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I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince 2020

I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince 2020 movie is a Chinese comedy-drama movie. The film is an hour and 30 minutes.

I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince Movie Cast

Liu Yu – An Lu HaniLu Peng Xing – Prince

I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince Movie Review 

The Chinese movie “I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince” tells the story of Illidan’s king Malfurion Karimdor Kil’jaeden and ordinary high school student Lu Hani from accidental acquaintance to friendship, the gap between the two people’s life experience from childhood to adulthood. 

There were many contradictions between them. In the lives of the three people with Hu Kaixin, various warm and funny incidents occur and they helped each other.

Lu Hani slowly realized her shortcomings and caused a lot of trouble to her friends. She also saw his advantages and excellent ways of doing things from Prince Malfurion.

After learning from the pain, she decided to study and change herself seriously. Fario also saw her longing for life attitude in Lu Hani and the shining points that belonged to her, thinking of her various things in the palace, and slowly changing herself.

In the end, the two will learn from each other’s strengths and change themselves while establishing a beautiful fairy tale of a deep friendship. With youthful and humorous dialogue, subtle emotional rendering, and positive values ​​to infect young people in the new era. Edit Translation.

The story of the film is like something we may have fantasized about sometime in our early years. Meeting prince charming. The beginning and middle parts are good. The ending sucks!

The prince was eye candy. I can’t help being captivated by how good he looks. There were times he reminded me of Aaron Deng.

The acting was not that bad for newbies. So it was good in general except for the emotional scenes part it was not that good.

I really don’t know what to say since it is my 1st time watching a romantic Chinese movie. The film looked somehow weird to me.

Anyways, I am giving I Don’t Believe You’re a Prince 2020 movie a D.

Guys thank you as always and see you next time.

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