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Marriage Story Movie

Marriage Story Movie Review

Marriage story movie was written and directed by Noah Baumbach and stars Scarlett Johansson, Adam Driver, Ray Liotta, Laura Dern,  and   Wallace Shawn in a tiny role.

And it’s a story of a married couple that is going through a divorce but they don’t want that to ruin their son’s life. So they’re also trying to stay together as a family while going through a lengthy legal process to finalize their divorce.

I love Noah Baumbach films. I think he’s really brilliant. He’s excellent at small life character, interactions, showing quirky weird situations, that you wouldn’t normally expect to see on film.

And this movie is no different. I haven’t seen all of his films yet, but I think this might be my favorite. This film is miraculous two of the best performances. Honestly, I that I’ve ever seen.

And I don’t like hyperbole. don’t like you know crazy quotes and everything but this legitimately blew me away. From a character perspective, this film is flawless. I struggle to find something about the movie that I didn’t like.

Since it’s a film about a break up it could be compared to a blue Valentine with Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. But this film is less about the arguing and more about how would divorce actually happens.

The legal process and sometimes how the legal side of it can actually make it worse. Make both sides say and do things that they wouldn’t normally have done if they just agreed amicably to break up.

And figure out what they were going to do as soon as they get lawyers involved though. There’s all this backtalk. There’s a middle man or middle woman who is speaking for the other person and saying and doing things that maybe the other person doesn’t even want.

And so it’s really fascinating to see this behind the scenes look at what actually happens. It is usually a film may have everyone is arguing and throwing things and crying.

This movie isn’t like that. For most of the movie, when they’re together they’re actually talking just fine. They’re friendly and congenial and everyone’s happy. You can tell there’s definitely tension and they’re upset as the movie progresses.

But for the most part, they’re trying to still live. And it’s told from both of their perspectives equally. It doesn’t side with either one of them. You’ll get some alone time with Adam driver. You’ll get some alone time Scarlett Johannson.

You understand both of their perspectives. You understand why both of them are in one way or another bad for the other person. It’s not like one ‘s a good guy one ‘s a bad guy. They just aren’t working.

For some filmmakers, there may be a temptation to make some of the scenes really big like a lot bigger than they need to be. But in the case of this movie, most people keep a fairly straight face for the whole film.

Even when you can tell that their heart is just shattering. They’re dealing with it. Now there is one scene, that is just really heartbreaking and it’s the argument scene. You expect that there would be one or two or three or maybe a lot more in a film it’s entirely about a divorce.

But there’s one. And it is the best acting I have seen this year. I was in awe and it’s simply because of the talent in front of the camera and behind it. There’s nothing miraculous happening on screen visually.

This is a very quiet movie with extremely long takes. I think there’s like a 4 or 5 minutes slow zoom on Scarlett Johannson when she’s finally telling her lawyer why she wants a divorce and it’s that type of filmmaking that is so uncommon in movies.

And know about Bach really wants that to stay present. Because the whole film feels that way it’s very pensive. And it’s capable of sort of stepping back and letting you observe these really small moments.

And there’s also odd choices for catharsis at times involving singing. These scenes that you wouldn’t expect to be there. And that is kind of risky, but really work. Honestly, marriage story  is one of my favorite pure character-based films I’ve seen in years.

I think it’s extremely well written. I think it’s beautifully acted and I think it’s one of the best movies of the year. I’m gonna give marriage story film an A-plus. I am really happy with this year’s movies.

At the end of this review, I would like to thank you for reading my Marriage Story movie review. I really hope that you liked. Look forward to more movie reviews. See you soon.

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