Long Day’s Journey Into Night 2018 Movie

Long Day’s Journey Into Night 2018 Movie 

Download Long Day’s Journey Into Night 2018 movie: A man went back to Guizhou, found the tracks of a mysterious woman. He recalls the summer he spent with her twenty years ago.


The film chronicles the return of Luo Hongwu (Huang Jue) to Kaili, the hometown from which he fled many years before. Back for his father’s funeral, Luo recalls the death of an old friend, Wildcat, and searches for lost love Wan Qiwen (Tang Wei), who continues to haunt him.


Huang Jue as Luo Hongwu
Tang Wei as Wan Qiwen/Kaizhen
Sylvia Chang as Wildcat’s Mom/Red-hair Woman
Lee Hong-chi as Wildcat
Chloe Maayan as Pager
Ming Dao as Traffic Police


Director Bi Gan stated that “I liked the idea that the first half would be in 2D, because I wanted it to feel as fragmented as time, with little bits of memory… With the second half, I wanted it to be real-time, and the 3D was the best way to create a spacial experience for that.” The 59-minute unbroken long take 3D sequence that closes the film took two months to prepare, as techniques had to be devised to move a RED 3D camera through the complicated environment of the scene. It took seven attempts at shooting the sequence before Bi was satisfied.


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