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Eerie Movie 2018 | Movie Review, Cast & Trailer

Eerie Movie (2018)  is about the unexpected and gruesome death of a student who threatens the existence of a Catholic school for girls.

In this article, we will review the film, check its Cast, and watch its Trailer.


Eerie 2018 Movie Cast

Bea Alonzo as Pat ConsolacionJake Cuenca as Julian Castro
Maxene Magalona as Sister Mia Charo Santos as Concio as Mother Alice
Mary Joy Apostol as ClaraGabby Padilla as Joyce
Gillian Vicencio as ErikaAngeli Bayani

Eerie 2018 Movie Cast


Eerie Movie Review:

They say seeing is believing but you’ll feel blessed to never lay your eyes on what is haunting this Catholic school. 

Not to be confused with eerie Indiana which was an awesome short-lived series they should’ve given it another season.

This horror film is set in 1995 Philippines something is terrorizing the students at the Saint Lucie academy for girls and then expect a gruesome death of a student threatens the existence of the school guidance counselor and the clear buoyant pack is a term to uncover the secrets surrounding the school and the monster that walks the hall.

Eerie is a beautifully filmed ghost story with a very chilling mystery that unfolds throughout. Now the pacing is a bit slow at times but the engrossing and haunting atmosphere more than makes up for it.

The atmosphere now I admit that before I watched this film I actually came across it when I was looking for new stuff on Netflix and I saw this film and some articles right around it was saying that people say they can’t sit through the entirety of this movie. It’s that scary so usually okay as a Hart man I’m kinda like yeah I take that as a challenge let’s see about that.

So I went in there not necessarily with high expectations. I kind of went in there thinking oh my gosh! maybe there’s been a PR campaign to make it sound like it’s as intense and then I’m probably going to be semi disappointed but I will admit that the atmosphere this down definitely delivery it is a super creepy film.

It’s very creepy. It’s very haunting and it’s beautifully shot in a way that it’s like that horror but it’s not like greedy necessarily it’s like picturesque horror and not so much so where it’s like it’s so pretty that you can’t be scared from it but like the shot and the looks of the characters and be positioning of objects and things makes for a pretty picture but also a haunting picture.

Now in that same regard, I will say that if you’re looking for jump scares or something that’s going to make you go like jump in the middle of the night or something like that not necessarily the movie doesn’t rely on jump scares and the jump scares that are there are a little bit predictable but I don’t think that is necessarily a detriment to it which is why this is still in the prosection.

Because I feel like even though they were predictable it was more like okay let’s give them that but more so the atmosphere is what is so creepy be atmosphere is what is so chilling and because he relies more on that on building an atmosphere building making even the most subtle things like washing your face.

I never knew I did so creeped out by character simply watching their faces because of just how Eerie the atmosphere in this movie is. But subtle things like that really works so well that you won’t notice that there’s not a lot of jumps scares you won’t care.

Now let me pretty face this by saying I am really curious because this movie made me curious about is there any movie that’s maybe not a comedy that shows Catholic schools or Catholic religion not to be super creepy and like full of army is harder necessarily know miss the Catholics like I’m that’s not even meet on a shot at like I’m really wondering because every horror movie I’ve ever seen that had taken place around Catholicism or around some academy with nines and things like that it just really doesn’t work out for the people in it.

And I don’t know what that’s about maybe because Catholicism is such an old religion and has so much there in terms of symbolism that it’s kind of right the kind of dig into it for horror purposes but I just really had to think about I was like is there any harm movie I’ve seen work about them actually like works in the favor of the characters necessarily.

Maybe the conjuring universe because and Lorraine are very religious and in that regard may be that’s about it. But yes in using the setting of a Catholic all-girls school and the movie really kind of use that as a backdrop to tell a very interesting story about individualism about what it means to form bonds and friendships what’s pain bullying things of that nature that tell a very interesting and grossing mystery that unfolds throughout the whole entire movie where it’s not super predictable.

When I thought I had it figured out they threw me for a loop and that happened like one to 3 times right I had it figured out and it’s something else would happen and be like oh I guess I didn’t figure this out yet and it did it in such a way that didn’t feel super contrived even either were there some movies right though you off on purpose and it’s so glaring they’re trying though you off where if I get you just going the same here to me off.

But I don’t feel like that was the case in this movie was just like as the story was being told and you were getting to know the characters and happenings things would just happen where I’d be like oh wow okay that I wasn’t expecting that or you took this plot in a different direction which I appreciate it strong women cast I’m not going to say I love the characters because that wasn’t what it was about but they June you and all of them were sold even in the subtle times where there wasn’t a lot of talking that went on in this film.

But even when they did speak or through their actions you got to know all of the characters the young student the older women it was like wow these are fully-fledged characters in away.

Like even though I’m not spending 3:00 hours plus with them I can sense that they. They created such atmosphere that I felt like they existed before this valley that makes sense  how some character you’re like this is such a stereotypical generic character that they are literally in existence because of this plot and movie.

And then you get to know some characters where they just resonate so well that you’re like this is a fully-fledged like being. Pacing now although I will say as I’ve said that this movie was beautifully shot haunting moments just really good acting overall there were times where it lacked and there were times I’m not going to say I was tempted to look at my phone but I was kind of like okay like I feel like we’ve kind of slow things down already are drying out this particular scene for some reason I’m not sure why.

Now that wasn’t a lot of times but it did happen throughout now mind you this will be the only an hour point 5 long before whatever reason because of those lagging times it felt longer if that makes sense and so that was a little bit of a drawback because other than those moments the movie “Eerie Movie” was really engrossing messaging.

Now there are things that happened in the Philippines regarding the debate around the death penalty which has been an ongoing thing in that country for some decades and because this is having in 1995 buildings I think they had just reinstated the death penalty in 1993.

And so that’s referenced a few times in the film and that certain things happen to the characters where like maybe they’re framed for murder and stuff so they might be facing the death penalty some of the characters I’m not sure if the movie was trying to make some sort of like messaging to kind of say look at these people that are on death row who might be getting killed with the death penalty and they might be innocent because of some dark entity not never because I’m not going to be but let’s say like these people could be innocent who knows what poor but maybe that’s the messaging like a maybe as an anti-death penalty kind of message there.

Now, mind heart picture has to have a message I was just really confused as to why that was a poignant thing. And why it had to take place in 1995 during that time frame of when  the death penalty being reinstated in 1993 and since then if you want a mini-history lesson there’s been continued back and forth about the death penalty.

And in as recent as 2016 because I had to look this up because I was really curious as to why this was in this movie “Eerie ” in 2016 I think the campaigning future president basically said they wanted to reinstate the death penalty because after been in 90 they went away again or maybe the late early 2 thousand and then it got put back in 2016 but like the Catholic Church is still against it so yeah I don’t know I don’t know if it was just like  just putting it in his into historical context of why they did that why that was referenced yeah that that’s going to get to me because I love history I love like fax I love  politics and all that stuff and harder.

But I was really wondering why that was such a thing to note necessarily so it’s not a con I’m just saying that if you also paid to do stuff like that it will confuse you which might mean to slight restauration.

The main trigger warning in this film is suicide there is the talk of suicide there are references to suicide there are suicide scenes so yes.

Is Eerie twisted approval? yes, aerie is definitely twisted approve I think this is a really cool ghost story set in a cool place with the whole reference is slightly confusing messaging behind it of why it that historical context but none the less it is a really cool girl story and I think you will be creeped out by aging only enough to get a thrill from it.

okay also that is my review of the movie that you can now catch on Netflix that is playing right now so you can stream it and when you do let me know what you think of the movie do you agree that it’s a good ghost story are you wondering also why they put it in 1995 Phil bees necessarily. 

And if that was really significant let’s debate that also maybe is since I can figure it out do you now hold with that question I asked back about was the main show in a last on the is dark indeed he kind of light in horror films name them down below show me your horror prowess when it comes to your knowledge comment down below let me know your thoughts and also your thoughts about the movie. See you next time.

Watch Eerie Movie Trailer

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