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Minari Movie 2020

Minari Movie is a 2020 American drama film. The film is an hour and 55 minutes. It’s an amazing film, subtle and completely real in terms of the Korean-American experience.

Minari Movie Cast

Steven Yeun – JacobLee Isaac Chung – Director
Yeri Han – MonicaLee Isaac Chung – Screenwriter
Yuh-Jung Youn – SonjaDede Gardner – Producer
Will Patton – PaulJeremy Kleiner – Producer
Alan Kim – DavidChristina Oh – Producer
Noel Kate Cho – AnneJoshua Bachove – Executive Producer
Darryl Cox – Mr. HarlanBrad Pitt – Executive Producer
Esther Moon – Mrs. OhSteven Yeun – Executive Producer
Scott Haze – BillyLachlan Milne – Cinematographer
Eric Starkey – Randy BoomerHarry Yoon – Film Editor

Minari Movie Review

Manari Movie, the drama directed by  Lee Isaac Chung and executive produced by Steven Yeun alongside Brad Pitt and also star Steven Yeun alongside Will Patton.

The Minari Movie is about a Korean American man in search of a better life for his family who decides to move to Arkansas to hopefully become a successful farmer.

So apparently Manar was actually getting a lot of comparisons to the fair well and after watching the film I can kind of see-through similarities.

But honestly Manari pretty much carves out its own lane for itself. It’s definitely its own film. I really didn’t know what to expect going into Manari.

All I know is that I’ve been hearing a lot about it and that it’s quite similar to the farewell, but I’m actually very happy I checked it out.

Because although it’s kind of a long film, every second feels well crafted. And just for the record, it’s actually not that similar to the farewell but apparently, that’s what some critics are saying.

And the film does such a great job at approaching so many important aspects of life like love family drama death and sacrifice.

in every subject feels explored so the viewers are truly able to follow and connect with this family’s challenges and the cinematography was just so real.

This is kind of a weird way to describe cinematography but it’s just peaceful man there was a lot of use of warm color palettes mixed with those sunrise lenses flare-type shots.

And this was all done by and I’m sorry for this ┬áLachlan Milne who is the talent behind the visuals for love and monsters as well.

And if you’ve seen that film then you are well aware of how beautiful a lot of the scenes were and then once the film score kicked in I just felt completely immersed.

In the film score composer behind this film was Emile Mosseri who is also behind the score for the last black man in San Francisco which was another impressive film from Sundance I had a great vibe musically.

Also almost forgot to mention how great Steven Yeun’s performance was and personally I haven’t really followed his career much since you played Glenn in the walking dead.

Mainly because I just haven’t had any real interest in the films that he’s been attached to recently. Except for maybe that one episode of The Twilight Zone reboot that he was in.

But that was just okay, I mean that whole series was just kinda okay. I mean I enjoyed it and I hope Jordan Peele continues to be the person behind it. But it was just okay.

But a minority I was really able to see his transformation as an actor. And to see him hold his own on-screen with a veteran like Will Patton was just impressive.

So I’m going to give the Manari movie a B.

Although it didn’t blow me away or left me speechless, it’s definitely a heartwarming movie with great performances that you should certainly check out if you find yourself in the mood to watch an inspirational drama.

Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this content please tell me in the comments. See you next time.

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