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Hustlers 2019 movie is an American crime drama film written and directed by Lorene Scafaria. The film is inspired by the viral New York Magazine article, Hustlers follows a crew of savvy former strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.

Hustlers 2019 Movie review

Hustlers 2019 Movie is directed by Laurence go far yeah and stars Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez and it’s based off of an article by Jessica Pressler and that article detail the true crime story in New York in which former strip club employees band together to target Wall Street clients of theirs this film has been getting a lot of positive buzz most recently out of tiff it showed there and a lot of people had praise for it Jennifer Lopez in particular and yes she is great in this movie one of her best performances possibly her best she has a jaw dropping opening scene.
it’s a very physically demanding role but it’s also a challenging role in that she has to appear effortlessly in control despite her training a character that many people will look down upon but this character is extremely smart and very savvy from a business perspective and knows how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.Really lifting a finger.
So you kind of had to sit back and respect that even if they’re committing crimes I read the entire article by Jessica Pressler after seeing the film it’s a fascinating read the film does stay pretty true to that article even though Jessica admits while writing the article that her main subject known as rosy.
Doesn’t always tell the truth so it’s sort of like unclear exactly how much is exaggerated or not but whatever the truth may be this film “Hustlers 2019 Movie” remains pretty true to the article still keeping with the positives this movie has a lot of energy it’s a pretty fast-moving movie it actually is pretty hilarious at times.
I really want to see what else Lauren Scott Florea from saying that wrong I’m sorry directs because she’s super talented the really well-shot movie although there are some scenes that do feel sort of like they rushed them the club and bar scenes are so beautifully shot that when other sequences feel like they were done in a couple takes and really rushed it stands out the first act of the film.
I really liked because it’s Lopez’s character taking in this new girl under her wing but once the year two thousand eight rolls around because this movie does take place in the past few years and the stock market crash happens these women start to lose a lot of their best clients Wall Street brokers who would come in and just spend thousands and thousands of dollars every night so they look to make money and other ways and if you don’t know the true story I’m going to get into that here.
so if you really don’t want to know anything about the movie that’s your warning I don’t really consider it a spoiler they decide to start drugging their clients drinks and the men pass out or become extremely drowsy and just pass off their financial information to these girls and they steal tens of thousands of dollars from them and this goes on for a while and this really happened it’s so crazy this second act can get a bit repetitive it’s a lot of rinse and repeat there at a bar they got a guy in the same corner we do a whip pan over to the girls coming in they drug him they do things with them and they still is money and this happens a lot over and over and it did start to get a bit repetitive now I understand that this is what happened and this is sort of the really exciting aspect of this story but I wish they found other ways for the scene.
This to happen it’s always just them in a bar in the exact same corner doing the same thing and even if that means stretching the bounds of reality a little bit just to have these things happen in other locations or at least make things a little fresh sometimes I think that kind of help with the pacing and as the film progressed I figured at some point there would be consequences for these actions because yes terrible you shouldn’t drug people and still money from them even if they’re nobody has any sympathy for these.
Wall Street brokers who were involved in the two thousand eight stock market crash I mean they’re criminals to as far as I’m concerned and so it’s not like you give an about these characters it’s just that you know eventually there’s going to be some kind of consequences for our protagonists and again if you know the real-life story there is but the film doesn’t really have much of an interest in that.
I wish the movie had a little more of a mature exploration of what these women were feeling inside well doing these things it kind of glosses over that and goes for more comical route which I thought was a bit disappointing I thought that was a pretty interesting opportunity to really get into these characters minds and see what’s going on and the film stays away from that.
Tries to maintain its entertainment value which to me was a disappointment the way the film wraps up it betrays things a little bit to Hollywood for my tastes if you actually look into what some of these women are doing today the woman that Jennifer Lopez’s perjuring Samantha has tried to sue the production company saying that they stole her story and it’s not true and they’re misrepresenting her and she’s not happy and it just seems a little too clean and perfect by making everything seem happier than it is in real life.
I think that was a bit of a missed opportunity but still Jennifer Lopez is really damn good in this movie I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about her and she didn’t disappoint at all most of the cast is pretty good too although a lot of them or just playing sort of exaggerated versions of their real life.
persona is like Carty be for instance and there’s a cameo in this movie that I thought was really out of place to that didn’t have any basis in the original article to my remembrance and it just sort of felt like Jennifer Lopez called in a favor from a friend so this movie could have been great I’m a give Hustlers 2019 Movie +c.
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