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Jingle All the Way Movie family Christmases film

Jingle All the Way Movie is a 1996 American Christmas family comedy film that tells a completely honest story about what family Christmases tend to be like!

Jingle All the Way Movie Cast

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard ‘Howie’ LangstonBrian Levant Director
Sinbad as Myron LarabeeRandy Kornfield Writer
Phil Hartman as Ted MaltinRichard Vane Executive Producer
Rita Wilson as Liz LangstonMichael Barnathan Producer
Robert Conrad as Officer HummellChris Columbus Producer
Martin Mull as D.J.Mark Radcliffe Producer
Jake Lloyd as Jamie LangstonWalter Kent Original Music
Jim Belushi as Mall SantaDavid Newman Original Music
Harvey Korman as PresidentEddie Pola Original Music
Laraine Newman as First LadyGeorge Wyle Original Music

Jingle All the Way Movie Review

It’s time to talk about a film that I’ve wanted to talk about on this website for a minute”Jingle all the way Movie”. It had to happen eventually today’s the day and since a lot of you are probably want to know what the rest of the shirts as.

I saw jingle all the way in a theater with my mom in 1996. I was only 8 years old and I had a blast. It was never really that repeating Christmas themed movie for me though as a kid. Because I really didn’t watch that many Christmas movies.

Home alone was sort of the staple. Jingle all the way movie, I watched every once in a while after that. But as I got older strangely I found myself enjoying the film a lot more and it’s mostly because I looked at it from the lens of an adult.

Jingle all the way movie is that rare family themed Christmas movie that isn’t really aimed at kids. It’s actually aimed at adults.

Yes somebody gets kicked in the groin. It’s about toys and it has power Rangers references, but this is actually a movie that adults are going to understand a lot more than kids.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a businessman who never has any time for his family. And his kids played by Jake Lloyd, before he got his Anticon role in phantom menace, really wanted a turbo man doll for Christmas.

The problem is that of a man dolls are sold out everywhere this year. This is being echoed with P. S. fives which I still don’t have and that’s okay.

Now his wife played by Rita Wilson knew that their kid wanted a turbo man doll weeks ago and she reminded him to get the god damn thing then and he still hasn’t he realizes that he has to run out on Christmas Eve and find one of the hardest to get items that’s available.

Because if he doesn’t his kid is gonna hate him. Turns out Sinbad is also looking for the same toy for his son and these two men wage all out war on Christmas Eve to try to find the turbo man doll.

Jingle all the way movie was met with pretty negative reviews upon release. And home alone despite being the highest grossing movie of 1990 didn’t get much better reviews actually.

It’s only been in years recently that the film has taken its rightful status as a holiday classic. Jingle all the way movie probably will never get there. But people from my generation really  like this movie and I’m one of those people.

And it’s not just because it’s fun and silly and reminds me of a warm hearted time in my life, when there wasn’t as many issues to worry about, when the world seems simpler, it’s not just that that.

Certainly is the icing on the top of the cake, but the reason I like jingle all the way is because as an adult as someone who has now gone around in last minute try to find gifts for loved ones.

I kind of understand the movie now. I view the movie through the lens of satire which is not something I understood as a kid and a lot of people don’t really pay attention to it in the film.

And yet there’s absolutely elements of this movie that are slapstick heavy very corny and melodramatic.

But what I love about jingle all the way which is funny to say. I know it’s bargains and go all the way. I love this movie. It is that it’s a family Christmas movie that’s completely honest about what family Christmases tend to be like.

It’s not always warm hugs and happy fireplace meals with warm music and Santa. It is generally kids who wanna toy and a parent who is losing their  mind trying to find it.

And what like someone will go to find and People are trampled in this movie as people cram into stores trying to find these toys.

It’s a very honest Christmas movie despite Arnold in a jet pack zooming around towards the end dressed up as turbo man.

It’s a film that shows a post office worker pretend to have a bomb, because he believes that inside this radio station is a turbo man doll.

Now you can look at that as absurdist humor and laugh when the cop gets blown up real good. But in reality this is a movie that is poking fun at the links will go to to please our children and keep them happy.

The film’s message of commercialism and greed is unmistakable. I mean you have a scene where Arnold is trying so hard to get this god damn toy. That he follows Jim Belushi as Santa Claus to a warehouse filled with other Santa clauses who are making cheap knock off toys to try to profit off of what children really want and he’s willing to shell out $300 for what ends up being a fake turbo man broken in the package which leads to a hilarious brawl between Santa elves and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How can you not in enjoy that. The same time though, This movie does not give a shit about Christmas, which is really fun to watch, but I like that the film is honest.

When the last time you saw a Christmas film, that has a bunch of fake Santa Claus is profiting off of the hopes and dreams of children, which led to some of the biggest criticisms of the film upon release.

If you go back and read some of the early reviews Roger Ebert gave it 2.5 out of 4 stars and he enjoyed the film, but he was depressed quote depressed by the rampant commercialism in the film how everyone was treating each other poorly and he wanted to feel better leaving the theater about the future generation of kids and what they wanted out of a holiday.

Totally get that.That’s kind of what the film is saying. Sure it’s funny to watch army crawl through a Chucky cheese discovery’s own style Playhouse jumping into a pit of balls and grabbing a child’s face, because he wants to do everything you can to get that damned offers kit. Sure all that’s funny in kids will laugh at that.

But the movie also has booster. The sidekick to turbo man that nobody likes. There’s booster action figures available everywhere nobody wants him.

Even the guy dressed up as booster during the parade gets his ass kicked by a bunch of kids, because nobody like  legs booster everybody wants a terrible man. It’s great. It’s a silly movie, it is.

It’s really not all that holds up. Especially the special effects towards the end with Arnold zooming around in his jet pack. It’s very cheesy looking and that’s okay. It kind of makes me laugh more and makes me nostalgic I don’t give a shit.

Something else this movie has a lot of films of the era don’t, especially family fare, is Phil Hartman rest in peace as a single dad who’s going around town trying to bang every woman in sight every woman and sound like the fact that he’s very handy.

He goes around to their houses fixes stuff and he’s trying to move in on Rita Wilson throughout the entire film. When the last time you saw a nineties villain in a kids movie who’s possibly a serial predator.

Jingle all the way movie is a very entertaining movie for me. It’s fast paced all the way through. I’ve always really enjoyed it. I find it very funny.

Thing Arnold’s really likable in the movie as it’s in Sinbad. They play off each other very well and I like the fact that Sinbad you can’t really nailing down as a character.

There’s times he’s a villain. There’s times are he’s a friend. He shifts. He will punch Arnold in the face to try to get to the turbo man, but later find him at a coffee shop or a bar and just sit down next to him and talk.

And so it seems strange in the moment until you realize what the film is saying is that the centers that thing they want the peers all bets are off.

I really like jingle all the way movie and I have a blast every time I watch it. I’m a give jingle all the way movie a B-plus.

Certainly nowhere near as good as other holiday classics and I understand if you don’t like the film. But for my money, it’s a movie I like to watch every December.

Guys thank you so much as always for reading my reviews. See you next time.

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