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Please Come With Me (2019)

Directed by Michael Ciulla who is also a Screenwriter with Sara Lindsey of this movie, Please Come With Me is 92 minutes full of drama and romance.

Please Come With Me 2019 Movie Cast

Kirby Howell-Baptiste – JordanKeith Gallucci – Josh
Ben Gavin – AustinTom Huang – Director
Krizia Bajos – HelenaTom Huang – Screenwriter
Sara Amini – AmeliaRandy Kulina – Producer
Sam Myerson – DanTom Huang – Producer
Mike Rock – TannerKyle Crowell – Cinematographer
Patrick Batiste – SameerTom Huang – Film Editor
Blackhawk Waters – WaltShyree Mezick – Casting

Please Come With Me 2019 Movie Review

In this exploration of love, commitment, and trust, a long-time couple is forced to navigate the delicate waters of their relationship and the life-changing events they experience over the course of a year.

At first, I didn’t get the point behind the film, seemed to me just like normal people with normal problems, but then as the story unveils, it gets clear that there is some realistic touch to it.

I felt like I lived this in another life, I felt like I was involved in the story as the main character, with all the emotions each situation brings, the cast delivered great performances. It’s not your typical love story with all the ups and dows we used to witness before. There is sth into this that will take you to another universe, slowly but surely.

I was a bit disappointed through the end because she did admit to what she had done but he had not and yet they both moved on naturally. It appeared as a loose train since their relationship was supposed to be based on honesty.

It would have been better had he admitted to her that each of them could continue their lives separately to prove again that relationships and all matters of love arent that easy yo.

I am going to give Please Come With Me 2019 a D.

Guys, thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. See you next time.

Please Come With Me 2019 Movie Official Trailer



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