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Fake Bodyguard 2021 Best Comedy Film

Fake Bodyguard 2021 is one of the best comedy action movies in 2021. You should watch this movie and give it try if you wanna have some fun.

Fake Bodyguard Movie Cast

Wang Taili Jiang Chao
Wang TerryWang Luo Jia
Ada LiuYin Xiao Tian 
Jiang Xiao TongDirector

Fake Bodyguard 2021 Movie Review

Fake Bodyguard 2021 is a Chinese comedy, action film that was directed by Jiang Xiao Tong. The film stars actors Wang Taili, Wang Terry, Ada Liu, Wang Lou Jia.

The film is about Wang Wen Zhong and Ye Ming Zhu who have been in love for seven years, but their relationship is at a loss.

They run a “scamming” travel agency together in Mengba. One day, they run into a Mr. Chen by “luck” who quickly put his trust in them and invests 200,000 yuan into their business. 

They quickly took Mr. Chen on a trip to Mengba for three days, and they didn’t know what was coming.

They were so lucky to act as bodyguards. The luck was surrounding them in their mission which created a comedy atmosphere and a lot of fun. 

The story of the film was really exciting and has that sense of humor. There are a lot of action-comedy scenes that you will enjoy.

The Wang Wen Zhong and Ye Ming Zhu loving story is somehow weird. It doesn’t have a lot of feelings on it.

I don’t know if that was of the movie. It was somehow cold, but in the end, this is an action-comedy film. We are not here to see a romantic hot story. We are here to enjoy watching the action scene and laugh at the comedy once.

The film was well directed by Jiang Xiao Tong. He creates mood happiness and fun. He brought for us an amazing comedy movie. 

The actors did a really good job. Their performances in Fake Bodyguard 2021 was excellent and convincing. They were good.

This film is really awesome. If you are searching for a comedy film, and you wanna laugh, and have fun, and change your mode, you should watch this movie. 

I am going to give Fake Bodyguard 2021 film a B.

Fake Bodyguard 2021 Movie Review

It is one of the best comedy movies that I have ever seen. I really liked this movie and enjoyed watching it, so you might have fun watching it too. You should give it a try and tell me what you think about it in the comments.

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Guys, thank you so much for reading the Fake Bodyguard 2021 movie review. See you next time.

Fake Bodyguard 2021 Movie trailer


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