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June and Kopi Indonesian 2021 New Movie

June and Kopi movie is 2021 Indonesian, family-friendly, drama, animals, and kids film. You can enjoy watching it on Netflix.

June & Kopi 2021 Movie Cast

Acha Septriasa – AyaNoviandra Santosa – Screenwriter
Makayla Rose Hilli – KarinTitien Wattimena – Screenwriter
Ryan Delon – AleNoviandra Santosa – Producer
Tj Ruth – Tante IkaBudi Utomo – Cinematographer
Noviandra Santosa – DirectorJoy Ngiaw – Original Music

June and Kopi 2021 Movie Review

June & Kopi 2021 was directed by Noviandra Santosa and its starring are Acha Septriasa, Ryan Delon, and Makayla Rose Hilli.

This film is about a street dog is taken in by a young couple, and the family pit becomes an instant accomplice as she adjusts to her new, loving home.

The film has a regular story that we see a lot in the movies, that shows the loyalty of dogs. This film is really easy to understand. You can get it without translation. I think it was mainly made for kids. 

I didn’t like that I can expect most of the film scenes, but as I said maybe they have made this movie this simple to let the whole family enjoy watching it even really young kids. 

You will not need to read the subtitles to see what they do, because everything is super clear. You will just set with your kids and enjoy the whole movie.

I really enjoyed seeing smart, soulful, well-trained dogs do their thing well on the screen without any CGI pike. I think this what is going to give this movie extra points.

The end of the movie had a lot of unexpected drama that might make you tear. I really don’t want to talk a lot about this movie because this is not a spoiler review and the movie explains itself.

If we are talking about the actors I think they did well in the movie even though most of the film was kind of silent but that fine for this kind of movie. 

I am going to give June & Kopi 2021 movie a C.

The film is available on Netflix. You can just go and watch it there and tell me what do you think about it in the comments.

Guys, thank you so much for reading this review. Look forward to more reviews very soon.

June & Kopi 2021 Movie Official Trailer 

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