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Top 5 Forbidden Love Movies

If you like films about forbidden love and you are wondering about these forbidden love movies that must be seen, you should definitely check our picks for the best Forbidden Love Movies. We hope you will enjoy the following ranking. Please let us know your favorite in the comments.



Forbidden Love Movies List

Among all the Forbidden Love films, we have chosen for you forbidden interracial love movies between multiethnic people that are not accepted by society you should definitely check our list.


5. Where Hands Touch (2018)

4. Loving (2016)

3. Far from Heaven (2002)

2. Belle (2013)

1. West Side Story (1961)


Keep reading for more information about each Forbidden Love movie on this list.



5. Where Hands Touch (2018)

Where Hands Touch (2018)

Where Hands Touch is a 2018 romantic war drama film directed and written by Amma Asante and starring Amandla Stenberg, George MacKay, Abbie Cornish, Christopher Eccleston, and Tom Sweet.


The film is a rite-of-passage story of a biracial teenage girl falling in love with a member of the Hitler Youth and struggling for survival in Nazi Germany. The protagonist, Leyna, is portrayed as a German nationalist, and antisemitic. Lutz is the son of a high-ranking SS officer, and is initially an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth.


After Leyna and Lutz fall in love, she becomes pregnant. However, she gets sent to a Nazi labour camp where she must keep her pregnancy secret (as she is supposed to have been sterilized). Lutz is also stationed at the camp as an SS guard. After a bombing by the Americans, he attempts to escape with Leyna but he is killed by his father. Leyna, shocked, stays still on the ground until an American soldier comes to take her. Seven weeks later, she is heavily pregnant and she is in the displaced area where she reunites with her mother and brother.


4. Loving (2016)

Loving (2016)

Loving is a 2016 American biographical romantic drama film directed and written  Jeff Nichols. The film takes inspiration from The Loving Story (2011) by Nancy Buirski, a documentary that follows the Lovings and their landmark case.


The film tells the story of Richard and Mildred Loving. Interracial couple Richard and Mildred Loving fell in love and were married in 1958. They grew up in Central Point, a small town in Virginia that was more integrated than surrounding areas in the American South. Yet it was the state of Virginia, where they were making their home and starting a family, that first jailed and then banished them. Richard and Mildred relocated with their children to the inner city of Washington, D.C., but the family ultimately tries to find a way back to Virginia.

3. Far from Heaven (2002)

Far from Heaven (2002)

Far from Heaven is a 2002 independent period romantic drama film written and directed by Todd Haynes, and starring Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert, and Patricia Clarkson.


The film tells the story of Cathy Whitaker, a 1950s housewife, living in wealthy suburban Connecticut as she sees her seemingly perfect life begin to fall apart. This story – which crosses both sexual and racial lines – revolves around a privileged suburban family whose lives are filled with daily family etiquette, social events at the club, and an overall desire to keep up with the Joneses.


The family is turned upside down when both husband and wife are faced with choices that not only create a gossip mill for the entire community but also change their entire lives forever.

2. Belle (2013)

Belle (2013)

Belle is a 2013 British period drama film directed by Amma Asante. It stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Miranda Richardson, Penelope Wilton, Sam Reid, Matthew Goode, Emily Watson, Sarah Gadon, Tom Felton, and James Norton.


The film is inspired by the 1779 painting of Dido Elizabeth Belle beside her cousin Lady Elizabeth Murray at Kenwood House, which was commissioned by their great-uncle, William Murray, 1st Earl of Mansfield, then Lord Chief Justice of England.


The biracial daughter, Dido Elizabeth Belle (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), was born in the West Indies and was the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of Mansfield’s nephew, Sir John Lindsay. She is found living in poverty by her father and entrusted to the care of Mansfield and his wife. The fictional film centres on Dido’s relationship with an aspiring lawyer; it is set at a time of legal significance, as a court case is heard on what became known as the Zong massacre, when slaves were thrown overboard from a slave ship and the owner filed with his insurance company for the losses. Lord Mansfield ruled on this case in England’s Court of King’s Bench in 1786, in a decision seen to contribute to the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act of 1807.


1. West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story (1961)West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story is a 1961 American musical romantic drama film directed by Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. It stars Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, Russ Tamblyn, Rita Moreno, and George Chakiris.


West Side Story is the award-winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. The feuding families become two warring New York City gangs–the white Jets led by Riff and the Latino Sharks, led by Bernardo. Their hatred escalates to a point where neither can coexist with any form of understanding. But when Riff’s best friend (and former Jet) Tony and Bernardo’s younger sister Maria meet at a dance, no one can do anything to stop their love.


Maria and Tony begin meeting in secret, planning to run away. Then the Sharks and Jets plan a rumble under the highway–whoever wins gains control of the streets. Maria sends Tony to stop it, hoping it can end the violence. It goes terribly wrong, and before the lovers know what’s happened, tragedy strikes and doesn’t stop until the climactic and heartbreaking ending.

This was our list of the best 5 Forbidden Love Movies. Do you agree with our list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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