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Top 10 Marilyn Monroe Movies of All Time

Marilyn Monroe is an actress that transcended her era and continues to be remembered to this day. She was a true icon of not just Hollywood, but the entire world.

Her beauty and charm will live on forever in one way or another, whether it be through pictures, movies that she was in, or simply by word of mouth.

In honor of her birthday, I thought it may be fun to take a look at my Top 10 Marilyn Monroe movies ever made.

The Best Marilyn Monroe Movies 

Marilyn Monroe is one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood’s history. She’s remembered for her beauty, but also for her acting abilities and her ability to resonate with audiences throughout the world.

She went on to appear in some of the biggest Hollywood hits of all time. Here is our ten best Marilyn Monroe Movies you can enjoy watching.


#10. How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)


Marilyn was frequently placed in the character of the seductress with a golden heart, which she excelled at. As in the case of How to Marry a Millionaire, a film she directed at the start of her career.

Three friends plan to snag themselves some billionaire guys to marry in this film, but what they end up discovering is genuine love in the process.

Marilyn Monroe was still a new celebrity when she worked on this picture, and she was a bit insecure. Lauren Bacall, one of Marilyn’s co-stars, has said that working with her was difficult.

Monroe wasn’t an unpleasant person, but she was a highly insecure one, to the point that she asked for counsel from her acting coach constantly on set.

It seems hard to believe that someone like Marilyn could have stage fright, but we have to remember that in 1953, she was just beginning to make the rounds among the Hollywood stars.


#9. Monkey Business (1952)

Monkey Business (1952)


Marilyn Monroe’s career was already taking off in 1952. She had a brief role in Howard Hawke’s 1952 comedy Monkey Business, in which she portrayed a scientist who finds the elixir of youth by mistake.

The principal performers in this fun film are Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers. Marilyn used to tape images of prominent Hollywood actors to one of her bedroom walls when she was a foster child.

Marilyn’s boyhood hero, Cary Grant, was one of these stars, and it was a dream come true for her to appear on the big screen beside him.


#8. Niagara (1953)

Niagara (1953)



Marilyn Monroe and Niagara, a rushing river of emotion that even nature is powerless to tame. That was the slogan on the movie trailer for this thriller from 1953.

A excellent example of film noir films, complete with the misplaced passions and betrayals that have become synonymous with the genre.

When two couples go to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon, they quickly learn that not everything is as it appears.

A deadly plot soon unfolds plummeting the lives of the two couples into a downward spiral of betrayal and infidelity.

1953 was one of the best years of Marilyn’s career, with Niagara being the first movie where she received top billing.


#7. Clash by Night (1952)

Clash by Night (1952)


Clash by Night is a drama film about a lady who returns to her hamlet altered by the big city lifestyle. It was one of Marilyn Monroe’s first major performances.

Marilyn portrays Peggy, the girlfriend of one of the major characters, in one of her most important performances, directed by none other than Fritz Lang. Marilyn was under a lot of strain on set and kept forgetting her lines.

This film is one of Marilyn’s most well-known, yet it’s not because of her acting abilities. The not-so-famous nude calendar images of Marilyn Monroe appeared during production, sparking a stir on set.

The production team had to deal with a horde of paparazzi coming to the studio to get an interview with a dazzling starlet.


#6. The Seven Year Itch (1955)

The Seven Year Itch (1955)


A new neighbor, a commercial actress and former model played by Marilyn Monroe, tempts a guy bored of seven years of his marriage.

The title of the film alludes to the popular assumption that by their seventh year of marriage, practically every man feels compelled to have an extramarital affair.

We witness a Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch who has already established herself as a fashion icon. However, because to a now-famous wardrobe malfunction, this film irrevocably impacted Marilyn’s public image.

The iconic image of Marilyn, with her white dress blown upwards by a passing train, comes from this movie. Not only has the dress become an iconic piece of movie history, it also went on to become an integral part of American pop culture.

Even though this might have been one of Marilyn’s most glamorous roles, her personal life wasn’t going as well. Her lifelong bouts with depression were taking a toll on her health, forcing her to slur some of her lines.

#5. The Misfits (1961)

The Misfits (1961)


The Misfits, Marilyn’s final picture, was released amid a period of immense turbulence in the star’s personal life. The story revolves on a recently divorced woman who falls in love with an attractive cowboy.

Despite the fact that the film was a commercial disaster in 1961, reviewers praised the storyline and performances.

Only a month after Marilyn’s third divorce, The Misfits was released. Her marriage to Arthur Miller had lasted five years, making it the longest she had ever been married.

Like we mentioned before, this was the last film that Marilyn completed, as she would commit suicide a year and a half later.

Not only was this the last film in her career? It was also the last movie of Clark Gable’s life. Clark Gable died of a heart attack shortly after filming was concluded.


#4. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)


Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is widely considered as Marilyn’s breakout performance, following the antics of two showgirls as they enjoy their lives to the fullest in Paris.

Lorelei Lee, a blonde dancer with a penchant for jewels and wealth, is played by Marilyn. This musical comedy earned positive reviews from reviewers and was a box office hit.

In this film, Marilyn dons a pink gown and sings Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, which is one of her most famous performances. Marilyn was received with considerable trepidation by studio officials since her career was only getting started.

Among the common complaints about her persona was that her voice sounded silly, making the studio think that it would be best to dub over all of her lines.


#3. The Asphalt Jungle (1950)

The Asphalt Jungle (1950)


The Asphalt Jungle is an iconic film noir film in which Marilyn portrays the mistress of one of the main characters, Alonzo D. Emmerich, in one of her early performances.

The Asphalt Jungle begins with the release from jail of a criminal genius who is planning her next major theft. Even if the theft is successful, the criminals are confronted with unforeseen betrayals and excellent police work.

Marilyn didn’t get top billing for this picture because of her minor role, and her name wasn’t even on the initial poster. Years later, once Marilyn’s celebrity had grown, the poster for The Asphalt Jungle was updated to include her in a major role.

The actress always mentioned that she was proud of her work in this film, particularly of her last scene with actor Louis Calhern.


#2. All About Eve (1950)

All About Eve (1950)


All About Eve is a drama starring Bette Davis about an old Broadway diva battling for the affection of her friends with a young ingenue.

Being one of Marilyn Monroe’s debut films, she has a minor role in a picture that is packed with Hollywood elite.

All About Eve had 14 Academy Award nominations, winning six of them. It was also one of the first 50 films chosen for preservation in the National Film Registry of the United States Library of Congress.

Many of the film’s great celebrities, notably Bette Davis, got tired of Monroe’s ordeal. Marilyn was also the buzz of the set owing to her alluring attractiveness.

Famous actress Zsa Zsa Gábor was frequently seen on set, despite not appearing in the movie. She liked to keep tabs on her new husband, George Sanders, who had to play some scenes with a blonde bombshell.


#1. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Some Like It Hot (1959)


Some Like It Hot is regarded as one of the finest comedies in American cinema, having pushed the boundaries of what was judged acceptable in the late 1950s.

The narrative revolves around a duo of musicians who are forced to disguise themselves as Mafia criminals. Marilyn is Sugar Kane, a stunning lady who becomes the love interest of two artists who vie for her affection while maintaining their identities.

The crossdressing in the film was scandalous at the time, with the film even being banned in some states like Kansas. 

This was our top 10 list of the best Marilyn Monroe movies ever made. It is a great list of the best Marilyn Monroe movies of all time to watch.

Do you agree with our list? If you have any suggestions or comments please shoot them down in the comments below.  



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