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Knives Out Movie Review

Knives Out movie was written and directed by Rian Johnson. And the stars everyone in this movie is filled with so many incredible actors namely Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis easily one of the best cast of the year in an old fashioned who done it.

It’s a murder mystery all about the death of the patriarch of a very eccentric in combat of family. Daniel Craig plays the equally eccentric detective who’s investigating and everyone else is a suspect.

Murder mysteries are very successful on TV but you don’t see as many of them in film. My mom has always loved miss Marple show and murder she wrote and all of those shows you know that like people like to gather around the TV and watch and try to figure out who did it.

You don’t get as many of that in film. Last year we had the remake of the murder on the orient express and the best of the bunch in my opinion clue, which stars Tim curry who is a perfect and flawless human being.

And there are a Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Junior, but even those are based of a very popular character in literature. It’s been a while since we’ve had an original murder mystery that isn’t based of something else brand new characters brand new story.

Rian Johnson is a really good director for this type of film. Brick is in a way the tact of story as well and it’s probably still my favorite of his films. But this one got really close. This is an ingenious film extremely well written filled with charismatic characters and actors giving some of their best performances.

Daniel Craig, this is a performance. This is like super over the top with an insane accent and I loved every minute of it. He owns this whole movie. He has this crazy southern drawl and when he first started talking I actually sat back a little bit in my seat. Blown away by hearing that voice come out of that man.

And I wondered is this working for me and like 10 seconds later I was like oh yeah. It’s working for me. Jokes aside I loved him here. Sometimes you get performances that are really over the top like this one.

And there will be some people, who think he’s really Hamming it up for some reason. Even though it’s incredibly obvious that he’s doing it on purpose this is a very tongue in cheek performance. That is almost winking Lee aware of these genre trappings of a who done it. 

Ana de Armas is really great here as well I’ve seen pop up in a lot of movies obviously Blade Runner 2049. She’s been doing a lot of things lately, but she gets a big role in this movie front and center and she’s excellent.

However, there is one shot in this movie “Knives Out movie” where an actor gave what I imagine must have been his most difficult performance to date. Chris Evans has a shop where he has to pretend like he doesn’t like dogs. It must have been horrible for him.

I joke but he really was great in the film as well there’s not a weak link in this entire cast. Everyone brought their A-game and they’re also reading dialogue that’s witty clever and intelligent.

The constantly pets its characters and conflicting situations that raise the tension in every scene. And Johnson has a difficult job with this movie because it’s a comedy with suspense.

You want your audience to laugh when you want them to laugh, but you don’t want to release them from tension so much that they don’t feel tense when you want them to. And he found a great balance between those in just about every scene.

For instance, Daniel Craig’s character comes on very strong at first near like wow this is really entertaining and weird and is just like a bizarre, but then there’s a scene later on where he sort of leaning back in the shadows smoking a cigar.

And you just see that cigar to light up in the dark and you like you that guy’s hiding something. So he keeps his characters mysterious. Even when it seems like they’re being their full selves in front of everyone.

And I don’t get into any spoilers of course because movies not gonna come out for another week. But the film has a really unique take on the who done it. In regards to what information it lets, you know early on.

A lot more than you would expect to know early on for these types of movies. And it sort of makes you rethink how you processor who done it, because usually go into one of these thinking all right well let’s try to figure out which one of these bad guys did the thing.

But this movie is kind of like “well here’s some info” and because of that your second-guessing yourself throughout the entire movie. As for issues, I don’t really have that many. I think this is a good time at the movies and it’s just the type of movie it should have been.

But there are some characters in the movie that are a bit throwaway. There as a one-note joke of sorts that have maybe 3 to 4 lines in the entire movie. There’s a young character in the movie that is glued to the phone for the majority of the film.

And he’s the fun of many jokes but he doesn’t have the chance to actually be a character really. He’s just kind of there to be laughed at. And that’s okay. I mean that happens a lot in movies.

It’s just that this movie is so smart and so clever that that felt a bit disposable to me. That you had this opportunity and he didn’t really do anything with it. It was just like a one-joke character.

And there are also a few scenes with the characters have to leave the house and engage in things outside and it’s never as claustrophobic or as suspenseful as when they’re all trapped there.

It’s not that the outside scenes are necessarily bad. It’s just that they’re not as entertaining as the scenes at the house. Knives Out movie is exactly the film I wanted it to be. This is really in his wheelhouse and I think he knocked it out of the park.

I’m giving Knives Out movie an A-minus. Guys, thank you so much for reading my Knives Out movie review. See you next time with another movie review.

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