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Little Women Movie 2019

Little Women Movie 2019 (PLOT)

Little Women movie 2019 was written and directed by Greta Gerwig based of the famous novel. This film tells the story of four sisters who are coming of age during the aftermath of the civil war.

There surrounded by a lot of poverty. They’re having a hard time securing work and they’re dealing with a lot of injustice. Despite all of those things one of the reasons this film really works for me is because of how light-hearted and fun it is.

The movie has a lot of very sad elements and things that are meant to make you feel and understand what these characters are going through. In particular sphere surroundings character Joe, who’s a writer, trying to write stories that are meaningful but nobody wants to publish her work unless she makes that I necessarily sensational.

And each of them are in the middle of some kind of turbulent romance and some of them are dealing with status issues. Because for women at that time it was all about marrying a very rich man, who could then support you and you could marry into that name. But Joe is adamantly against that form of control and just wants to live her own life and write her stories.

Little Women Movie Review

The last film Greta Gerwig directed was Lady Bird a movie that I thought was excellent. I still love that movie. That was an original film and this is obviously an adaptation of a famous book.

I don’t think it’s quite as good as ladybird and that could just be because I have a personal taste for original films over adaptations. But that statement doesn’t detract from the quality of this movie by any means. Because I was consistently entertained throughout this entire film.

Little Women  Cast:

Everyone in the film is great. Especially,  Saoirse Ronan and she gives another really good performance in  Greta Gerwig’s film.

Timothée Chalamet may as a young man who becomes the object of affection for some of these women is also really wonderful in the movie. The film is also really subtle and how it manipulates your emotions at times.

It’s a heartwarming Christmas movie. it’s coming out at Christmas. There are scenes at Christmas. you’re going to feel warm and cozy during some parts of the film. And then there are other times where characters break out in these horrible arguments and it just feels so cold and bitter.

And Gerwig does a very good job of taking these clashing tones and making them feel consistent. Also as a period piece the costuming and production design and the sets and the buildings. It’s all really incredible what they were able to accomplish. It always feels very period accurate’s and it felt like I was looking at a time capsule.

Emma Watson in Florence you also give really good performances as does Alisa Scanlon. But I think the real star of this movie is cinematographer, the countryside, the houses, the dance sequences this is a gorgeous movie everything looks very lush.

The film is telling all of these characters stories. That sometimes intersect and sometimes a separate and sometimes take place over the course of many years. And the film tells it in such a way where we flashback and we flash forward.

Sometimes it’s easy to tell because the color correction in the past is more glowing and feels warmer and in the present, it feels a lot colder. It’s more gray and sometimes characters have different hairstyles and so you can really tell.

But then there’s a part towards the latter half of the movie, where I actually got lost a few times. I watch the film with my wife and we had a sort of pause it and just recollect where exactly we were in the timeline because it wasn’t 100 percent clear.

Sometimes it happens as rapidly as one shot in the past. One-shot in the presence. And you’re going back, and forth very quickly like that. You have to piece that together in a rapid-fire way, and I would say that’s the film’s biggest weakness.

And there were some storylines that I did not care as much about as the others, which is common in a movie when you have a lot of characters you take a few when you really focus on those as a writer.

And more than likely some of the ones in the background don’t get as much attention. But since a lot of run time is dedicated to some of those characters, I found myself a little bored when their storylines run screen.

And whenever it came back to Joe’s character and she was trying to write or trying to figure out what her emotions were telling her and how to just be a woman in this time, I found all of those sequences really entertaining.

I’m gonna give Little Women movie 2019 B-plus. Guys, thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. look forward to more reviews very soon. See you.

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