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Official Secrets 2019: A Mystery Drama Film

Official Secrets film is an engaging thriller anchored by an excellent performance from Keira Knightley. One of the best movies.

Official Secrets Movie Cast & Crew

Keira Knightley – Katharine GunGavin Hood – Director
Matt Smith – Martin BrightSara Bernstein – Screenwriter
Matthew Goode – Peter BeaumontGregory Bernstein – Screenwriter
Rhys Ifans – Ed VulliamyGavin Hood – Screenwriter
Adam Bakri – Yasar GunGed Doherty – Producer
Ralph Fiennes – Ben Emmerson QCElizabeth Fowler – Producer
Indira Varma – Shami ChakrabartiMelissa Shiyu Zuo – Produce
Conleth Hill – Roger AltonMelissa Zuo – Producer
MyAnna Buring – JasmineFlorian Hoffmeister – Cinematographer
Hattie Morahan – Yvonne RidleyMegan Gill – Film Editor

Official Secrets Movie Review 

Official secrets movie was directed by Gavin hood and stars Keira Knightley as Catherine gun.

And this is based on her true story. She leaked information to the press about illegal NSA spy operations designed to push the U. N. security council. And the sanctioning of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. She was fluent in Mandarin and she worked as someone who simply translated things.

The goal was to prevent possible terror attacks. And one day this email comes across her desk, and by the wording of it.

You can tell that they are trying to manipulate things behind the scenes to create a vote for yes. In favor of this war and when she realizes that this corruption is happening. She leaves this information in so doing creates a considerable amount of problems for her life.

And the people around her, and since I didn’t know much about this story beforehand. I’m going to assume that some of you also don’t know the outcome of the true story, so I won’t spoil much for you at all even though you can Wikipedia that right now. I’m gonna let you go into the movie and hopefully enjoy it.

Because this is one of my favorite films I’ve seen so far this year. We don’t get too many political thrillers anymore.

That is based entirely on intrigue, and tension and suspense. Most of our big movies nowadays are films like joker or Avengers. We get a lot of comic book films. And while I enjoy those movies. I have a major soft spot for dialogue-heavy thrillers.

There was a time where we saw films like this a lot more often mostly in the nineties early 2 thousand.  But the political thriller has died down in recent years, and gratefully this story is the kind where I think just about anyone can watch it. And relate to this woman Catherine has gone, because she saw something that was clearly wrong and she had the courage to do something about it. And oftentimes you hear that phrase and it gets tired. It almost makes you want to roll your eyes like this person saw something wrong and they had the courage to do something about it and yours.

Whatever but when you watch the film and read the true-life story. You realize just how much was at stake for her. She had a great marriage with a man who could be threatened with deportation at any moment. Her job was at stake as well as a considerable amount of jail time. Because she was in breach of what’s known as the official secrets act. Which in itself is a very very crazy thing and this movie explores it, a very well ray fines character who comes in late in the movie.

I honestly was like whoa okay holy YEAH! because I was already invested in the story and then here comes ray finds this amazing actor and he portrays the lawyer who is defending her. In her case and when you look at the legal loopholes, they have to jump through just to express that. She’s trying to prevent a war and these people are trying to make that seem clear and just blatantly lied to the public it’s really fascinating.

I thought this film was really great. I think this is one of Keira Knightley’s best performances based on the other work I’ve seen from actresses in 2019. I think she has a shot and Oscar nom but since no 1’s really talking about this movie right now and so far it’s made less than $2000000 at the box office that probably won’t happen.

Because that’s just how it works. and you know, you guys know how I feel about the ship. it’s a porch in regards to dialogue-heavy thrillers my 2 favorites are political or reporting a movie like a spotlight which was great. And was about the investigation of child molestation in the Catholic Church.

This movie combines both of those because we also have Matt Smith’s character. He’s a reporter working for a paper, that initially breaks the story, that she leaks. And the zigzagging, that goes back and forth between believing this woman, not believing her making up lies about this memo that she leaks, and eventually uncovering the truth behind it.

It is in throwing to watch there were a lot of great actors that crop up throughout this movie. That surprised me constantly.  I really didn’t expect to enjoy the film as much as I did. And so much of that is rooted in the fact that this movie cares deeply about its characters, and it also cares deeply about feeling realistic. They use real news footage constantly. it’s not altered or anything and so it feels very off-putting and unnerving sometimes when you’re watching the real things being said by actual politicians.

And news reporters, and people who work in the government, and you see this life being perpetuated, and the film gets increasingly more riveting as it goes along. Because it starts off very small because this woman’s life isn’t seen by many people and she goes to the office every day she has a good marriage has a few friends as soon as she gets this email her life changes.

And after that, the phone continuously blossoms into a bigger more impactful story and with each passing minute, it gets more interesting. I have very little flaws with this movie beyond the fact that there are a few times where the pacing might drag a tad but most of that is first viewing issues.  Where you’re wondering where a story is going like one of Matt Smith’s characters introduced this reporter.

I was so into what Keira Knightley was dealing with that. I was sort of like okay who’s this guy you know but then after like 5 or 10 minutes, you realize how integral he is to the plot. And you don’t care anymore here invested there too because the film takes its time to build up these characters.

I think this is a very underrated film so far this year and I really hope that more people see it. I saw it AMC stolen in Ohio. It’s only going to be there for a few more days or if you’re in the area you can see it there but in regards to American theaters, it’s probably not going to be out for much longer.

I wish I had seen it earlier but definitely check out on video DVD and Blu-ray when you get a chance.

I’m going to give the Official Secrets movie an A. 

Official Secrets Movie Review 

This movie really surprised me and I think it’s worth your time also like I said check it out. Find this guy a really good film and I would like wood Gavin how it’s doing now. I think he’s found a really great pace and I’m excited to see what he does next.

Thank you guys so much as always for reading my Official Secrets movie review. See you soon with another review.

Official Secrets Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer of the Official Secrets film.


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