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Midnight Mass 2021 | Netflix Original Series Review

Midnight Mass is an American supernatural horror streaming television miniseries Netflix Original Series by Mike Flanagan.

Today we’ll be covering Mike Flanagan’s new Netflix horror series Midnight Mass. Do these seven episodes live up to the brilliance of the Haunting of Hill House or fall more in line with The Haunting of Bly Manor. Let’s find out.

Midnight Mass Series Review 

Midnight Mass is created and directed by Mike Flanagan for Netflix. It stars Zach Gilford, Kate Siegel, Hamish Linklater, Rahul Kohli, and Henry Thomas. 

An isolated island community experiences miraculous events – and frightening omens – after the arrival of a charismatic, mysterious young priest.

Mike Flanagan has taken the Netflix for World by Storm with his limited series The Haunting of Hill House and The Haunting of Bly Manor, as well as the Stephen King adapted film Gerald Game, and now he’s back to the streaming platform with a new original series called Midnight Mass, just in time for the spoofy season.

And while this horror a tour does not hit the heights that he did with Hill House, it is, in my opinion, at least far more captivating than Bly Manner. This is definitely a bingeable and spinetingling series that is worth your time.

Midnight Mass follows a young man returning to his isolated island home after being incarcerated for a drum thriving accident.

Just as the Chronicle son makes it back, the small religious town is met with the arrival of a charismatic and mysterious young priest who is taking over for their elderly patriarch after going missing in the Holy Land.

As we slowly learn more about all of the members of this community, strange, horrific, and also miraculous events start occurring that will change their lives forever.

Going into Midnight Mass, this was one of my most anticipated series of the year. The Haunting of Hill House is easily one of my favorite Netflix properties, and Flanagan has become one of the best working modern directors in horror.

And I would like to get the negatives out of the way first so I can concentrate on what this series does so well.

I must admit that there was a tinge of disappointment and frustration I felt as the middle section of these seven episodes seriously lacked.

This is a dialogue-driven script filled with heavy-handed, longwinded, philosophical, and religious monologues that just seem to go on and on and on.

It’s as if the characters are constantly rambling at times. I have a gut feeling that this slow-burn approach will certainly turn off some viewers who are just looking for a good scare.

And I couldn’t help but feel like Flanagan’s vision would have been so much stronger as a two-hour film than a seven-hour limited series.

But there is so much to love about Midnight Mass. First and foremost, the ensemble cast is absolutely outstanding. While the script could be incredibly dense and overdone at times, the performers make up for it with their stunning takes on these characters.

The underrated Zach Gilford and Hamish Linklater, along with Flanagan’s powerhouse wife Kate Siegel all give it their all, and it really is hard to take your eyes off of all of them.

But it is Samantha Sloyan as Bev Keane who blew me away. I was unfamiliar with her until this show, but she definitely wants to look out for.

Mike Flanagan’s show you say its lair for putting together in exquisite production is all here as well. Including his intense wide shots, exquisite cinematography, detailed production and costume design, prosthetic work, haunting score, and his now-famous long take tracking shots.

I was constantly impressed with the intricate details in this show, and although it can tread on being a little messy at times, it’s still the foot together.

And while the first episode is creepy, many of the middle episodes left much of anything involving scares. But when the last two episodes come around, boy does this series become one insane boss for the Wall Fright Fest.

I was hoping Flanagan could salvage his script for an amazing finale, and I truly think he pulls it off. Not only is it action-packed, but it is delightfully, scary, violent, and what I appreciate most is ridiculously bonkers.

And while some people might guess what is going on about halfway through the way it all comes together is shocking and Holly satisfying.

So I am going to give Midnight Mass TV Mini-Series a C-Plus.

Midnight Mass Series Review 
Mike Flanagan does not completely hit it out of the park here, and some people will tire with this series slow burn and laborious approach.

But the absolute, absolutely incredible cast and bombastic finale make this a solid binge for the Halloween season. 

Guys thank you so much as always for reading the review of Midnight Mass. See you next time.

Midnight Mass Trailer

Check out the trailer of the new drama, horror, mystery TV Mini-Series, Midnight Mass.

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