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Frozen 2 Movie Review:

Hello welcome to my review of frozen 2, which is a film that families will go and see .including the old people like adults and teenagers older than the age of 13 because some people who happen to not be children also like animation. It’s a proven fact. Research it. Plus I say words like fuck, goddammit so this review is not for kids.

Hey, let’s talk about a Disney movie. Everyone’s doing it. Frozen 2 movie is the follow up to the surprisingly successful first film and this movie finds Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven as they travel to an ancient an enchanted land.

They set out to find the origin of Elsa’s powers in order to save their kingdom and try to lift the spell that has in trap to many people inside an enchanted forest. People have to remember that when frozen came out nobody was anticipating the level of success that it had.

So seen the movie for the first time. I thought “Hey this is actually not too bad” and I still think the first frozen is actually okay. It’s a pretty good animated movie although over time. The songs were so overplayed on the radio that they mean my ears bleed and hearing about the movie constantly has made me never want to watch it again.

And that short that played before cocoa Olaf’s giant fun time. I thought was unnecessarily long . And so my anticipation for Frozen 2 movie 2019 was very minimal and I have to say that the film at times exceeded my expectations.

There were moments where I thought the movie was actually quite breathtaking, predictably gorgeous and the voice work is top-notch. There moments where this feels like a classic Disney animated film. However, there are choices made in the story that really ruined this film for me.

And I have a feeling that it could potentially ruin it for a lot of actual Frozen movie’s fans. Like people who are really rabbit to see this movie because there are character choices made towards the end, which I won’t ruin for you. That I thought betrayed the characters.

Visually this movie is better than the first. Story-wise it’s considerably worse. Kristoff’s character is trying to propose to honor for the entire movie. So you get a lot of those really tired and cliche scenes, where he’s trying to propose. She’s not paying attention and he can’t get the words out.

And you know that’s going to happen for the entire film. And that’s all they do with his character. He also has what I think is the worst song in the movie. It might be okay on a soundtrack just listening to it, but when you see him performing it in the film, combined with the fact that his story was really interesting. I felt nothing.

But there are many songs in this movie that are excellent. Demons L. has a great voice obviously. She’s a beautiful singer. And some of them are very well written and catchy. I’ve only heard a few of them one time and I’ve had them in my head for the entire week since seeing this movie.

Which is ” Yeah that’s going to happen!” prepare yourself for that. I also don’t like the Olaf character. I find him very annoying. He grates on my nerves and gets a lot of screen time in this movie, so I feel like a lot of good for you that’s great you can have a great time with the annoying snowman.

For me, I just couldn’t stand him in the film. Besides the great visuals, what does hold the movie up for a lot of the run time, is a relationship between Elsa and Anna. It’s a very charming sisterly bond that they have and it’s explored really well.

Here’s the big issue in this is what’s really eating me up inside. I saw this movie a few days ago and I didn’t review it even though I could have done that. I saw it last week. It’s the same problem I have a terminator dark fate.

There is a massive spoiler that I really really want to talk about because I absolutely hate it I think it’s a horrific decision. I think it’s actually something the filmmakers didn’t even know they were doing. It’s something the filmmakers are endorsing and I don’t even think they realize it.

And it’s something I desperately want to talk about in this review but I can’t because it’s literally the end of the movie. And for most of you, you haven’t seen the movie yet. And I don’t want to be that guy that people who want to spoil the movie for others use as a reference.

So I’m gonna wait till it comes out, but there’s a decision made towards the end of this movie that I just can’t get behind. It’s so incredibly scatterbrained and it’s so on warranted in on earned that it actually blew me away.

I have been dying to talk spoilers with somebody who’s seen this movie for like a week. Unfortunately, I can’t find anybody who happens because there’s a part of this movie it’s just so so poorly thought out.

Two characters are separated one of them makes a choice without talking to anyone else, without consulting anyone, and it’s a type of choice that has drastic implications for a lot of other people.

And they just do it without really thinking and I thought it was really really weird. I might talk about in a spoiler review in the movies actually out. I can’t get into it here. But like I said this is a really gorgeous looking movie, with some really good songs and a great score. And really good voice acting.

But the story I just found really uninteresting. And there really isn’t a villain in the movie either and that’s strange especially for a Disney movie. There’s no villain. It’s just about this forest and all of these characters were suddenly supposed to care about.

And the way the film tries to tell its story through magical ice sculptures, really just feels like reaching. But they couldn’t figure out another way to tell the story. Still, I am indebted to the frozen franchise for one specific reason and that is “Please welcome the wickedly talented one and only at the other does he”. That’s a gift to all mankind and I’m so glad that we have it.

I’m gonna give Frozen 2 movie 2019 a C-Plus. Thanks, guys for reading my review. See you next time with another movie review.


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