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Onward Movie 2020 New Film

Onward Film 2020

Onward Movie 2020 is an American computer-animated urban fantasy film. The movie tells a story of two teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, go on a journey to discover if there is still a little magic left out there in order to spend one last day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him. 

Onward Film 2020

Onward Movie 2020 Cast 

Chris PrattOctavia Spencer
Julia Louis-DreyfusTom Holland 
John RatzenbergerLena Waithe

Onward Movie 2020 Cast 

Onward Movie Review 2020

Onward restricted by Dan Scanlon and stars the voice talents of Tom Holland Chris Pratt’s Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis Dreyfus. And this is the story of two brothers who live in a world where magic is real. There are unicorns that dig through their trash and there’s an angry gang of bikers that are actually picks these.

But over time people in this world have forgotten how to use magic and they’ve become settled with their technology and their modern conveniences. And when these two brothers discover a message from their dad who’s long since passed away. They embark on a quest with their dad’s legs to bring him back to life for just one day.

This is Dan Scanlon’s second feature as a director with Pixar . His first being monsters university. This film is original which is something I really appreciate. It’s not based on any franchise. It’s just a completely new idea. It’s a New World. And as usual with this company, of course, the movie looks absolutely spectacular.

PixaR gone to the point now, where background animations and machinery and things like cars and trucks just look photorealistic. It almost looks like you’re watching something completely real. Which can sometimes clash with the cartoony character designs is the problem that I had with the good dinosaur as well.

That movie had very cartoonish characters while everything else looked extremely realistic this film does the same thing. Instead of inhabiting cartoon looking characters in a cartoon looking world. We have exaggerated cartoon features in a realistic-looking world.

But I would say work much better in this movie than it did in the good dinosaur and larger this is due to Pixar’s brilliance with what they put on the screen. Also, the movie is always entertaining and I was never bored by this movie. It’s a quest movie basically with these two brothers Chris Pratt being one of the magic believers.

He believes in everything magic. He’s like a hardcore gamer nerd. He believes that his dungeons and dragons ask game is actually based on history and so he has all this knowledge. Where his younger brother voiced by Tom Holland who is attempting to resurrect his father. Because he can’t deny the fact that his dad’s legs are standing right next to him but nothing else.

He doesn’t have those beliefs and so they clash a little bit along the way. This is a movie about father and son bonding. But it’s also a movie about brothers bonding and learning to work together.

And I would say I liked it about as much as I did monsters university. That movie was fine for a one time watch. I’ve never watched it since. I’ll probably never watch Onward Movie 2020 again. But while I watched it. I certainly didn’t mind that I was watching it.

There’s a lot of a sense of humor and I thought a lot of the jokes weren’t very funny. Octavia Spencer is a character of the manta core. She sort of like a cross between a lion and a dragon. I thought she was really entertaining in the film. Her voice acting was really on point. All of the cast is great honestly.

The voice acting here is really strong as per usual with Pixar, but I TV Spencer, in particular, her character I think got the most laughs out of me. Because she’s this hyper strong alpha creature. That is trying to make sure the bar she owns doesn’t get any bad reviews.

So that’s kind of funny. The film has a lot of clever ways of introducing humor that can be viewed through real-world land. Namely the entire notion that it’s a world that believed in magic at 1.but has become so accustomed to its technology. And it’s become so settled in its modern conveniences, that is forgotten about its past.

You could definitely make a connection to today’s world and how modern technology has in some ways brought us closer together. But in others has pushed us farther apart. A big problem with the movie for me was that I just really wasn’t connecting with the plight.

I didn’t really care that much that these two brothers never had much of a relationship with their father and now they’re running around with his legs. Because unfortunately, it’s really hard to connect with the lower half of someone’s body. This is going to turn into a rated R review. If I could just keep going down that path.

When the person you’re supposed to care about bringing back to life, even for just one day is nothing but pants. It’s kind of hard to give a shit and yes the movie at some point does have a way of kind of getting onto your skin and making you think differently about what you’ve been watching. And I found that pretty effective.

I think the ending of this movie saved it a lot. Because I’m so then I thought it was definitely on the lower end of Pixar’s rank. But after the third acted picked up and  I like it more the good dinosaur. It’s better than some of the cars movies for sure.

But this is by no means is one of my favorite Pixar movies and I think it’s going to depend on how much you care about these two brothers trying to bring their dad back. It’s a type of conclusion without giving anything away, that makes you think a little differently about the movie or just watching which is definitely a plus.

But it can also be a negative sense is trying to get this emotional reaction from you, but you didn’t really feel like the movie was about what it suddenly about. And so the catharsis isn’t as strong as it could be, unless it was a little more apparent that that’s what they were going for.

On second viewing, I could see that improving. But on this viewing, I just really wasn’t that emotionally invested in the movie. But I cannot deny the talent on display in the animation and the voice work and the fact that for the most part, I found the movie entertaining.

And like a lot of fun magical quest like sequences and a few of the jokes do Landon Octavia Spencer and her character I like a lot. But I’m going to recommend you see the Onward movie 2020. I think it’s good. It’s just I expect a little more out of Pixar at this point.

I’m gonna give Onward Movie 2020 a B. Guys, thank you so much as always for reading the Onward Movie 2020 Review. Look forward to more of reviews very soon. See you soon.

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