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Haunt 2019 Movie Review

Haunt 2019 was directed by Scott Beck and Brian woods produced by Eli Roth. It is about a group of friends who go to a haunted house that set off of the road during Halloween there are decorations out people aren’t costumes everybody celebrating people want to have a good time and this haunted house looks pretty messed up. So they go inside, and soon enough they realize they’re trapped and the people who run the haunted house are trying to do a lot more than just scare them.

How is my favorite holiday it always has been? I love the feel of the holiday I love this time of year. As soon as September rolls around I just get so excited and films that take place around Halloween. Definitely check a lot of boxes for me. I mean I love trick or treat of course John carpenter’s original classic.

I did not know what this movie was about. I just heard from various festivals that was pretty good so I checked it out on V. O. D. had no idea who made it nothing about it just thought okay, I’ll watch it and I really like this movie the directors of this film wrote a quiet place, and that was a very tense script and well haunt obviously has a smaller budget than a quiet place. The tension here is pretty damn strong this is really well directed the pacing is excellent.

One of the things I love about this movie, that I mean I was consistently surprised. I got was consistently surprised by this movie how much I enjoyed it. Because expected nothing going into maybe that had something to do with it too. I mean just going in with no expectations is always recommended, but in the case of this movie the thing that backs in woods both prove without a doubt.

They understand regards to directing is the ambiance of a setting the crickets in the woods the way that air feels the claustrophobia of this haunted house tiny tunnels. They have to squeeze through traps that are laid at their feet that could jump up and kill them at any second. you always feel the locations this is something that horror films really need to do well.

You have to feel like you’re in that setting and haunt does that magnificently. There are simple things, that they accomplish even with the timing of the sound design. There’s a scene where a girl is inside this coffin, and a little doorway opens above her just the timing of that edit impressed me with any film, but especially a horror sound design is so important and the sound work throughout this movie is wonderful.

It’s also pretty much devoid of false scares which I’ve never liked in horror movies. Where characters setting up some scary then you realize you’re just playing a joke. There’s one in this movie and for the most part, it was earned I would say but they never do it again.

The performances are also really good for a horror movie. I was genuinely surprised by this movie. I had no idea that it was gonna be as exciting as it was . when it comes to a haunted house thrill ride type movie you can only expect so much. You don’t go into a movie like this work you know characters are gonna be trapped in a haunted house and be like oh what are they going to say it doesn’t. That’s not what you want to see.

You just want to see characters trying to escape from peril constantly and feel a sense of urgency a sense of immediacy. And this movie has that in spades Katie Stevens. as the lead Harper is really good you can tell that actual care was given to the things that most lower budget horror movies don’t give a damn about.

It was really inspiring actually. As someone who’s currently trying to get the ball rolling on a project that is equally low budgets seeing movies like this that are done as well as this one is.

It is just so great and just makes me happy when I see filmmakers who actually give a dam about making a good horror movie. Hunts 2019 is the exact type of no-frills filmmaking that I love to see every once in a while. 

Alexander is Josh crawl this year reminded me of that you know. It was just like a very simple horror film. I knew what it was and it was okay with being that and it never tried to be more than that. 

Hunts 2019 I like a little bit more than crawl actually some of that has to do with the backstory that is actually interwoven pretty beautifully in the film in regards to the lead character and her history. And how that correlates with what she’s dealing with now in this haunted house so when it came to having actual characters involved with all the stylish gore, they did a pretty good job with their lead there were a couple of parts, that didn’t quite work for me. There was a moment towards the end where one of the characters kind of has an opportunity to do something but they decide to do something else. and it felt a little hammy and it didn’t really feel earned and I was like.

Just get the dam out like now’s your chance and they’re like doing something else on my okay and there are a few things where it’s important to kind of know what exactly led to something happening, and we’re not always given that information needed, and we sort of have to fill in the blanks and sometimes I really like that but there are just a few moments, where I would have preferred to have known how certain things happen. But honestly, I have very few problems with this movie as far as kids lost in a haunted house and people trying to kill him they did everything. They could make that as entertaining as possible.

I’m going to give Haunt 2019 movie a B.

Plus do yourself a favor though do it I did, don’t go into the film expecting like the next horror classic or anything. This is a small-budget horror that does everything it set out to do very well.

So if you go on with those expectations. I think you’ll have a really good time with this movie, and it’s a really highly recommended Halloween season film so enjoy watching it. And don’t forget to tell me how you found it in a comment.

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