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Endangered Species 2021 Adventure Movie

Endangered Species 2021 is an American adventureaction film in the vast African wilderness of Kenya by M.J. Bassett. 

Endangered Species 2021 Cast & Crew

Rebecca Romijn – Lauren HalseyM.J. Bassett – Director
Philip Winchester – Jack HalseyM.J. Bassett – Screenwriter
Jerry O’Connell – Mitch HanoverKyle Ambrose – Executive producer
Isabel Bassett – Zoe HalseyDelon Bakker – Executive producer
Chris Fisher – Billy MasonDavid Haring – Executive producer
Michael Johnston – Noah HalseyBarry Brooker – Executive producer
Brenda Ngeso – NdiliswaM.J. Bassett – Producer
George Glenn Ouma – CharlieKwesi Dickson – Producer
Aseem Sharma – AyaMolly Hassell – Producer

Endangered Species 2021 Movie Review

Endangered Species 2021 is an American adventure, mystery, and thriller, action film directed and written by M.J. Bassett. 

The first thing I want to share that I’m really surprised by this movie. 

This is a survival adventure about a wealthy American family who travels to the vast African wilderness of Kenya hoping for a dream vacation filled with excitement, bonding, and a chance to fix the growing rifts within their family.

But when their safari vehicle is attacked by a rhino protecting her calf, the family is left stranded miles from help and their dream vacation turns into a nightmarish struggle for survival in a world where they are at the bottom of the food chain.

So the plot of the movie is very nice and engaging. All of the performances are good and there are some nice tension-building scenes that are really thrilling.

The best thing about the movie is that it’s so grounded and more realistic. Everything feels so real, like this can be happened to anyone.

The screenplay is also very good and engaging with nice dedication. There is a little which deals with the third act of the movie, which is very important and with a nice message.

This movie also stunning with beautiful scenes in Africa. And of course, there is a very beautiful and important message at the end.

It’s about love. It’s about family like you care about your family and some sacrifices. It’s about humanity and protecting wildlife. So overall, I can say that this is genuinely a nice little adventure film with a great message.

But to be honest there are many issues with this film that might make you hate it. But still, you can come over them and enjoy the movie. 

So I am going to give Endangered Species 2021 Movie a C.

Endangered Species 2021 Movie Review

This was my opinion about the movie and I really want to know about yours. You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime. So check it out and tell us how did you find it.

Guys, thank you so much for reading the review of Endangered Species 2021 film. See you next time.


Endangered Species 2021 Movie Trailer

Check out the trailer of the new adventure, mystery, and thriller, Action film, Endangered Species 2021.


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