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Encanto (2021): Movie Review

Encanto 2021 is a new Animation Adventure Comedy Disney film. The film is rated PG and it is an hour and 39 minutes.

Let’s find if this movie is worth watching.

Encanto Movie Review

Encanto is the latest from Walt Disney Animation. It comes from the directors of Tangled (2010) as well as Zootopia (Zootropolis) 2016. They’re teaming up to make this movie together.

Encanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Columbia, in a magical house in a vibrant town in a wondrous charm place called Encanto.

And one of the younger members of her family has to face the frustration of being the only one who doesn’t have magical powers.

So obviously with a pedigree of filmmaking talent like the people behind Tangled and Zootopia, which are both really great Disney movies that I love.

This movie had a lot of proof, but it also has songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. So again, lots of anticipation here because this is an insane amount of talent all coming together to make a movie.

It always feels a little redundant when I review animations, especially from Disney or Pixar, to say that the animation truly continues to reach the summit. I honestly don’t know where they could go from here.

There is so much depth to the image. They use shadows really well. There’s a sequence early on where the grandmother has explained to her young granddaughter why everyone in the family has powers.

And you see this sort of montage explaining how this all happened and some tragic events take place as many Disney films for kids portray. But it just looked so beautiful.

And what’s strange is that the film takes place pretty much in one house, but it’s a very magical house that can open up into all different types of locations, forests, and jungles, or an extremely long staircase made of rock and sand that seems to go on forever.

So it takes place in one location, but it doesn’t really. It’s a great sheet, and I love all the different places they can go to really make the world feel bigger than just one house.

It’s also an extremely colorful movie. There’s one character in the film that can basically generate and control plants, and the amount of color on display is dazzling at times.

My favorite character in the movie by far is ┬áLuisa. Her power is that she’s obscenely strong, and she probably has my favorite song in the film too.

But along with that strength comes a heart of gold, and she doesn’t always feel entirely comfortable about that strength. And that character.

I don’t know. I just found her very adorable, and I love the relationship between her and our lead character.

I saw in The Heights earlier this year, which was by Lin-Manuel Miranda as well. And I actually liked the songs in this movie better.

I think that they’re really catchy. The themes were, like, instantly recognizable even after hearing the song once. I was kind of humming the songs to myself, and they kind of got stuck in my head for a while.

So if that’s the kind of thing that annoys you that might get onto your skin, but I thought they were great.

I think by far the thing about this movie that is going to be really I don’t want to say healthy, but just good for kids today to experience is that the lead character does not have powers, and everyone around her does.

So for most of the movie, she feels like she isn’t special and she feels like everyone else was given a purpose and because she’s just a normal person amongst a sea of essentially superheroes, she doesn’t feel like she belongs.

And I think in today’s comic book obsessed day and age, which I love comic book movies, too. But I always kind of wonder, what do young kids think about when they see these movies?

Do they think that they aren’t special? Because they can’t swing around on webs or because they can’t shoot beams out of their eyes or turn into a green monster.

Like the fact that a Disney film now exists where kids can have a character that is surrounded by superheroes but not have any powers of her own will probably resonate with a lot of young kids who are watching superheroes constantly, even though they’re just regular people.

And a lot of kids nowadays are probably wondering what exactly is special about them. When we have all of these larger than life gigantic fictional superheroes to look up to.

It’s honestly, the perfect time for a story like this. And I think it’s really smart. And like some of Disney’s better films, I did find my eyes welling up towards the end, and so I knew I was wrapped up in the story when that happened.

The film also has a very clever way of subverting expectations when it comes to a couple of characters in the movie.

Presenting them as one thing and then saying, well for them in their life, that’s really not how it went and that’s smart as well. And I think that’s also something good for kids to understand is that perception and how we view other people and not really being in their shoes.

You never are really going to know what someone is experiencing in their lives. It’s good not to judge them or makeup things about them because you don’t really know.

I think for families, this is like the perfect Sunday afternoon movie. Go to the theater at 03:00 P.m.. Get some popcorn, get a matinee ticket and just relax and have a really good time.

To me, that is like the perfect place for this movie to exist. So I hope you guys do check out the film.

So I am going to give Encanto Disney movie a B.

Encanto Movie Review

Guys thank you so much as always for reading the review of the Encanto Disney movie. See you next time.

Encanto Trailer

Check out the trailer of the new Disney movie: Encanto 2021.

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