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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw Movie

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw Movie Review:

Hobbs and Shaw movie comes to us from the director of dead pool two and Atomic Blonde. Stars Dwayne Johnson and  Jason Statham. As those characters, this is a spin-off to the fast and furious films.

And in this film, Idris Elba plays a cyber genetically enhanced supervillain, who’s really really bad. There’s a virus involved and MI 6 agent a big strong guy who’s really brutish and a smaller strong guy who’s very suave and that’s Hobbs in shock.

Do you like this film? do you think this film is dumb?. Yeah, it’s really bad but like it’s actually really entertaining. That’s Hobbs and Shaw movie. See you just have to know exactly what you’re getting into with this movie.

And if you’ve seen the progression of the fast and furious franchise leading to this it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise, that this movie”Hobbs and Shaw movie” is insane absurd makes no sense is essentially a cartoon and for all of those reasons they can be very entertaining.

With the introduction of fast 5, these films got better. That film still being my favorite out of all of them. But they got sillier and things got weirder. And eventually, I think we’re gonna have a space movie.

I went into this film hoping that it would be an action movie that reminded me of the hugeness of 19 eighties action films. The 19 nineties silliness without caring about plot with current modern-day technology at their disposal and that’s what they did.

This movie is essentially what it should be. It’s incredibly stupid though and there are aspects of it that feel very thrown together. It’s also far too long. It’s like 2:00 hours and 15 minutes. Granted the past few fast and furious movies have been about that length as well.

Here you can start to feel that run time in certain sequences. In fact, there’s an action sequence that basically and so the second act. And I legitimately thought the movie was over. I was ready to get up and go to the bathroom and drive home and I was like “oh No” there’s like an entire another sequence.

I really thought the movie had ended because it seemed like they were just throwing everything at the wall and using everything that this film sets up in its story. But then the third act took a you turn with basically nothing that this story had actually set up.

And so it felt very out of the left field. Sort of like an attempt to just wrap the series back into its gigantic theme of family again. Even though, this movie didn’t really seem like it was going for that.

That I would say my biggest actual issue with this movie. If I’m going to seriously objectively look at Hobbs and Shaw movie. The movie where the rock and the transporter punch things really hard, which by the way I got to say I love these guys they’re awesome.

That’s really the biggest issue I have with this movie is that it felt kind of thrown together. The structure didn’t always work and didn’t feel very cohesive. It’s sort of felt like here’s a big action set piece and then we’ll talk a little bit about what just happened then we’ll have another one and it goes all like that.

It didn’t really feel like the story was actually a story. It just felt like a bunch of excuses to have action set pieces. Which is essentially what I thought this movie would be and to be completely honest that’s what the people who go to see this movie are going to want.

They’re not going to want anything other than the rock and  Jason Statham drop kicking shit. I mean realistically and what reality do we expect anything outside of a fast and furious spin-off movie.

The best aspect of this movie for me is the chemistry between the rock and  Statham. They work marvelously together. My favorite scenes in the movie are not the action scenes.

They’re the sequences in which these guys just trade insults and they stare at each other and they basically put each other down and try to one-up each other with their insults and some of them are actually really hilarious.

A few of them got me a belly laugh, which I didn’t expect. There’s a reason they took these characters with these actors and decided to put all this money behind a spin-off with them. It’s because they do work really well together.

This is basically a buddy cop movie and we don’t get a lot of those anymore. And so universal has taken this giant billon dollar franchise that people love to go and spend their money on and said you know what we’re just gonna make a buddy cop movie. And I’m fine with that.

So let’s talk about those action sequences because there are tons of them. And for the most part, they’re really impressive. Although they do begin to feel a little stale after awhile. there’s some repetition a lot of turning punching turning punching same basic angle capturing it in a nice shot. But nothing terribly creative with the action scenes unfortunately.

The best thing they do with the action in this movie. Usually comes from the environments. Things that the characters can use. There’s one scene where the rock and stay them have a glass window in between them and they both have to get through this area both sides have different opposition for both of them.And there’s a lot of comedy in that scene that I thought was really funny.

Obviously this movie is absurd. It is ridiculous, things happen that would never happen. I said it earlier but this really is a cartoon. It’s a live-action cartoon, with no doubt. There’s a sequence towards the end involving a convoy of cars all interlocked.

And all they have to do to interlock them is like touch their bumpers and then it just like magically happens. And there’s a helicopter and it’s just insane. I was smiling the whole time because this movie is very self-aware.

It’s extremely self-aware. You can call it mindless but it’s only mindless because of things that are happening don’t makes sense. But the movie knows that and especially with various cameos that the film has won’t spoil it for you they have specifically chosen people that will enhance the fun aspect of this movie.

They know exactly what they’re making by no means is this meant to be taken seriously. Idris Elba is awesome as this crazed supervillain with like a metal spine for god sakes okay.

I went into this movie expecting to see some dudes punch people and tell jokes and that’s exactly what I got. It’s going to give you what you want more than likely if you know exactly what you’re getting into. Still, you can pick this movie apart if you really wanted to.

From a script perspective, this storyline is bad. I mean it’s kind of a recycled plot for mission impossible 2. And if you’ve seen that movie. You know that involves a virus and a carrier of said virus.

And the plot like I said is really just an excuse to basically sell a thread through the action scenes. Without those action scenes this movie falls apart. But gratefully the chemistry between the rock and Statham.

The surprisingly funny banter between the two. And just how well they work together. That’s what brought it home for me and I feel like the majority of people who go to see this movie know exactly what they want out of it. And it’s going to give them that.

Still, I would like to see a film like this with these characters with a more cohesive narrative that just didn’t feel kind of thrown together. Because I really do think it could be so kind of cool.I’m gonna give Hobbs in show a B-minus.

This is one of those films where if you told me that you hated it and it was the worst film you saw in 2019, I would be like “okay I get what you’re saying”. And if you tell me I loved it. It was everything I wanted the rock punched people and chase and stay them drop kick people and I really love that, I’d be like “okay yeah I get that”.

You just have to kind of know what this is and if you don’t like these kinds of films don’t even waste your time with it. You know, it’s not even worth that part of your life. The 2:00 hours and 15 minutes of your life they always watching it.

But if you like movies like those types of movies you want to kick your feet up and have some popcorn. Then I don’t really see this bothering anybody. Guys, thank you so much as always for reading my Hobbs and Shaw movie review. look forward to more. See you soon with another movie review.

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