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10 Hottest Korean Dramas To Watch in February 2022

Whether or not you have a special someone to celebrate this Valentine’s Day with, the Korean drama world is always ready to shower you with love.

So why not spend the month of love watching new Hot Korean drama that will keep you warm and entertained.

This February, love is truly in the air in Korean drama land. As we welcome loads of new all-star Korean drama couples, lots of these dramas are undoubtedly landing on your watch list.

Reaction Time I’m looking forward to seeing the top three dramas on this list.

I’m optimistic that these new Korean drama couples will have swoon-worthy chemistry.

#10. Weather People: The Cruelty of Office Romance (2022)

Weather People: The Cruelty of Office Romance (2022)

The Cruelty of Office Romance Taking a hint from its title, this drama introduces us to people working at the Korea Meteorological Administration. Korea’s National Weather Forecast Service.

We will follow the story of an intelligent woman who does everything by the book and has a cold demeanor and a free-spirited man with an IQ of 150 who always thinks outside the box.

This is not a drill. We’re getting a romance drama from Park Min-young and Song Kong. When photos of them together on set were captured for the first time and shared on the internet, fans went absolutely crazy for this pairing.

They are ready to melt our hearts as the drama’s new trailer drops, displaying some heart-fluttering chemistry.

#9. A Business Proposal (2022)

A Business Proposal (2022)

Two famous young Kramer stars team up in this upcoming romantic drama. Yes, we are seeing Kim Sejeong and Ahn Hyo‑seop together on screen.

And to top it all off, a business proposal will have some comedy. Will they be the next charming Rom-Com couple to win our hearts?

A single woman who works for a company decides to meet her friend who happens to be a Shabal’s family daughter.

Her friend asks if she can go on a blind date for her. Our female protagonist accepts her friend’s money offer in exchange for her time and as if they play with her. Her blind date turns out to be the CEO of the company where she works.

Pretending to be her friend on the blind date, our female lead receives a phone call from the CEO the next day asking her to marry him. That kind of escalated quickly.

#8. Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)

Twenty-Five Twenty-One (2022)

The Korean drama world is certainly providing excellent pairings this February. Who else is looking forward to seeing Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-hyuk together? Lots of fans are anticipating watching this new Kdrama couple.

The excitement is building up as the days until the drama airs is getting closer. This upcoming romantic drama tells the tale of two individuals who meet at the age of 22 and 18. They fall in love when they are 25 and 21 years old.

Our female protagonist is a fencer whose high school team is disbanded because of the IMF crisis. Even though her dreams appeared to be crumbling, she moved forward in her life without giving up.

Our male protagonist is also a victim of the crisis his family has been torn apart because of this crisis. Despite his challenging situation, he works hard to become a reporter.

#7. Thirty-Nine (2022)

Thirty-Nine (2022)

They say life starts at 40, but does it really. Get to know three friends who have known each other ever since high school and are approaching 40.

One of them is a dermatologist raised in a wealthy and caring family. The other is an aspiring actress who became an acting teacher instead. The drama will also introduce us to a cosmetics manager at a Department store. These three 39-year-old ladies will tell us about their day-to-day emotional encounters.

Thirty-Nine is looking like it’s going to be our next favorite woman center drama. Our excitement grew even more.

When we learned that the cast features Son Ye‑jin from Crash Landing on you and Jeon Mi‑do from Hospital Playlist, two outstanding actresses from hit television series. Hopefully, 39 will also succeed as well.

#6. Crazy Love (2022)

Crazy Love (2022)

It’s all about pretending in this drama. Crazy Love tells the story of a man who pretends to have amnesia when he finds out that he will be murdered and a woman who will be his fake Beyonce learns that she is going to die soon.

Our male lead is the country’s top math instructor and also happens to be a CEO. Meanwhile, the company can count on our female lead when it comes to sincerity and responsibility. I’m looking forward to seeing how this crazy romance drama plays out.

Will we be going crazy for this drama? Because the drama stars Kim Jae Wook and idol actress Krystal Jung.

And the man who already won the hearts of many is also a part of this drama. Any guesses on who it is? It’s none other than Astro’s Yoon San Haa. Kpop fans are ready to support their idols Krystal and San Haa.

#5. Monstrous (2022)

Monstrous (2022)

Because of an unexpected case, an archeologist who searches for strange and supernatural happenings will have his life take a turn. He now manages a YouTube channel and publishes monthly Strange Stories Occult Magazine.

His ex-wife goes to Jinnyang County and our male lead will end up going there too, because of her. These two and the people of Jinyang County will face bizarre occurrences.

It’s always a treat seeing rising stars take on main roles. Monstrous presents us with D.P.I Koo Kyo Hwan and Vincenzons Kwak Dong Yeon and the well-loved young actor Nam Da Reum.

We are crossing our fingers that this thriller in supernatural drama will give these actors another boost in their careers.

#4. Sponsor (2022) 

Sponsor (2022) 

A photographer who also happens to be an editor in a magazine will appear on our screens. He has a warm facade which masks his burning desire for vengeance.

A greedy and ambitious CEO of a cosmetics company joins the story. We’ll also get to see an aspiring actress and her husband who on the other hand is an aspiring model.

Sponsor tells us a tale of men and women looking for ways to satisfy their desires, such as success, revenge, and love.

Did you know that just three days before Sponsors scheduled to premiere in 2021, the drama was postponed to February 2022 because of the opportunity to provide even more viewers the chance to see the drama?

We are looking forward to Sponsor living up to its reputation as a competitive and best generating show.

#3. Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man (2022)

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man (2022)

To find success and fortune, our male protagonist became a military prosecutor. He sees his job as a way to seek success. Well, he’s actually looking forward to leaving his job.

On the other hand, our female protagonist comes from a wealthy family, while our male protagonist becomes a military prosecutor to find success.

This female military prosecutor chose this position to seek revenge. Famous actress Jo Bo Ah is returning to our screens after her fantasy drama Tale of the Nine Tales.

In Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man, she’ll share the screen with rising actor Ahn Bo Hyun, whom we have seen from the hit Itun Class and Netflix’s My Name.

#2. When the Day Breaks (2022) 

When the Day Breaks (2022) 

A man’s suitcase can store many items, including documents, files, and a pen. But what if the thing inside a man’s suitcase is a dead body?

Fingers point at a former forensic pathologist for the National Forensic Service as the primary suspect. A profiler would get involved with this case to figure out why a forensic pathologist chose the path of a criminal.

When the Day Breaks is adapted from the novel The Long Night. It stars Dr. Romantic Han Seok Kyu and Train to Busan Jung Yu Mi.

More Well-known, actors have joined the cast. We have Ryu Hye Young from Reply 1988 and Lee Hee Joon from Mouse.

#1. Love (featuring Marriage and Divorce) Season 3 (2022)

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3 (2022)

 Not only one, two, but three seasons. Love, featuring Marriage and Divorce, is coming back to our screen for the third time.

This romance and family drama tells the story of three successful women who work on a radio show and their so-called happy marriages.

We’ll meet a cheerful host who is married to a gorgeous lawyer, the show’s producer who is married to a psychiatrist, and the hospital’s near psychiatry Department director, and the show’s writer who has been married for 30 years to a loving professor.

The chaos, drama, and conflicts continue In Love, featuring Marriage and Divorce. In its third season, we’re interested in seeing what new twist the drama will introduce to keep audiences interested.

Actor Sung Hoon and actress Park Joo Mi are two of the many brilliant actors in this drama.

The romance genre dominates this list. I suppose the Kdrama world is certainly making us feel loved this February.

Which of these upcoming Korean dramas are you planning to watch? Tell us in the comments bellow. 

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