney spears toxic.

The film definitely swings for the fences and most of the time it connects, except for the last 10 minutes.

I really will not get into anything don’t worry. The film is an out and I certainly would not want to ruin that for the filmmakers.

But damn. It’s such a tough final 10 minutes. I don’t really know how I feel about it, because I completely understand the point that’s being made.

But it wanted me to feel a certain way, especially with the music choices and I just didn’t feel that way the rest of the film felt a certain way.

And it seem to exist in a slightly hyper stylized world, very candy coated, and then out of a sudden it doesn’t. And I get it. It just left me kind of  like “OhOkay!”.

For some viewers that ending is going to make or break the film. For me I like to parts of it a lot especially just how. God damn I really can’t talk about it!

Some it up I loved 80% of this movie and then I didn’t. I got it. It made sense. I understood exactly what she was saying. I just didn’t feel the way she wanted me to feel.

I’m going to give Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 a B-plus.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. See you next time.

Promising Young Woman Movie 2020 Trailer

Watch the trailer for Promising Young Woman Movie 2020.

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