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Moffie 2019 Movie is coming out!

I know you’re probably excited to see the Moffie 2019 movie because it’s going to be a great one. It’ll have tons of action, drama, and romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

Moffie 2021 Movie Cast & Crew

Kai Luke Brummer – Nicholas van der SwartOliver Hermanus – Director
Stefan Vermaak – Oscar FourieOliver Hermanus – Writer
Ryan De Villiers – Dylan StassenJack Sidey – Writer
Matthew Vey – Michael SachsEric Abraham – Producer
Hilton Pelser – Sergeant BrandJack Sidey – Producer
Wynand Ferreira – SynmanThérèsa Ryan – Co-Producer
Hendrik Nieuwoudt – RoosBraam du Toit – Music
Shaun Chad Smit – Dewald van der MerweJamie Ramsay – Cinematographer
Rikus Terblanche – BesterAlain Dessauvage – Editor

Moffie 2019 Movie INFO

Moffie 2019 is a South African-British biographical war romantic drama film. It was directed by Oliver Hermanus and stars are Kai Luke Brummer, Barbara-Marié Immelman, and  Michael Kirch.

What’s it like being gay in 1980s South Africa? I have no idea but this story is about a young man who was soldiering through two years of compulsory brutal and racist military service when he found out that one of his superiors must be gay too.

He had to maintain the secrecy of his homosexuality while also hiding the fact that back home, apartheid was still raging on as well.

So who is that young man?

Nicholas Van der Swart is a white South African man who has to serve in the military when he turns 16 years old. He has two choices: either fight for apartheid or go against his family’s wishes by running away and becoming an activist instead of fighting on behalf of something that goes against what they believe in.

But Nicholas doesn’t have too much time to decide because soon enough, he will be called up with other boys from all over the country and sent off into battle!

It was no secret that Nicholas Van der Swart hated military life. He had always loathed the idea of defending apartheid in some faraway African country, but he had never thought it would be so bad.

From the moment he arrived at training camp, his drill sergeant began to break him down. For weeks, all he could do was train as hard and fast as possible even though every bone in his body ached for sleep or rest.

Moffie 2019 Movie Review

The film, “Moffie” is a homophobic slur in Afrikaans and it forms the constant soundtrack to Oliver Hermanus’s new movie. Set in the early 1980s, it depicts conscripted soldier struggling with his sexuality in an environment that isn’t friendly for anyone who doesn’t fit the white aggressively heterosexual masculinity mold. It’s a contemplative thoughtful movie about the tedious mundanity of war as well as brutality.

Nick, a conscript in the army, is already an outsider when he doesn’t speak Afrikaans. Nick’s fellow recruits give him trouble and things get worse as he becomes Sergeant Brander’s (Hilton Pelser) subordinate. They bond over their shared English speaking skills but this also triggers desires that have been buried for years…

Nick has always felt different from his peers because of how much more comfortable he feels with those who share his language fluency-namely Stassen (Ryan de Villiers). But while there are many similarities between them they soon find themselves bonding on another level–a sexual one–which brings up long repressed feelings inside both of them.

Hermanus’s movie unfolds in a world of intolerance, with the Apartheid regime and “sympathy” for those of different skin color or sexual orientation punishable offense. The homophobia is violent on a physical level but also mentally so severe that it provokes real tension and darkness throughout the whole film. A horror-Esque shot an empty shower cubicle thrums with foreboding terror w/ strings Braam du Toit’s unusual score foreshadowing nightmares to come.

Brummer’s performance is quietly engrossing, imbuing the character with palpable repression and sadness. He seems like he has no idea what to do in this world of machismo, despite his dad giving him an ostentatious gift before leaving. It was a tragedy that their relationship would never be able to work amidst such an atmosphere as theirs because it was tender at times and intimate too but tragically there seemed nothing they could do about it when surrounded by so much impossibility due to being unable to separate themselves from all these things here on top of everything else happening around them between each other both inside out which just made matters worse for lack thereof without any real means whatsoever given how little time they had together or even space either though one thing.

I was really into this movie up until the final third. It seemed to lose its charm when it moved on from that intriguing beginning and started focusing more heavily on violence than anything else, which just doesn’t interest me very much. And then there’s all of these scenes with poetic splendour? Honestly I’m not a fan of those either – they’re too slow for my taste!

The ending also left something to be desired because although everyone had been built-up as being super important or special in some way, ultimately none of them were particularly memorable after viewing this film overall so if you have no strong feelings about any one character by the end (or even at least halfway through) then what did we watch??

It’s been noted before that the movie’s game of two halves storytelling is reminiscent of Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket. And, like in that war classic, it flags somewhat when they actually get to the meat and potatoes (seriously) – the battlefield. The central narrative almost evaporates as things progress towards an inevitable climax with a few necessary detours along the way there ’til you finally arrive at your destination-ish…

But there’s a quiet power to Moffie that makes it an interesting and worthwhile slice of drama. Hermanus conveys the pervasive intolerance of the time period with unflinching, shocking detail and crafts a hellscape of a world, in which something dreadful always appears to be on the horizon and so every bit of warmth must be treasured. Even if it might get you killed!

I am going to give  Moffie 2019 Movie a C.

Guys thank you so much for reading my review, see you next time.

Moffie 2019 Movie Trailer


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