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Top 5 Nina Hartley Movies

Discover the top 5 Nina Hartley movies that showcase her talent, creativity, and contributions to the adult film industry. A must-read for fans.

Nina Hartley may not be the first name that comes to mind when you hear the term ‘actress’, but her movies have proven that she’s has earned her place among the ranks of Hollywood greats. With over 600 films under her belt, as well as her various contributions to the adult entertainment industry, it isn’t hard to see why she has gained so much recognition.

This being said, today we want to make a list of the best Nina Hartley movies. 

5 Best Nina Hartley Movies

Among all Nina Hartley Hollywood movies, we have chosen for you the best once only. Here is our  Nina Hartley Movies list.

5. Hell’s Kitty (2018)

4. It’s Not a Date (2014)

3. I Wrote This for You (2020)

2. Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) 

1. Scumbag (2017)

Keep reading for more information about each movie on this list.

5. Hell’s Kitty (2018)

Hell's Kitty (2018)


Written and directed by Nicholas Tana, Hell’s Kitty is the supposedly reallife story of the director’s possessed Pussycat. A cute cat called angel. Angel might look like an adorable ball of fur, but the cat is actually a possessive menace that always gets between Nick and any possible companions.


This horror-comedy mixes the cute with the diabolical and the downright gory as angel shreds to tears any woman in Nick’s life.


Nick, desperate for human contact, is willing to try his luck with almost any woman in the hopes of finding one that doesn’t become Angel’s new scratching post. Among those women that Nick tries to date is Ms. Rommel, played, of course, by Nina Hartley.


Rommel is an experienced woman who tries making advances on Nick, her kinky antics and mere presence doesn’t sit well with angel, though, and it quickly becomes clear that poor Ms. Rammel won’t be the one for Nick. 


4. It’s Not a Date (2014)

It's Not a Date (2014)

Carly Sagat agrees to go out with Milo, a guy she has feelings for but isn’t willing to date. They set it up, so they go to a casual meeting at a local club, but definitely it’s not a date.


After they spend an interesting night together, things get complicated the morning after when Carly finds out that Milo lied to her about his real name and also might be keeping some other sensible info from her.


She decided to get back at Milo and sedates him and keeps him as a prisoner. Things get Messier and Messier as some of Carly’s friends get involved in the crime, and she’s decided to humiliate the man even further.


One of Carly’s friends is Cindy, a middle-aged woman with a fascination with Milo. Cindy is totally down with the idea of keeping Milo as a prisoner in a full-body cast and doesn’t seem all that troubled with the legal consequences of Carly’s revenge. Cindy is played by Nina Hartley, who’s done an excellent job conserving her physique well into her 50s.


3. I Wrote This for You (2020)

I Wrote This for You (2020)

A love letter to modern poetry. I wrote this for you is a heartwarming indie film with a lot of souls put into it. Directed by Jason Zavaleta the film centers on Hunter, a man who uses Slam poetry as a way to mend his broken heart.


After suffering some trauma over the end of an important personal relationship, Hunter finds that writing and reciting poetry lets him escape the shackles of the sadness in his life.


I Wrote This for You features some poems written by some popular modern poets like Jasmine Williams and Keto Fortune.


Jason Zavaleta directed the film as a promise he made to her paternal grandmother, who he cared for the last years of her life. He confesses that the film is a very personal experience for him, and he intended it as a way to tell his audiences that it’s okay to not be okay.


This movie features some cameos by popular underground artists and actors. Among those actors is Nina Hartley, who plays a barwoman who briefly interacts with Hunter in his journey.


2. Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) 

Dude Bro Party Massacre III (2015) 

Don’t let the name fool you, Dude Bro Party Massacre 3 is the only film in this homage to the endless array of slasher films released in the 80s. This dark comedy pokes fun at all the common tropes we’d expect to see in movies like the ones in the Friday the 13th or Nightmare on Elm Street series.


From the creative team behind the five-second film’s YouTube channel, Dude Bro Party Massacre is fun and witty and also extremely quotable. The film works as a great homage to the art of terrible movies.

Besides the usual actors that we usually see in the five-second film sketches, the movie also features a cast of popular actors and actresses to spice things up.


Logan Olson, Greg Sestero, Larry King, and, of course, Nina Hartley. All play roles in Dude Bro Party Massacre. Hartley plays Dean Pepperstone, the head of a College that has to deal with the outrageous antics of the disastrous Delta by Theta fraternity.


Tired of the irresponsible way in which the frat Bros endangered the lives of the people in and outside of the campus, Pepperstone gives them an ultimatum and pushes them to do something useful with their lives.


1. Scumbag (2017)

Scumbag (2017)

Our number one pick is Scumbag. This divisive and unique movie features an ensemble cast of underground entertainment heavy hitters coming together to make one of the oddest movies of the decade.


Scumbag is John Waters meets Kevin Smith, and the result is a movie that you either love or outright hate. The film tells the story of Phil, a young aspiring DJ who takes on a job at a telemarketing company.


Phil’s workplace is an interesting place with a picturesque list of coworkers that includes ex-prisoners, murderers, and generally crazy people.


Scumbag has an extensive cast of more than 200 roles, most of which are cameos of Underground talents. One of the cameos is none other than Nina Hartley, who plays the role of Wanda.

Hartley reunites with another of her partners in the adult film industry, the legendary Ron Jeremy. This underground comedy currently holds a user score of 6.5 out of ten on the IMDb website.


In conclusion, Nina Hartley is a legendary adult film actress and director who has made significant contributions to the industry over the years. The top 5 Nina Hartley movies highlighted in this blog post are a testament to her talent, skill, and creativity as a filmmaker.

From educational videos to mainstream films and adult parodies, Nina Hartley’s filmography has something for everyone. Her dedication to promoting healthy sexuality and empowering women through her work has earned her a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Whether you’re a long-time Nina Hartley fan or new to her work, the movies listed in this blog post are essential viewing. They showcase Nina Hartley’s versatility as an actress and her ability to bring her unique style and approach to every project.

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