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Download Native Son 2019: A young African-American living in Chicago enters into a seductive new world of money and power after becoming a chauffeur for an affluent businessman.



Bigger Thomas is a young African-American man living with his family in Chicago. One day, Bigger receives an opportunity to interview for a job as the live-in chauffeur for the wealthy businessman Henry Dalton and his family. Bigger’s friend Gus wants Bigger to participate in a robbery with him instead, but Bigger’s girlfriend Bessie convinces him to take the interview. The interview with Mr. Dalton goes successfully, and Bigger is introduced to Mrs. Dalton and Mary, Mr. Dalton’s radical daughter.

That night, Bigger drives Mary to a political meeting led by her boyfriend, Jan Erlone. Afterward, Jan and Mary take Bigger out to a local club that Bigger frequents, and the three become friends. As Bigger grows closer to Jan and Mary, he has a falling out with Gus. Bigger failed to show up for the robbery he promised he would participate in, leaving Gus to abandon it. Gus accuses Bigger of succumbing to the stereotypes he himself had shown disdain for. After attending an orchestra with Mary and Jan, Bigger retreats to his room to find an expensive album he had wished to purchase gifted to him by Mary. In thanks, Bigger obtains drugs for Mary and Jan to take at a party.

At the party, Mary and Jan get into an argument after Jan finds Mary making out with another guy. Bigger drives Mary home and goes to his room. However, Mary, who is experiencing strong side affects from the drugs, is loudly dancing around outside half-dressed. Bigger, fearing he will lose his job if Mary is discovered like this by her parents, helps Mary to her room. However, Mrs. Dalton is awakened by the noise and begins to call out to Mary. Bigger attempts to quiet Mary down to no avail and proceeds to hold a pillow over her face to stop the noise. After Mrs. Dalton returns to her room, Bigger removes the pillow from Mary’s face and discovers that he has accidentally smothered her to death. Bigger then drags Mary’s body to the furnace room and cremates it.

The next day, Bigger is interviewed by two detectives who have been hired by Mr. Dalton to find his missing daughter. However, Jan is initially the prime suspect in Mary’s disappearance until one of Mary’s pieces of jewelry is found in the furnace by another of Mr. Dalton’s staff. As police put out a warrant for Bigger’s arrest, he goes into hiding. He privately meets up with Jan, who tells Bigger that he should turn himself in. Similarly, Bessie, who has been hiding Bigger, pleads with him to turn himself in too. Bigger convinces Bessie to run away with him instead, and takes her to an abandoned building where they spend the night. The next morning, Bessie and Bigger have an argument in which Bigger indirectly confesses to murdering Mary. Upon further argument, Bigger begins to strangle Bessie to death, but comes to his senses and stops himself. Bessie runs away in fear. The police arrive, having been alerted to Bigger’s whereabouts by some passerby’s who spotted Bigger looking out a window of the building. The police confront Bigger, who is turned away with his hands in his jacket pockets. Turning around, Bigger begins to take his hands out of his pockets. The police shoot and kill him, mistaking that he had a gun in his hand.


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