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Ford v Ferrari Movie

Ford v Ferrari Movie Review

Ford v Ferrari Movie was directed by James Mangold stars Matt Damon Christian bale Jon Bernthal and Josh Lucas who I haven’t seen a big from like this in a long time.

That’s also a true story of car designer Carroll Shelby and driver Ken miles as they battle corporate interference the laws of physics. And their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford and challenge Ferrari the 2004 hours of Le Monde in 1966.

James Mangold is one of the best directors working today. I don’t think he gets enough credit, to be honest. He’s had a few films like night and day that didn’t really resonate with audiences. But identity girl interrupted walk the line 310 to Yuma and of course login.

I think is an extremely reliable filmmaker any proves that again with Ford the Ferrari which for me was one of the most entertaining theater experiences I had in 2019. This feels like a very old fashioned movie. And it’s not just because it takes place in the 19 sixties. The way it’s directed the story that’s being told in the amount of money put into it. This is not very typical for modern-day.

There’s no comic book people in this film. There’s no sequels. There’s no reboots this is just a true story about some guys to try to do something rather impossible and according to IMDb just about $100000000 was put into this movie.

That’s just not very common anymore. It’s so nice to see a story like this. He granted this scale and James Mangold directs this movie beautifully. The racing scenes are really tense all filmed in beautiful why’d you can always tell exactly what’s happening the action with the cars is never confusing. It looks gorgeous.

Christian Bale is incredible as usual. He took this role after playing Dick Cheney and vice, so again he lost the shipping time to wait for this role and he’s amazing. He’s one of the very few actors in his league that can still disappear into a role. He’s played characters like Batman and yet he still is able to vanish into a character.And Matt Damon is also great in the film.

And what makes this movie really work for me, is this chemistry between these two guys because they’re a bit at odds at times, although they both have something they absolutely agree on. And that is their passion for cars and for racing. They don’t view it as a job. They don’t view it as a way to win and they certainly don’t view it as a way to make money.

They can’t imagine themselves doing something else and if they’re not allowed to do that it’s going to eat away at them. And so in that way, I really related to this movie because I don’t really have a personal connection with building cars are racing. It’s never been one of my favorite sports. Although, I’m fascinated by the skill that it takes to achieve it.

At its core this is a story about two friends trying to make something in the midst of multiple corporations that are descending upon their making it really difficult for them to just do what they want to do even though they’re already really good at it.

They have to fight to get the money. They have to fight to get sponsorships. They have to fight to get the right to get behind the wheel in the first place. They have to act perfect. They can’t be too hot-headed because you’re gonna be on the news near the symbol of this company.

So I can really relate to that because when it comes to movies that’s where I feel most at home, making them and talking about them, and it’s where I feel most happy. Just like these guys in the movie but for them it’s racing as already stated the racing scenes are brilliantly executed. I actually got cold sweats even imagining making this movie.

The amount of stock performing that continuity issues they must have had trying to make sure the racing sequences all played out perfectly so that we understood the visual storytelling. It’s mind-boggling the amount of work that went into its production and it pays off beautifully.

Because the film just plays so smoothly 253 minutes long and it never felt that long because it’s actually really entertaining and very funny. And the characters are strong especially a father-son dynamic in the movie that I found very touching.

I’ve heard the term crowd pleaser thrown around a lot for various films and sometimes nowadays that can almost be an insult. Strangely, to have that movie that just makes you feel good when you watch it and you leave the theater and maybe it didn’t really stick with you maybe it kind of disappears from your brain on the drive home and you call it a crowd-pleaser because people stand up and cheer Blu ray quote.

But this film really is a crowd-pleaser in the best way. Because it’s very true to its characters and it does not shy away from sadness. There are plenty of scenes that are very poignant and touching. And it’s not the type of thing that you expect to see in a movie that has so many laughs.

About that run time though, once they start building the car and are literally off to the races the movie flies. But up until then when there’s a lot of paperwork to have to go through and company meetings and you know corporations and all that.  You can drag a few times and that’s about it. Honestly, in regards to issues.

I think this is a really really well-made movie filled with wonderful performances. And it also is somehow able to have character, to have drama, to have all those moments, but also just please the people who want to see cars go fast. It has all of that fun too.

If you just want to watch this film for the car races, you’re gonna get that. You’re gonna get the rumbling engines. I’m not a car junkie but my wife is and she loved it. We both did. I think this is a really good movie and one of my favorites of the year.

I’m gonna give Ford v Ferrari movie an A. We’re getting some real movies this year. This feels really nice. I want more films like this. Thank you so much as always for reading my Ford v Ferrari Movie review. Look for more reviews very soon. See you next time.

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