Homesick 2021 New Movie

Homesick 2021 New Movie

Homesick 2021 is a drama-thriller film that talks about a university student who gets stuck alone in the global pandemic trying to survive. 

Homesick 2021 Movie Cast

Jason Farries – The Student Jason Farries – Director
Emma Vansittart – The Mum Sam Gosiewski – Writer
Zoe Cunningham – The Social Worker Alexander Proudlock – composer
Samuel Lawrence – The Thief Callum John – assistant producer
Neil Ovenell – The News Reporter Emily Stanley – producer
Paul Andrew Goldsmith – Zoom Lecturer (voice) Jamie Sharp – co-composer
Kevin Cherry – The Presenter Callum John – director of photography
Jade Gordon – The Girlfriend Tom Payne – Editor
Simon James Dodson – Mr. Warren Emily Stanley – Production Designer
Sally-Ann Dodson – Mrs. Warren William Henley – location manager

Homesick 2021 Movie Review

Homesick 2021 Movie was directed by  Jason Farries and its Stars: Jason Farries, Samuel Lawrence, Emma Vansittart, Zoe Cunningham, Kevin Cherry, and Jade Gordon.

Jason Farries is an actor and director, known for An Inspector Calls (2018), The Voodoo Man (2019), and The Haunting of Margam Castle (2020). And in the Homesick 2021 film, he is the university student person who is this movie talking about. 

The Homesick 2021 Movie is telling a story of a university student who returns home to self-isolate during the lockdown. He’s totally alone while his parents are in New Zealand, he’s caught the virus and in order to cope, he’s started to talk to himself.

This movie was divided into a few chapters and each chapter has its own title and a part of Homesick 2021 Movie.  The film showing the hard time that we have all passed threw ealy in 23th, 2020 during the  lockdown. 

Back on the 23rd of March, 2020 Boris Johnson announces strict lockdown across the UK. to stop coronavirus spreading in the country. And a lot of countries did the same after what they have seen in Itly.

The whole world was upside down due to this new virus which have started from Chinna and never stopped spreading in the whole world.

This film was focusing on the people who was living alone and got stuck in the lockdown  at that time. 

The acting was good in this film there was not saw many actors, but it was somehow fine since it is in the lockdown. But what was bothering is that the film is really boring and I bearlly finished it. I almost sleept while watching it.

There is no thing in this movie  that I can talk about. The film was in the silnce mood. There is no one shows in the movie in the early chapters, except for the last two chapters finnly there is someone showed up and did something.

And the end was really weird. I even didn’t except it. The film finished out of a sudden. Anways I got happy that it is down, because it was really dull.

I really couldn’t understand this movie. But I thought that it could have been better than this. Yeah! I should have been better, but it went in the wrong way.

I really couldn’t entertain with this movie. It was borring, really dumb, and I couldn’t understand it. May be I missundrstood it and it was not my movie style.

I am going to give Homesick 2021 Movie an F.

Guys that was my openion about this movie and as I said may be it was not my type of movies. so If anyone of you have watched comment down about how it was.

The film is an hour and 52 minutes and you can watch it for free on Amazon Prim if you have a mempership in there.

Guys thank you so much for reading this review, see you next time.

Homesick 2021 Movie Official Trailer

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